Lee Yoo-Chan (Suho) is the CEO of IT company Next In. He founded the company and it is now the most desirable place to work for young professionals. He is arrogant and does not trust people in general. Lee Yoo-Chan also suffers from an inability to recognize faces.

Kim Bo-Ra (Ha Yeon-Soo) was born in the countryside on Jeju Island. She is the pride of her family and famous in her hometown for being smart. She goes to Seoul to attend college and carries her familys high expectations for her. During her last year in college, Kim Bo-Ra experiences difficulties finding her job. Her dream is to work at Next In. Kim Bo-Ra meets Lee Yoo-Chan and their lives change.

Rich Man takes over theMBNWed. & Thu. 23:00 time slot previously occupied byHigh-End Crushand followed byWitchs Loveon July 25, 2018.

First still images of Suhoin MBN drama series Rich Man.

Rich Man is a remake of 2012 Fuji TV drama seriesRich Man, Poor Woman.

Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York(Fuji TV / 2013)

BoyetteYFeb 23 2019 7:14 pmI love the music in this drama!!! Hard for Me by CHEEZE. and have played it many many times.Wow!!! I guess Im now a Cheese fan too, nice voice!!! The story is also quite unique on Next In versus Intel. Ghamnsamida!!!! Enjoyed all the episodes and smart dramatiks of all the cast members

GoldPenJan 16 2019 8:19 amSuho was nominated for Best newbie actor in Rich Man in which he plays the lead antagonist.

EreneOct 03 2018 8:24 pmFor those of you who state: the only ones who hate this drama either hate suho or are non exo fans. Hmmm lets see. Im not some kind of exo fan or a k-pop fan. But i enjoy watching k-dramas. At first i thought suho was wow hes hot and charming. But his acting skill in this drama is poor:( . The storyline makes you annoyed and confused. Its like an annoying, never ending circle. The plot is poorly executed. Sorry to say this, but it really is boring.

JatinSep 19 2018 10:41 amWaiting for season 2 (continuous series)

Rc137Sep 11 2018 10:31 pmRate Rich Man, Poor Woman (Korean version) 10/10. Very enjoyable to watch. Perfectly casted. Everyone, especially the two leads (Suho, Ha Yeon Soo), does a great job acting. I watched this over a couple of days after watching Witchs Love (which is also good). I liked the ending.

JonistaSep 09 2018 1:02 pmCan anyone tell me the name of the music that comes in episodes 16 at 41.09? Pls help im desperately searching for that

Best dramaAug 11 2018 10:11 amVery good drama enjoyed it till the end. Ha Yeon soo is cute.

Best dramaAug 11 2018 3:11 amIts a good drama. If any one has not seen it go for it. Many people are critical about this drama but dont bother what they are saying and watch it. I rate it 8.5/10.

LoveJul 17 2018 11:57 pmEverything was perfect until ep8….the plot is worst..the writer should give more attention to the leads

MinnJul 13 2018 7:22 ami prefer japanese version. you guys must watch Rich Man Poor Woman and Rich Man Poor Woman; New York..:)

Good Job Kim JunmyeonJul 11 2018 7:14 amI really loves this drama. Actually the reason i watch this is because of Suho. But now i love the story too. Honestly i am a bit frustated because Yoochan and Bora relationship run so slowly. And you keep showing us Yoochan-Taera couple. I know you just want to give us more tense with their relationship. The story become much more interesting towards the end. I also like Miso-Dojin couple and The Tree Musketeer Mr. Jang, Steve and Chansoo also cute. Last i want to compliment my leader Suho for great improvement in acting. Cant wait for your next project Kim Junmyeon

PromiseJul 11 2018 6:29 amThis drama is not so intense, writers should have gone deeper thoughts to make the story as nice as the original. But acting abilities of the casts esp the main ones are actually good. Only people who hated exo would generalize this on a negative comment. Coz even DO who is already an award winning actor but who is part of exo was also bashed by haters on his acting skills just for the sake of bashing him coz they hate exo. Pea brains.

