PT-7020a / PT-7020C4 / SR-120 Firmware (legacy product)

Emotiva PT-100 (BasX) Stereo Preamplifier / Tuner

Surround Sound Processors and Pre / Pros (General Discussion)

Emotiva XMC-1 (X-Series) Surround Sound Pre / Pro

XMC-1 Remote Control and Remote Configuration Apps

Emotiva MC-700 (BasX) Surround Sound Pre / Pro

Receivers and Tuner Amplifiers (General Discussion)

Legacy Emotiva Receivers and Tuner / Amplifiers

Emotiva Airmotiv Powered Monitors and Speakers

Emotiva Stealth Professional Powered Monitors

Playing Audio on Different Kinds of Computers

High Resolution Audio Files (sources and reviews)

DACs – Digital to Analog Converters (General Discussion)

Digital Audio Media, Formats, and Technologies

Digital Audio Streamers and Streaming Clients

Digital Audio Player Programs and Audio Software

Digital Disc Players (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4k UHD)

Complete Systems and Rooms (Making It All Work Together)

Ask Us Questions (About Designing and Building Stuff)

Forums, Discussion Groups, Magazines, and Review Sites

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