29-year-old Toru Hyuga (Shun Oguri) is a wealthy man. He first started to run an internet website from his small room and his hobby began to make Toru Hyuga a lot of money. He dropped out of high school and formed software company Next Innovation with his friend Kosuke Asahina (Arata Iura). The company became very successful. Today, Next Innovation is the top tech company where young people want to work the most. However, Toru has trouble recognizing the faces of people and he is looking for Chihiro Sawak, who is his mother. His mother left Toru Hyuga when he was very young. One day, Toru finds a woman named Chihiro Sawak.

Makoto Natsui (Satomi Ishihara) is in the 4th year at prestigious Tokyo University, but she still has trouble in finding a job. As time goes by, she gets more nervous. One day, Makoto sees a magazine featuring an interview with Toru Hyuga. She goes back to her apartment and does research on his company Next Innovation.

Makoto then attends a presentation for new recruits at Next Innovation. Toru walks up to the platform and gives a speech to the potential new hirees. While giving his speech, Toru humiliates Makoto in front of the others. She is embarrassed, but stands in front of him and talks back to him. Toru asks her for her name. She tells him her name is Chihiro Sawak. As soon as Toru hears the name, he becomes confused.

SunsetJul 22 2018 4:41 pmThe reason I didnt even try to watch the korean version is because this Japanese drama means a lot to me. It gave me hope and inspiration at the saddest phase of my life. I could relate to Tourus feelings because I was feeling so lonely in my life.

I just couldnt make myself watch a k version which might potentially ruin the pristine love I have for the J version.

Wish I can see a more romance focused J special of rmpw

lab.youngJul 04 2018 12:28 amIm here for j ver bcs i wasnt interested to watch the k ver hehehe, and also Im Shun Oguris fan so this version is way better for me!! The lead couple has amazing chemistry, even though their love story seems a bit slow (there has been no intensely progress until last episode) but thats what makes it exciting and unique!

CandyJun 07 2018 6:56 pmEver since i watched my love from the star, i fell in love with KIM SOO HYUN and got addicted in watching kdramas. The latest I got interested in watching is the korean version of this, its still ongoing so when I found out that its from jdrama that is already finished.. i was curious if how its going to end and if it is as good as kdrama, i was surprised for its too good that i lost my interest in finishing the korean version.The impact of this japanese version is strong and the lead characters were very charming!!!

WendyJun 07 2018 6:29 pmIm watching the korean version, but honestly japanese version is way better. And the charisma of the main characters were very strong???

DeanJun 05 2018 8:15 amI watched some scene of the Korean ver. Japanese ver is still much better.

KaiJun 02 2018 7:37 amThe trailer of japanese version is better than the korean version, LOL

MitaJun 02 2018 7:35 amI tried to watch korean version but i dont really like it, cause ive fallen with Hyuga Toru and Natsui Mikoto so much. In my opinion, original version (japanese) is still the best.

maiDec 30 2017 9:57 pmI really dont have plans to watch this one yet, but out of the desire to watch something a bit lighter than my usual Jdramas, I decided to watch this. Im on episode 5 and so far so good! This is like the 5th drama Ive watched with Shun Oguri in it though Im not really a fan. Haha. It just happens that hes in the dramas that I watch. LOL. But I must say that hes a really good actor. Satomi is also good in this one and Im looking forward to watching more of her works.:)

I want to see makoto tohru married…i so obsessed with them..they two so perfect..cute..funny..sweet couple..their chemistry so strong and naturak..i ship them so hard..bravo satomi and oguri

YamDec 28 2017 8:46 pm@tohrumakoto sharing the same sentiments as you. theyre so perfect T_T

tohrumakotoDec 25 2017 11:40 pmSeason 2 pleaseee…i want to see tohru and makoto getting married…they love each other so perfect

I so obsessed with the lead couple..chemistry oguri and satomi is so strong..so real…so sweet and so cuteeee…i shipp them so hard

I hope next time oguri and satomi in pairing again together with movie maybe or dorama again..rwpw is the best dorama all off time for me..and the couple is my fav forever

pinksugarDec 25 2017 5:03 amseason 2 please! I love this series so much and have seen it three times already! Shun Oguri and Ishihara Satomi have great chemistry and I love the fact that their love story was not instant love but grew over the episodes because they were always there for each other no matter what! My fave Japanese drama of all time!