NekopoiJul 04 2018 7:50 amOh guys please. This drama is made not to be compared. it does not matter if you do not like it, but do not spread your hatred. (though I prefer the japanese version lol)

laboldJul 04 2018 4:14 amI recommend you guys to watch Japanese version instead! The original version is way much better and the lead couples chemistry feel better than the korean! (this is only my opinion).

AkasiaJul 04 2018 3:56 amForget this drama. Please watch the original Rich Man poor woman casted by Takiya Genji and Ishihara Satomi (Japanese Drama). U will know that this drama is totally ruining their original one….

LKBJul 01 2018 12:50 amUgh, this is the worst writing ai have seen in any drama, let alone one with a big budget for cast members! Kim Ye Won and Oh Chang Suk, Park Sung Hoon, too, have all shown their abilities in other shows ie Revolutionary Love which wasnt even an especially great show but at least gave the actors a script that was better than something that could easily be called my first fanfiction by any average sixth grader… Atrocious…the direction was similarly bad and casting just didnt make sense; Suho, genius or not, wasnt supposed to play someone THAT much younger than the Min Tae Joo character, and the age difference made the love triangle especially weird as Ha Yeon Soo looks at most 18-19 most of the show and reminds me of the high school freshmen candy stripers (the middle part drops that age appearance to 15 or so-who wears that style to a professional job interview? The clothing didnt suit her, either, from colors to fit). Kim Ye Won(who was also tossed into a middle part-clearly someone has a serious love of that look) is better suited to play a goofy lovable quirky girl than a rich goddess and had they reversed her role w/Ha Yeon Soos (she looks more the Venus type face-wise and her shoulders etc, while lacking much by way of curves, suit the goddess/girl you should never dump notion-they put two people who didnt quite fit who they were told to play, and knowing nothing of Exo, I dont care if someone is an idol; I just got sick of the same two expressions for the lead male: squinting as if his contact prescription was wrong and he had a headache 90% of his scenes and laughing maniacally the other 10%, both of them unnatural as polystyrene… The script did no favors to anyone, but both second leads were clearly more able to make their characters work somewhat than the leads; they are far more seasoned and trained than the leads for dramas, and with no mentor types of real leaders a la Ho Cheon Min/Ahn Nae Sang/Kim Kap Soo/Ji Sung types for guys, Kim Mi Kyung/Go Du Shim/Ye Soo Jung/Jeon Mi Sun/Kim Hyun Jung for the gals, the director seemed too okay with poorly done scenes and no one seemed to know how to guide the young stars to create something better, even with a mediocre-to-atrocious script… It is what you make of it at times, and it could have, with better guidance for the rather inexperienced leading male in particular, at least been more enjoyable had someone given him some tips on controlling his facial muscles and not being so out there/extreme which clearly came from inexperience and poor direction (are the directors scared of offending some hot shot of the moment kiddo, or did they give up because the script was so lousy and they just wanted to move on and forget this chapter of their careers ever happened?!?)…

If you liked this, well, move on to the second and third worst uses of my kdrama time: Love on the Rooftop which has no rooftop and not much to love once it rapidly fizzles out despite adorable cast members…and Blow Breeze, another with adorable cast members but which simply blows, partly because the second lead actress who was replaced in the middle ended up getting twice the lines/screen time And 30x the impact of the lead… Both are longer than this and will suit the ones who like this just fine. If you have seen either of those shows but not Rich Man Poor Woman, well, RMPW isnt as good as those (somehow-I did not believe it possible!), but if you hated those, you will definitely be irked at this, and if you liked them, well, we have nothing in common taste-wise/(writing+acting)quality-requirement-wise, so… Go for it?

