is an Americanreality televisionseries on the Style Network that premiered on July 17, 2011. The show is filmed in theDallas/Fort Wortharea of Texas.The series follows five wealthy Texas women and their daughters. The first season of the show premiered on July 17, 2011 following a spin off from the show Dallas Divas and Daughters that originally aired in 2009 on Bravo TV and The Style Network.The second season debuted February 19, 2012 with new cast members: Deyanni, Amber and Shaye.In 2014 Season 4 was green lit and ready for production. The network negotiated bringing back Pamela Martin-Duarte and a new cast, with co star Bon Blossman and her daughter Whitney moving on to Whitneys Having a Baby. Subsequently Big Rich Texas season 4 was put on hold due to the decision by NBC Universal to replace the Style Network with Esquire Channel in order to increase their much needed programming for Men. 3000 jobs were cut out at the Style Network due to the network changes.

Bonnie Blossman and her daughter Whitney Whatley

Leslie Birkland and her goddaughter Kalyn Braun

DeAynni Hatley and her daughters Amber and Shaye Hatley

Pamela Martin-Duarte and her daughter Hannah Martin-Duarte

Woodhaven Country Club Estates Homeowners Shocked By Style Networks Big Rich Texas

Mothers, Daughters Of Dallas Star In Reality Show.

The Style Network Proves Everything Is Bigger in the Lone Star State With the Series Premiere of Big Rich Texas on Sunday, July 17 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. The Futon Critic. June 20, 2011

Gorman, Bill (January 17, 2012).New Seasons Of Jerseylicious And Big Rich Texas Bring Big Hair And Bigger Drama To The Style Network On February 19. The Futon Critic

New Seasons of Jerseylicious and Big Rich Texas Bring Big Hair and Bigger Drama to the Style Network on February 19. The Futon Critic. January 17, 2012

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