Karen KhooDec 12 2017 3:51 amI wish Oguri Shun will come back to romcom like this one in the future~

FromPHwithloveNov 03 2017 5:45 amBEST. JDORAMA. EVER. This is romance, career, personality, friendship, family – all rolled into one!! Fave line – If you break a wall, you need to take responsibility. ohmyheaaaart

Pretty LaiOct 11 2017 5:54 amKawaiiiiii, this one is just so nice.

LeiMar 30 2017 7:56 amIm not a fan of jdrama and my 1st time to watch jdrama and shoot i love it. The chemistry was great.? maybe its late for season 2?hahahaha

GroundzeroAug 21 2016 12:29 amNice plot + Hyuga san kakkoii + makoto chan kawaii especially when both stare & smile at each other

LantusJul 06 2016 5:41 amThe plot is amazing and the leads chemistry is superb! I really got addicted. I hope they will have more projects. This is a must-watch.

PhebzJun 04 2016 10:20 pmWishing for season 2 tho.. shun oguri made me watched his past movie and series bcoz of this drama haha!so loved their chemistry..part 2 please!!!

bluelysiaMar 15 2016 2:40 amthis is the first time after a while that I watch J-drama after a pile of K-dramas I watched……and it is refreshing! I love how the story is realistic and Hyuga-Makoto chemistry is right on point.. wish there are more kisses lol and so……..Im craving for more J-dramas but dont know what to watch since Im not experienced in J-dramas..

Carrot PhamNov 09 2015 4:41 pmI recommended everyone to watch this drama even though it came out a long time ago. Its very cute and sweet. The main characters are adorable and their chemistry is amazing. Good luck to both them on their future project!

boydramaloverAug 14 2015 4:37 pmGreat drama, really enjoyed watching this:D

ganesh kaleApr 15 2015 1:33 amsong is great I Love Miwas songs the most

mnasa sivamaniMar 25 2015 12:15 ami liked Shun Oguri, Satomi Ishihara best actors

JulioFeb 13 2015 9:44 amTeaser song: Part of Me by Katy Perry. You are welcome.:)

srikandiSep 24 2014 8:15 amDoes anyone know what song in the teaser? The song is great, thanks

ucupAug 21 2014 10:45 amthis drama is great indeed . love Makoto Natsui character , reminds me of han jieun character in full house, a stupid ,funny, cute and she really breaks my heart as han jieun did. great job Satomi Ishihara.

aiunmyAug 17 2014 4:29 am@Clara, you seem to be taking this TV show a bit personally. Theres nothing special about the plot; its a classic Cinderella story. Maybe you didnt know that when you decided to watch it..

trixxiegrlJun 19 2014 9:22 pmone of the best japanese drama ive ever watched! oguri shun is so adorable =) hope that there will be part 2 wherein there is more of their love story. love natsui at hyuga ♥

ParvanehMay 23 2014 8:00 amI Love This drama ..good job oguri-san ^^

ClaraApr 13 2014 8:52 amI have to agree with zima. This drama sucked big time cause of all the good comments it has you think maybe it will get better but oh no it doesnt …….it does not .it gets worse and stupid and ****** up . Ah I wasted my time. I found that they talked a hell lot about technology and frequently commented on the girls stupidity and how she behaved like a dog …… Degrading much!

balangJan 28 2014 3:08 amHave you seen the drama special aired last April? Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York. I am watching it now and so love it!.

unfeelingJan 21 2014 11:10 amThe best one, japanese drama I ever watch untill now… Really, a drama which success combining feeling + cleverness.. like… korean + japanese drama…. Great… thanks