This achieved a purpose never needed: I appreciate whoever selects the scripts for tvN that much more!

mimimimiJun 30 2018 3:20 amDrama sucks. I barely could watch some episodes thanks to Suho good acting. But if it wasnt for Suho; i could not watch more than 2 episodes. Rate:2/10

kdrama loveJun 30 2018 3:07 ami bet all of these haters are just non exo or non suho fans…….. most of the time an idol acts, the drama gets hate even if they did a good job. Maybe we just have different tastes but i think that this drama is AMAZING and i also really liked their chemistry. If you hate the drama just becuz suho is acting, then naghajuseyo.

LekaJun 29 2018 5:22 pmNo chemistry at all… No acting at all… No significant plot twist at all… J-version was even better (and, to tell the truth, I even didnt like it, huh?) Too many hope thrown away… pity

LasagneJun 29 2018 10:01 amOkay bring your popcorn cause this is going to be a long comment. My first impression of this was really good. The two first episodes made me want more of it. Now, I generally do like this drama BUT there have been moments where it bored me or was just weird.

First of all there is so much about next in, its almost as if the drama was just about the company and showcased the employees lives. I know that the business part is a big thing in this drama but it can be too much to the point wether I dont even know what kind of drama Im watching.

Second the script doesnt make sense sometimes. Ive seen comments about bad acting but I honestly dont think thats the case. The emotions arent exaggerated by the actors I think its the script whos at fault. I mean theyre merely told what to do and live up to the expectations and instructions given.

Lastly I feel as if everyone is expecting something from this drama that theyre not going to get. This is a remake which is why people can compare and think of stuff that happened in the original vs what happens in this. If this had been something unrelated to a previous drama a lot of people wouldve liked it. I

Im only on episode 10 by from what Ive seen ok rate it a 7/10

minnieJun 28 2018 4:47 pmim actually proud of myself for sticking through to the end. I already dropped some dramas along the way: Lawless lawyer, miss hammurubi, about time etc. Will continue AT and LL later. I liked Rich man, it was fairly good. i mostly watched the show because of junmyeon. hope he improves his acting and has another fun drama soon

EastenderJun 28 2018 10:01 amThere is no chemistry between Lee Yoo Chan and Kim Bo Ra. Also, Lee Yoo Chan character is so unlikeable that romance seems unrealistic.

MimiJun 25 2018 4:57 pmI love it so much..but if they put more romentic, it will be good. Anyway, you pick the right caracter. They are perfect eachother.

LoLaJun 24 2018 11:35 pmPlease give Suho another good project … script and storyline is bad. Oh Chang Suk dignified looks doesnt fit his bad character, as well, he looks too good to be the villain:-( Same with, Suho… his lingering mean character doesnt suit his cute face. No chemistry with the lead actresses, for me:-( But Im still a big Suhos fan and most of the cast, so, I just await for a big finish…

Inmyheart, drJun 24 2018 5:10 amFrankly speaking the story is idiotic in a sense. At first, it looks ok but later the story began to go round & round with mediocre acting. I am sorry both suho & the lead lady are acting too much that at times their acting become rigid & mechanicle. I sincerely think suho acted better in the short drama the universe star. However i felt a little excited when the writer inserted the story of tae ra & the painter…i thought if they could add a beautiful plot there..itd be highly more captivating.. anyway i havent seen the original jap version, so im giving this a try….bcos as ive said, i find the moments & conversation between kim tae ra & lee dong ha as a lot more interesting & worth watching. So..for the time being….fighting… btw…love watching- life on mars, sketch, investigation partners, whats wrong with sec kim & a few others…happy watching everyone…

XxxruiJun 23 2018 11:05 pmhonestly, there are something lack about this remake compared to jap ver. im not saying its not good, but it is lack of something. in jap ver, i can say that the casts express their feelings through their acting very well and id give applause for that (plus the jap casts are very good and suits their characters imo). and for those who said the story line is boring – you have to understand and learn about economy & ict things in order to understand the storyline more. kudos to both of versions! (i think the characters in this drama is suitable for actors who are matured emotionally and physically… try to watch jap ver! its good for those who loves economic stuffs and ict stuffs )

MariaJun 23 2018 10:03 pmThis remake is terrible. Loved the original Japanese one. Suhos acting is so bad. Its worse, I guess, when hes compared to Shun Oguri. Shun Oguri never came across as an asshole, just eccentric. That girl who plays Kim Bora is not any better.

