This is a list ofmagazinesprimarily marketed tomen. The list has been split into subcategories according to the target audience of the magazines. This list includes bothadult pornographic magazinesas well as more mainstream ones. Not included here areautomobile, trains, modelbuilding periodicals andgadget magazines, many of which are primarily aimed towards men.

These publications appeal to a broad male audience. Some skew toward mens fashion, others to health. Most are marketed to a particular age and incomedemographic. In the US, some are marketed mainly to a specific ethnic group, such as African Americans or Hispanics.

Mens lifestylemagazines (lads magsorladdie magsin the U.K. and specificallymens magazinesin North America) containnon-nude photographyor bare-breastedat most, accompanied by articles about the woman that is pictured (usually models, actresses or other celebrities) supplemented with consumer stories about mens fashion, cars, tools, toys, music, TV and film, sports, foods,alcoholic beverages; or guy tales of sexual encounters.

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Changing the Subject: from the Gentlemans Magazine to GQ and Barack Obama at

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