Meet 17 year old Angel Kai Matthew your average everyday teenager Hes kind, sweet, and very shy. Especially when it comes to… boys. Yep hes gay, problem? Anyway, his family knows and didnt accept it except for his siblings and a few family m…


Today is Thursday, which means I have my date with Stefan and Im pretty nervous. Im in the car with Jacob and Abby, who keep trying to find out what I should wear formydate.

Omg!! We cant let Angel wear his clothes. Abby says

Right, they make him look like an emo. Jacob says

We pull up to Abbys house, thats right she has her own house. She that responsible, that her parents bought her a house. Her parents come check the house like every week. We walk up to the front door and she lets us in.

Alright. Lets get you lookin sexy. Abby smiles and runs to her room. I walk into her room with Jacob following me.

Alright, lets see what we have here. She looks me up and down

I think he can fit your clothes. Jacob says

I look at they like their crazy. Im not wearing girl clothes!!Shut up you freak. You know you love wearing girl clothes, you little fag.My Dads voice rings through my head.

Guys I-I cant. What if my Dad sees me? I say nervously

He wont see. Jacob dismisses me

Were just going to follow you guys. Abby smiles as the pulls out some jeans

I nod, Can I have a towel? I need to take a shower.

Abby gives me a towel and I go to her bathroom. I use her vanilla shampoo and and body wash. She loves freaking vanilla, you can smell it all around the house. I get out, blow dry my hair and brush my teeth. I walk with a towel around my waist.

Done. Good. Put these on. Abby throws some clothes at me

I walk back into the bathroom and look at the clothes. A white crop top, light blue high waisted jeans, and a jean jacket. I see something else; I blush as I hold up black laced panties.

Why do I have laced panties? I ask

Because I know you low-key like lace panties. Abby laughs

I blush. How in the world did she know that? Well she is my best friend so…. yeah, .

I put on the clothes and look st myself in the mirror, I look good. I walk out the door. Can I have some shoes please? I ask

Abby hands me a pair of high top Nikes, I put them on and look at my phone. 3:30, just 30 more minutes.

You think Im letting you leave, with yo hair lookin like that. Uh no. Jacob says as he sits me in a chair at the vanity

He brushes and combs my hair before curling it. He carefully pulls on a pastel pink hat, that has Im pretty written in blue.

Here. Abby takes out big gold hoop earrings, some gold bracelets, and a gold necklace before putting them on me.

I stand up and spin How do I look?

Theres a knock on the door, Abby and Jacob smile big. Its him!! Jacob bounces out the room

A few seconds later I hear…. Angel!! Stefans here!! Jacob yells excitedly

I groan as Abby drags me out the room. We get to the door and Jacob is kinda glaring at me.