A leeJun 23 2018 3:05 amPermit me to say Kim bo ra is a gold digger and she pretends a lot. She wants nobody but yoo chan who is mean to her, if not, whats wrong if she like min tae joo instead, he cares about her and he was the one who got her dis job. Shes so ungrateful and wants yoo chan instead, because he is richer, all in the name of they were each others first love and so what? The fact that u know each other from the past doesnt mean u must end up with that person

indo saram 2Jun 22 2018 8:49 amMin Tae Joo deserves better!!! i dont get it,, hes really nice to everybody but even Bo Ra rejects him..

Bo Ra is stupid for waiting for Yoo Chan who sometimes treats her lowly when Tae Joo is standing right there in front of her

Indo saramJun 21 2018 11:58 pmThey probably gonna have their first kiss in the last episode. Not much romantic scenes are shown. Too much of the business part got me bore.

ScarlettJun 21 2018 7:52 pmI love Kim Bo Ra, a lottttt. Shes so cute and gorgeous. Idk why the main leads still dont have their romantic momentsTT I really want to see them togetherrr!! I so ship them together so much! They would be such cute couple! Unlike Min Tae Ra , Im not hating her but I just dont ship them together, cuz? I never shipped second lead and the main lead in any drama. They obviously is a bad couple, their personality dont really match. the main leads will be so cute cuz Bo Ra has a cute and funny personality and so Yoo Chan who seems mean but actually funny and cute in the inside. Theyd be a cute couple.Wheeeee I gets chills just by thinking abt it.. cant waitttt AHAHAHAHAH TT ^^ Im in love with this drama seriously tho!

LeriJun 21 2018 5:06 pmUNPOPULAR OPINION (that should be popular tbh)

Kim Bo Ra is a bore. I want to punch her in the face everytime I see her. Min Tae Ra is a mean girl but shes the one who really loves Yoo Chan so I like her. Min Tae Joo is a user. I neither like nor hate him. Hes so-so.

Lee Yoo Chan has a terrible character but I like him. Hes real. Even though Junmyeon really did overact in the first few episodes. He got better. I love Junmyeon but theres really more room for improvement.

LolitaJun 21 2018 4:18 pmI love this deama. I do not like min tae hos sister. She is too pushy and shameless. She sees a man once and starts her nonsense. Please ramp up the beautiful romance between idiot and Suho.

TaraJun 16 2018 11:30 pmThe lead actor lee you-Chan is an obnoxious kid, not even a man! I would have slapped him so many times if I was Kim Bo-Ra, especially when he called her idiot. And also that obnoxious girl min tae-ra who thinks shes all that, a goddess, oh please! Shes no better than a rag! Plus her acting is sooo boring, cant stand to see her face! The drama would have been ok if it werent for these two! Thumbs down for this drama!

semoooJun 14 2018 4:13 pmi really dont get whats happening. how can the lead actress doesnt have any romantic scene till now while the other annoying girl tae ri have many scenes even though they are so bad, i really dont stand her and I cant understand when will the lead actors have their own romance.

ellaJun 13 2018 10:31 pmjp ver is boring and drama isnt very interesting but actors are very good and i love them. specially i love EXOs Suho and Ha Yeon soo.they are very good and cute

niliJun 13 2018 10:22 pmsuho is the best actor❤❤❤❤❤

HYSJun 13 2018 7:09 amHa Yeon seo is cute, pretty and adorable. Love her

SUHAJIJun 12 2018 4:05 amCant wait for next episode….Suho is doing great. His acting is so real and mind blowing. His facial expressions are awesome.

