, Im 27, Im bisexual, Im a serious girl, I like fashion professional photos and fame.

I am very open to anything, I am not jealous, I like to meet new people and new things in every field. I like business, I like being independent not dependent on anyone. I am a model and I want to become a star (like a queen), to want more from life is not bad, I always do not thank me a little (I want everything or nothing) ….. I have brown eyes, Athletic body, Practical sport, Yoga, Modeling.

I travel in all countries and outside of Europe!!!

Active lifestyle , Emotional connection, Flexible Schedule, Luxury lifestyle

I want someone to support me from all points of view, both financially and emotionally. I want a sugar dad, romantic, intelligent, businessman (I like to do business). Im a girl who likes to dominate (I do not want someone to dominate me). I want a person with a very high status (financial and business). I want everything thats luxury (I do not like poor life)…Please do not fit my requirements not to bother me unnecessarily..

I offer you a fun, intelligent conversation, traveling around the world and a beautiful life with you

Please enjoy your time visiting my web site and my gallery&rate and we can arrange our romantic randezvous that will leave your breathless and you you will want to meet me again and again….