MayaJan 10 2014 8:14 amThis drama make me think ah…so there is still an interesting dramas at this times and toru hyuga change my vision about sexy man. Sexy man is a mind free and full of passion. Sexy man is Toru Hyuga (or should i say Sexy Man is Shun Oguri) ^^

bulbulDec 25 2013 3:21 amWhat an amazing story is! Sughoiii..:)

AppleDec 15 2013 7:19 pmI just finished watching the drama for about a week and all I think of is still Hyuga and Natsui. Some people said its referred the biography of Jobs but I think so what. The drama is executed perfectly and it all makes sense to Hyugas character as an arrogant, seemingly-unthoughtful young man but soft, sensitive inside. I definitely hope there will be season 2.

tshering gyemDec 02 2013 7:36 amohh its awesome ……this drama is the best drama i have ever watched.im speechless with all the actors especially two lead actors…..we love it

yul17aOct 12 2013 2:11 pmI like it so much. So, i really hope there will be season 2 for this drama. Maybe, its Toru turn to understand the humble Makoto more. And to make Makoto more reliable to be a billionaires wife by showing her hidden potential to society. But of course, it will also show how much they love each other, hihi…

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ZimaSep 24 2013 1:50 amThis drama SUCKS!!!!!! I fail my biology because of this! I hate YOU!!! Yamate kudasai!

RHASep 09 2013 10:42 pmi didnt expect this drama to be sooooo good! Hyuga-san is the coolest leader eveeerrr…okay ive just watched this and i regret that i didnt watch this drama earlier…but its always better to be late than never..right? i love every character in this drama! especially hyuga and makoto! please season 2!

jessie xiaoJul 31 2013 5:41 pmwaiting for season 2! Please please!

aerinJul 06 2013 8:16 amLOVEE THIS DRAMA!! I really ship Hyuga and Natsui 3

MadeleineJun 25 2013 1:47 amHi there! This article couldnt be written much better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this. Ill forward this post to him. Pretty sure hell have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!

tereJun 23 2013 3:44 amhontou. this dorama really cool!! please make season 2 or other movie with same cast. good job oguri-san ^^

NachanJun 11 2013 4:12 amIm kinda miss this dorama since i have watched all the episodes and SP. Well i thought jdoramas are all about school life and fantasy like the manga. But after i watch this one, AAAAAAA i can say its the best drama ive ever seen. The story wasnt boring and its really refreshing too see the cute couple. And Thats so true that the chemistry between makoto and toru really greaat. Really recommend this doramaa

Aini osmanJun 03 2013 4:10 amLove this drama, too good to be true..love all cast, congrat to all especially Toru & Makoto love to see more from them.

JenniMay 13 2013 4:38 amLove this drama, Will there be season 2? I hope there will be season 2. I cant forget the theme song, Tohru, and Makoto. Best Drama Ive ever watched!!!!!!

Prima_OptimaApr 12 2013 1:48 pmPlease do make a season 2. I cant get enough of it.

Reminded me of Jerry Maguire and Pretty Woman but somehow different. Im so in love with Toru Hyuga!

whereistheloveApr 08 2013 5:52 pmJust soooo love the drama. I finished the drama and just finished the special. Gawd!!!!!! the special was just so awesome!!!!!! I really love the whole cast, and their chemistry esp. Hyuga and Makoto. This drama is the best JDrama so far. I JUST REALLY WISH AND I HOPE THEY WILL MAKE SEASON 2!

SisukaChanMar 26 2013 5:26 amIs it just me or is it really too short!! Hope theyll make Season 2!!! Viva Shun!!

Sue from USAMar 15 2013 6:44 pm11 episodes are quite too short for this GREAT DRAMA? Im really looking forward to SEASON 2. The lead actor is the BEST one. The lead actress is also perfect for her role. Please make it like 16-20 episodes for the next time. Id loved to watch them all again and again!

nanaMar 05 2013 2:33 amThis story is one of the best Japanese dramas I would recommend… Its a great story that contents a slice of life, give people some moral value about betrayal, greediness and faithful. Overall, its a really warm story. 😉

JaytadyMar 03 2013 8:15 amIts awesome…, amazing chemistry for shun and satomi… hoping for season 2..