FTISLANDJun 10 2018 10:32 pmWahhh Lee Jaejin keep improving in his acting! Amazing bassist can act too ahh such a talented boy?

ShezukarienJun 10 2018 4:00 pmThe drama is very slow but the actor and actres so good …love all…but story line little boring….

partyJun 10 2018 8:36 amGreat drama. Never watch the Jap version and dun care about it.

The actors and actress is great. Issues with most comments is they compare it with the jap ver which I think should not be as both are diff countries and format is different. Going by same logic of these people great drama doesnt exists as there is already a corresponding in the 1950s.

Nozomi YukinaJun 10 2018 7:52 amEven though there are many negative feedback for the Korean version of rich man poor woman I personally feel that the Korean version is doing good . The episode 9 and 10 were a bit boring but if you notice the characters have progressed and the real plot is just coming . As a fan of the Japanese version I feel that Suho and Ha Yeon so are doing a good job especially Suho . The Japanese version was also the same but in the end it was very rewarding . I just love the cast and characters and the whole story in whole. The story progress well such that the character development is believable and the romance is sweet. I have high hopes for this drama and is excited for the next episode .

KiyomiJun 09 2018 10:57 pmHighly recommend watching Rich Man, Poor Woman, the Japanese original version as it captures a lot of emotions unlike the Korean adaptation. The characters in the Jdrama were more realistic and has relayed that ambition, determination and motivation the audience develops when watching the drama. Very disappointing Kdrama, Just Watch The Jdrama, You Wont Regret It!!!

minnieJun 09 2018 8:23 pmunpopular opinion: I actually like min tera a lot, she obviously cares about him and has loved him for a long time. She is genuine and honest with her feelings and Yoo chan. There is nothing b*tchy about her. She wants his mental condition to get better and shes also trying to secure her relationship with Yoo chan. IMO she is a better fit for yoo chan than kim bo ra

marcelJun 09 2018 5:47 pmuhm so, I stop watching this drama after episode 9. I thought this drama is gonna be cool and have a good plot but when I started episode 9 is so boring, mess and deviate from the previous chapter. Is it just me who thinks this drama was focused on lee yoo chan project and min tae ra with the street painter(?) the good thing, this drama have a great cast like suho and ha yeon soo. they have a chemistry uwu. so thats it;)

YuaJun 09 2018 4:56 amI should say this is boring drama. The story is really boring and not focusing on one problem. I also feel disturb with the male lead actors, he is too overact and not into the character. I stop watching this after episode 9

Irinne forteoJun 09 2018 3:10 amThe whole story does not make sense! The cast are not good in their acting especially the lead actor cannot act or cry well. And theres a scene at epi 10 that the lead actress is crying! Why is that? Theres is nothing to cry about! About the IT and programming i cannot see any of her work contribution! For her to be affected to much in their project big file!!!! It doesnt make sense! The writer and director of this should handle it well. It makes me mad that i watch this! It is full of crap! It is really lacking in many ways!

itsnanaJun 08 2018 5:45 amso far it is a good one. but i couldnt feel ambitious atmosphere like in japan ver. in japan ver, Hyuga Tohru is a genius and charismatic leader eventhough he is lack of attitude. in korean ver, Yoo chan is indeed genius but there is something missing and the second female lead too i prefer the japanese one. the characters more realistic in japanese ver. im not talking about the cast tho. a bit regretting how the writer develop its drama character. but the story line in korean ver is more developed, not too rush like in J ver.

ImungJun 06 2018 3:08 amIts so interesting. How many episodes is the drama?

ilEsJun 02 2018 5:31 pmIt is a really good drama. Highly recommended!!!!!! Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Acting of the cast is good. I love the arrogant LEE YOO CHAN. Salute to Suho who portrait the character perfectly.

alenJun 02 2018 5:28 pmI am in love with this drama, specially Junmyeon. His acting is so good and he is so handsome and cool. His expressions are mind blowing. Saranghae Junmyeon!!!!!!! Fighting

castlinJun 01 2018 8:27 amim a chanyeol die hard fan… exo no. 1 fan.. but Suho is just so amazing.. heart fluttering exopower:) charisma overload…

KemasMay 31 2018 9:35 pmI like Bora a lot, I mean Ha yeon soo, she looked like satomi Ishihara a lot.. I mean the girl from as Bora in rich man Japanese version

yook0502May 31 2018 9:08 am@Chichi I noticed that too.

