I want to give a cultural reference for this question. In Istanbul, there is a great historical market thats called Grand Bazaar

Info:Grand Bazaar(Turkish:Kapalıçarşı, meanin…

I dated this rich guy once. He had a nice sleek car, BMW sports, wore a gold rolex, ate dinners at restaurants every single day and was the owner/CEO of a couple IT firms and always always wore designer clothing cavalli and armani suits etc.

Dating a rich guy is different: Our first date was very different for me; up until that time, Id gone out with schmucks who would either buy me either drinks or beverage or fast food like KFC, or just simple meals, either made at their place or dinners at ordinary restaurants. For a couple I went out with them to the movies. The rich guy took me to a five-star and I ate what I had never eaten before ie mussels and oysters..and each meal came in bits and pieces, rather like a five-course dinner. The waiters were sharply dressed in uniform. We had wine and so forth.

Dating a rich guy can mean no worries about finances. Id be chatting with him, and Ill just say I miss home, the next question hell ask is how much is the ticket, and he actually bought it shortly after that conversation, and gave me some pocket-money for my trip.

Dating a rich guy can mean being bossed over and being called names when you mess up.., he wouldnt mince his words..he actually called me stupid and dumb in front of my friends one time. Thankfully, he is not a violent person, otherwise, he probably would have hit me when he lost his temper.

Dating a rich guy can mean being kept on your toes: In some ways you have to be perfect, youre constantly being rated on some invisible scale. He put a premium on education and only dated ladies that were highly educated and had excelled in their professional careers. When I messed up, he always would say, I cant believe you did that, for an intelligent woman youre behaving rather dumb and things like that. It can mean being expected to be well read in current affairs and stuff like that. Always being pushed to try harder.

Dating a rich guy can also mean that your agenda is not important. You have to be available when he is available, but not the other way round. It can mean being subject to a rigid calendar, whether he calls and says, Can we have dinner today in like two hours time? then you have to be available. Or he would say, next Friday, or Sunday evening..and you just have to make time for him, because you dont know when next he will have time for you.

We had to break the relationship because of irreconcilable differences, but we are still good friends..which is a surprise to me, as I never keep friendship with exes. He is older than me, and white, which brings in the race angle to my answer.


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