NicolaFeb 07 2013 3:59 pmThey have a great chemistry, i loved every second of it. I am hoping for a second season. i am waiting for the SP.

kibaOct 31 2012 5:55 amwhy only 11 eps? T.T this drama is the best drama ever. You will never regret watched this drama!!!!!!!!!!

sugoySep 29 2012 4:25 pmThere something inexplicable about this drama that makes you love every minute of it.

deashaSep 27 2012 2:25 ambeen thinking of watching this drama or not. recently i have watch a lot of kdrama so mybe i kind of expect jdrama to be like kdrama. but i realize both are different in a special way.. but after reading comment here, i feel like watching this.

YsisSep 17 2012 7:33 pmkeep checking the website everyday if there is an English Subtitle. Wow, it seems Im addicted with this movie..So interesting and gorgeous.

MyBlade89Sep 06 2012 3:16 amGetting Bored on episode 3 and 4, didnt expect much on episode 5, but falling in love again in episode 6. I like the conflict between Hyuga and Asahina. I like the atmosphere when Natsui talk with Hyuga. I like all the cast…. This drama really worth to watch

Natsui-SanSep 01 2012 11:23 amOMG i lvoe this drama , cant wait for episode 9.

OTTAAug 28 2012 5:03 amLove this drama although im always watching kdrama but when i saw the title i thought its interesting but i now LOVE this drma and i feel hooked to it, so this is my first jdrama and its awsome.However, the shooting and the light are not like kdrama i wonder why, its just feels that the drama is dead and old.Sorry my openion, i dont know about you:)

FeKimiAug 26 2012 12:53 amWhat I love about J-dorama is they always gives you a story that feel so real when the K-drama gives you a fairy tail romance. Hahaha… sorry guys, just my opinion after I watched this dorama.

Harumi-chanAug 24 2012 4:32 amI love this drama…from the first eppisode i become addicted….the story resembles the Korean drama Protect the boss ….but this is much good…..i can t wait to see all the eppisodes….Toru X Natsui….Luv Y

rolynAug 23 2012 8:43 amfor me this is No.1 Jrama,

MarieAug 16 2012 7:53 pmThis is my very first JDrama. Each episode is awesome, love the chemistry of both leads and i cant wait for the next episode. Why do they only air an episode per week? Hate the brother and sister characters. Cant wait for ep 7 and i really hope Hyuga and Natsui will have a happy ending..lol

TaminaAug 13 2012 5:30 pmI just LOVE this drama! Amazing actors! Amazing chemestry between Oguri Shun and Ichihara Satomi *_* I feel this drama will always be in my favs! I watched each epsiode a few times already!!!

shraddhaAug 10 2012 11:33 pmwo what an amazing drama… i just cant wait for next episode…. i just finished watching 5th episode…. oguri shun is looking toooo cool…!!!!! i am his big fan…i think after tokyo dogs, this drama is his best one..

dating asianAug 07 2012 7:22 pmJust want to say your article is as surprising. The clearness in your post is simply great and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to take hold of your feed to stay up to date with coming near near post. Thanks 1,000,000 and please carry on the gratifying work.

cool dudeAug 04 2012 4:05 pmits one of the best j-drama i watched lately, what can i say im hooked.

SHCJAug 01 2012 3:31 pmOne more comment. The story line is getting more and more interesting by the episode!

SHCJAug 01 2012 3:30 pmI watch a lot of dramas be it Thai, Korean, or Chinese, but I rarely watch Japanese dramas. I dont know, Im just not into it. This one however will mark my 4th Jdrama: first was Gokusen, followed by Hana Kimi, and Hana Yori Dango. Yeah Ive got this thing for Shun Oguri. Hes not that good looking and hes got his handsome side, but what really draws me to him is the way he acts and his facial expressions…hes just…very addicting haha; hes the only Japanese actor that I follow. I hope this drama will perform well, I absolutely love the cast and everyone is doing such a great job. I just finished episode 4 too, and like everyone else I cant wait for next week!