ChichiMay 29 2018 10:38 amDid anyone notice that his house was the same house of Kim Woo Bin in Uncontrollably Fond?

Barbara WilliamsonMay 29 2018 10:35 amI didnt think I would be interested in this drama but the more i watch the better i like it. The CEO could use some manners because he doesnt treat others very well . I like the actors they have choosen.

sofiMay 28 2018 10:40 amomg!!! This drama is so good

SIKMay 26 2018 3:39 pmIt is getting better day by day….I am so love with this drama….and also with the leading actor junmyeon! He is so cool . I am in love with both his looking and acting. FIGHTING KIM JUNMYEONsshi

Caty_RinaMay 26 2018 1:36 amI love this drama a lot! Korean version is much more romantic then Japanese original story and I like it! SuHo is a good actor, love anger, other emotions-are so natural I believe him!

CarterMay 26 2018 12:21 am@Lara I agree completely. The main character is too unlikable and has too many flaws (this is the screenwriters fault), and the actor is a little too rough for the role. But I have to say that the main actress is adorable and the only reason Im still watching the show.

LaraMay 25 2018 8:58 pmI know this is based on the japanese drama from 2012, but I dont remember the main character being that obnoxious. He was a jerk in the japanese version, but he was at least charismatic and they were trying for a Steve Jobs caricature. The character in the korean version is just an immature manchild with a god complex. He makes me cringe.

IvanaMay 25 2018 3:10 pmSuho is a good actor. I got a crush of his acting. So realistic. And this drama is so good. I am excited to see what will happen in ep 7. Lee Yoo Chan can recognize Bora!!!!! SO EXCITED******For every cast FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!

RoseMay 25 2018 1:26 pmIm a fan of the japanese ver of this drama before this and unexpectedly a fan for the korean version of richman poorwoman too. Until now its already have 6 episode and yeahh the plot is somehow a bit diff from the japanese and that why Im liking korean version too, until now we cant even know who is really KIM BORA!! Unlike the japanese ver we already know earlier that shes is not sawaki chihiro and yeahh kor ver got some plot twist I think and the writer is so good at cliff hanger end that make the viewer to keep watching for next ep cause its unpredictable.. hopefully writer-nim will give justice to korean ver, Im looking forward to it and yeahh Im hooked to this drama!!! ^^

InspirationMay 25 2018 1:17 pmI am enjoying this drama thoroughly,Suho acting keep smile on my face. suddenly changes of expressions are amazing .I am curious to know why she is separated from him.songs are too good.

alenAMay 25 2018 8:54 amThis korean version is much better than the original version!!! Leading actors expression is awesome….It looks real…He is also very handsome and cute!!!

aaratiMay 25 2018 1:41 amwhy everyone saying suho acting is bit cringy but does they know expressions shown by himm are his real facial expression ,they can go youtube and search for his video??

AlpoMay 24 2018 4:50 pmJapanese version: romance, career, personality, friendship, family Korean Version: romance, romance, romance

little chocoMay 24 2018 3:17 pmreally enjoyed the drama so far. actually i didnt expect this to be better than the original. i expect this to be different from the original. of course it would be different since korean and japan drama is also different. ive watched a lot of remake and im sure that korean and japan has different style in telling the plot. and no one is better, they just different. if you like a minimalist romance you should watch the japan. but if you like a heart fluttering scene i think you should watch the korean.

kudosMay 24 2018 7:21 ami really love the story..its chilling me. The leading actor so cute and he acts good Suho but I think the the leading girl is not match with the leading actor, she is not pretty but she acts good. All the casts are great. Fighting

khaiiMay 23 2018 10:04 pmoppa!! youre really cool!! i love your acting..keep up the good work oppa!! EXO-Ls are always here:) saranghaja!!

bunchieMay 23 2018 3:45 amim watching here in philippines.. i love all the cast especially park sung-hoon

day suhoMay 22 2018 9:55 pmOppa… I was with you when you even didnt play any drama yet.. you still being a pure EXO member and leader. Now.. Im still with you.. Youve gone so far oppa.. Youve achieved so much now.. Oppa the thing that you should keep in your mind is.. You deserve all the thing.. You deserve everything because I know youve worked so hard than anyone else to be where you now. I love you. Ill keep loving and supporting you.. Im a proud EXOL now.

orpiMay 22 2018 6:26 pmJunmyeons acting is so real……..He has all the charms in this drama!….Plus he is so handsome and cool……..NEW CRUSH:3

KASFIMay 22 2018 6:24 pmBest drama ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!Suho fighting!!!!!!! You are doing a good job!!!!!!!!

Boon hongMay 22 2018 3:42 pmDoes anyone know the song which tae ra sings in the car??? If anyone does please let me know

EXO_STARMay 22 2018 10:57 amThis drama is good so far, it was a good storyline and im really surprised by how well Suhos acting is.

I just hope the writer doesnt mess up this drama

Heyy SueMay 22 2018 12:31 amDo someone knows Steves real name?? I really like him??

MomoMay 21 2018 11:07 pmMaybe because I love the japanese version too much, I cant help but comparing the two version and honestly I think, Suho charisma is not enough to play the role of company ceo. Its just my personal opinion. But Ill keep watching this drama though and maybe change my opinion then.

ZeanneMay 21 2018 10:40 amEpisode 5 please? exciting part here i come???

ilyMay 20 2018 10:51 amSuho is so handsome and his acting is so real!!!!!!!

Mrs.SuhoMay 20 2018 10:49 amSuho…….You did a good job. Thank you for your hard work!!!!!! FIGHTING nae nampyeon!!!!!!!!!

PERRYMay 20 2018 10:47 amLove everything about this drama……I LOVE YOU KIM JUN MYEON

shereenMay 19 2018 7:53 pmI love this drama so much I cant wait for other episodes Sohu hyung did really well he was the best *-*.

SariMay 19 2018 5:43 pmCant wait for ep 5..bo ra jealous see lee yo chan kisses with tae-ra..suho cool & good looking!!saranghae suho oppa?

noiMay 19 2018 3:29 pmIs Kim Bong Hoon his ex girlfriend? In Japanese drama main character is searching his mother.

alyaMay 19 2018 11:34 amThis is really good! Just finished watching ep4 and i cant wait for ep5! Looking forward for Bo Ra and Yoo Chans chemistry!~~

LizaMay 19 2018 8:58 amJun Myeons acting is sooooo good. I love everything in this drama. Kim Bo Ras acting is so cute. Cant wait for the next episode!! Iloveyou, Suho!!

NicolasMay 18 2018 5:00 pmHighly recommended drama…Suho & Ha Yeon Soos chemistry is mind blowing. Their acting is good. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode. Really excited to see what happen to them! Suho is so handsome & his acting is so real. I cant help but fall for him!!

elyMay 18 2018 4:56 pmCant wait for ep 5. Suho is so cute. Fall in love with him. His acting is so good.

AinzitoMay 18 2018 10:09 amI really love this drama cant wait to next episode.. Good job mama suho..

ilisaMay 18 2018 6:46 amThe lead actor is really handsome…This drama is xosssssssssssss.

ilisaMay 18 2018 6:43 amThe lead actor is really handsome…This drama is xosssssssssssss.

alenMay 18 2018 6:41 amKIM JUN MYEONs acting is so good……Such a handsome goodlooking young actor…………..crushed.

alenMay 18 2018 5:32 am