GuriAug 01 2012 3:23 pmMan….I cannot wait for next week. Why would they only show ONE episode each week?! They want to torment us haha?! How many episodes are there anyway?? I hope its a long one so I can enjoy watching it to the longest. The leads have great chemistry and I love Oguris hair and that suit towards the end….so effin gorgeous!

aya-chanJul 31 2012 8:39 pmJust finished ep 4 and cant wait for the next ep already.

The script writer does a good job of making me restless for the next one. I still cant figure out Asahinas character, unlike his sister but the plot sure is interesting. Sure it has cliche moments but the leads showed great chemistry on screen.

Im kinda confused though with her real name, in the first ep, her classmate called her Haruka but she introduced herself as Natsui Makoto as the relationship chart on the official site states.

XIAJul 28 2012 9:58 amyeah ive been into KDrama recently but RMPW brought me back^^ last JDrama ive watched was Yama-chans drama Risou no Musuko so i am so excited to see the next ep of RMPW^^

Lee(anes) NJul 23 2012 5:49 amThis would be my 2nd Japanese Drama to evr watch if things gets permissible, 1st was during the F4 fever, being a self confessed KDrama addictus, im normally sooo with KDrama wid no time & care for other dramas being aired some where, out there in the universe but after stumbling into RB PW wonders of wonders…a Japanese drama got me totally hooked:) It has the same feel and possible ingredients of a K Drama but in a different taste, wholly unique on its own… LIKE LIKE LIKE! u hav a follower in me RB PW! Arigato!:)

adayaJul 19 2012 2:19 pmGreatest drama ever! cant wait untilt next episede , i though in review the 3th episode will be awsome:) fun and chick but smart drama . i love japan drama!

shraddhaJul 19 2012 12:07 amoguri shun is looking handsome….!!!!!!! i m looking forward for next episode…:-) ^_^ cwnt wait for next one……

MariePhilsJul 18 2012 3:08 amShoguri is married already…(sigh!)

Jdorama FanJul 16 2012 10:01 pmAfter watching the first episode Im hooked. I will definitely watch this one until the end.

gdirJul 16 2012 9:30 pmcan anyone recommend another j drama that has cinderella plot like this?

BookheadJul 16 2012 8:19 amWatched the first episode it was great. I cant wait for the next one. It really hasnt disappointed me. Patiently waiting yeah!! Go Shun!!

nafida desuJul 15 2012 8:26 ami dont watch nihon dorama much these day due to the slapstick style which i hate so much ..i hope there isnt any in these having HIGH hope on shun oguri san

EmmaJul 15 2012 4:44 amim not watching a lot of japanese drama now, i have high expectations for this one!! I really love the two lead role they are great!!

dubitJul 14 2012 2:58 pmI WANT MORE!! I really like the look of the lead male!!! I dont know how to explain it it! he reminds me of that early mid nineties feel!!! Love his hair….I am honestly kind of infatuated with him……^___^ but what an interesting drama and to find that the lead girl has this big secret and that she knows about our lead!!! AHHH!!!! I hope this come out good!

JekeiJul 14 2012 8:57 amYes its really great:)

ugsiJul 13 2012 2:30 pmI want more of this drama its awesome so far,cant wait for next monday,going all @.@ for it.

Lovely_ayunJul 13 2012 12:53 amThis drama really SUPERB!!!!.

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*Kim Dong-HeeJung Da-Bincast in Netflix dramaHuman Class

*Ryota KatayoseKanna Hashimotocast in movieKiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight

*Yoon Gyun-SangKeum Sae-Rokcast in OCN dramaMr. Temporary

*Shun OguriGen Hoshinocast in movieThe Voice in the Crime

*Ji SungLee Se-Youngcast in SBS dramaDoctor Room

*Kong Seung-Yeoncast in JTBC dramaFlower Crew: Joseon Matchmaking Maneuver Agency

*Yeon Woo-JinKim Se-Jeongcast in KBS2 dramaLet Me Hear Your Song

*Takeru Satohcast in movieRurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter