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UPDATEZandvoort is being lined up to replace Barcelona as the first non-flyaway race of the 2020 Formula 1 season, with the Spanish Grand Prix falling off the calendar, Autosport reports as hearing through their sources.

A senior source has confirmed that a contract has now agreed between F1 and the Zandvoort promoter – but it has not yet been signed, as final details are still being sorted.

If, as expected, Barcelona drops off the 2020 calendar, it would allow Liberty to put Zandvoort into the early May slot ahead of Monaco.

Porsche 718 Cayman, Boxster to Be All-Electric by 2022

According to an earlier mediareport, Porsches chairman confirmed that fully-electric versions of the 718 Boxster and the 718 Cayman will launch within three years. Yesterday, Porsches chairman Oliver Blume confirmed that the company has prototypes of the 718 running in electric now, and a hybrid prototype is being built…although it is not yet clear whether it would be a plug-in hybrid or hybrid.

That being said, we can expect to see fully electric renditions of the 718 Boxster and Cayman by 2022 and possibly a set of hybrid versions as well. According to the report, hybrid models are being pursued to provide drivers with a range over 186 miles without significantly altering the mid-engine platform architecture.

F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches has written to Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro in support of moving the Brazilian grand prix to Rio.

O Globo newspaper reports that Bratches also sent the letter to Rio de Janeiro governor Wilson Witzel and mayor Marcelo Crivella asking for meetings in person or by telephone.

UPDATEAccording to Racers Marshall Pruett Porsche looked at IndyCar and then said no.

Porsche is going electric with its passenger cars and INDYCAR doesnt have an ounce of electrification in its engine formula.

Hence manufacturer after manufacturer after manufacturer have turned IndyCar down.

Chip Ganassi Racing COO Doug Duchardt said on Friday that talks have yet to begin on a possible extension between CGR driver Kurt Busch and sponsor Monster Energy.

Duchardt toldTHE DAILY: Obviously hes come in and done a great job; Monsters been a great partner so far. When the times right, Im sure well be talking to both of them. But right now, we havent started any of those discussions. Busch is currently on a one-year deal with Monster.

UPDATEThis rumor is downgraded to false today.

(GMM) Claire Williams has denied that the famous F1 team she leads is in negotiations to be sold.

We reported this week that Dmitry Mazepin, a Russian billionaire who runs the fertilizer company Uralkali, opened talks recently in Shanghai.

General Motors is adding a second shift and more than 400 hourly jobs at its Bowling Green (Kentucky) Assembly plant to support production of the Next Generation Corvette, which will be revealed on July 18, 2019.The addition of the second shift will increase the plants workforce to more than 1,300.

UPDATEIt looks like just 3 additional drivers to those previously announced as we predicted., bringing the total to 36

UPDATEThisarticleexplains that Supercars has decided to neuter the Penske Fords. Now we will see how much spare power they have to overcome the slap on the wrist.

04/22/19Paul Morris expects Shell V-Power Racing to have more pace up its sleeve even if the Ford Mustang Supercars aerodynamics are hobbled somewhat.

Despite Ford teams being made to move ballast to the rooves of their cars as a center of gravity adjustment, to which Holden teams were also subject to a lesser extent, DJR Team Penske won three of the four subsequent races across the Symmons Plains and Phillip Island events.

Alain Prost makes bold prediction, but it is a rumor until proven true

(GMM) Renault is on the right path to having one of the best engines on the grid.

That is the view of the French works teams famous advisor Alain Prost, even though Renault has started 2019 with high-profile reliability problems.

We know we are very close to the limit right now, he is quoted by Marca newspaper.

Ford has announced it will terminate their factory Ford GT GTLM effort at the end of 2019. Will they come back into IMSA with a DPi 2.0 car?

Ford Performance motorsports director Mark Rushbrook has indicted they wouldnt necessarily need to enter DPi next year in order to be on the grid for IMSAs so-called DPi 2.0 formula thats slated to debut in 2022.

The American manufacturer, which has confirmed the Ford GTs full factory involvement will end this year, has yet to detail any potential future sports car racing programs beyond global customer support for the Ford GT and Mustang GT4.

Ford, however, is known to be in evaluations for a potential DPi effort that could debut as early as next year, ahead of IMSAs regulations overhaul that is set to feature hybrid powertrains beginning in 2022.

IndyCar to switch to guaranteed spots for Indy 500 starting in 2020 (2nd Update)

A 105% rule should satisfy both sides of this argument

A reader writes, Dear ,Why dont they lock inall the regulars but they mustpass the 105% rule. Surely a full-time team can achieve that. There has to be some kind of limit so they have to try to be competitive.

Dear Jerry, That is an excellent compromise suggestion. IndyCar should do it.Mark C.

Our guess at the 2020 IndyCar schedule. What do you think?

We take a swipe at what the 2020 IndyCar schedule might look like. We assume:

Two new races, Surfers Paradise and Mexico City bringing total to 19-races. Both races are only 25% likely to happen at this point

Surfers opens the season in February (if it happens, which we doubt)

Trucks drive south straight from Long Beach to Mexico City the following weekend. Mexico City makes too much sense not to happen.

Auto Hebdo reports that Brendon Hartley, a two-time WEC champion, is likely to be confirmed as the Japanese manufacturers reserve driver for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, ahead of a full season in the No. 8 Toyota TS050 Hybrid with Kazuki Nakajima and Sebastien Buemi and replace Fernando Alonso after LeMans.

Alonso, who will make his second start in the Indianapolis 500 next month, has been vocal about trying new racing disciples and not necessarily being tied down to a full-season program in the future.

More successful than its ever been with rising viewing figures and profits through the roof, theres more and more countries and circuits clamoring to be a part of theMotoGPcircus than ever before. And, with each track potentially bringing as much as 5 million to the table in order to be able to host a round, series organizers Dorna are keen to push the calendar from its current 19 races to potentially as many as 22 in the future.

But with a swing towards developing markets as attendance at traditional European races continues to fall, there could be some set to lose their spot on the calendar in the coming years too With that in mind, we look at where MotoGP is likely to be heading in the future.

Report: NASCAR Will Up Offer To Acquire ISC To $47 A Share

The France Family wants to remove any shareholder influence by taking the tracks private

NASCAR is about to make an increased offer to acquire ISC, upping it from $42 a share to $47,according to a new report today from Street Insider.

The private NASCAR in November made a $1.9B bid to acquire the publicly traded track operator, which shares common ownership in theFrancefamily.

UPDATEWe came across this Fernando Alonso quote: I feel that I need to recharge the batteries a little bit,Fernando Alonso said at the Shanghai WEC round last November.

But in 2020 it could be a full season in IndyCar, a full season in F1, a full season in a different series.

We hear he will not run in WEC next year, so it looks like IndyCar is definitely a consideration.

UPDATEThis rumor is downgraded to speculation today.

Max Verstappen insists he is happy at Red Bull-Honda.

In recent days, rumors have been swirling that the Dutch driver is in talks with Mercedes Toto Wolff.

Verstappen, his father Jos, and now Wolff have denied it.

Arguing that it is no longer good value for money, the government pulled the plug on the Sepang race after 2017.

Cost too high, returns limited, said sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin at the time.

UPDATEAn executive involved in Speedway Motorsports Inc.s efforts to bring NASCAR national series racing back to Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville, Tennessee, responded Tuesday to a report about the companys talks with city officials.

SMI officials have had discussions with Mayor David Briley and his administration about how to finance the upgrades needed to the track to bring NASCAR national series races there.The Tennessean reported Tuesday that SMI pitched a plan that called for $54 million in bond payments and $2 million cash from the city.The proposal was rejected by Brileys administration.

Jerry Caldwell, executive vice president and general manager of Bristol Motor Speedway, issued a statement responding to The Tennesseans article.

UPDATESomeone who is well connected in the IndyCar paddock told us on the grid Sunday before the Long Beach GP that he doubts very much that BMW would want to supply an engine for IndyCar.

While he did not explain why, its quite easy to surmise – with all passenger cars going electric in the next 10 years or so, IndyCar has no plans to at least add some form of hybrid technology to their new upcoming car. Without some form of electrification, IndyCar is irrelevant to most manufacturers who use racing as R&D to justify some of their spend.

With that said, maybe IndyCar will surprise us with an announcement along those lines if they announce the 3rd manufacturers during the month of May as every expects.

With his one win in Champ Car (the superior IndyCar series) in Surfers Paradise in 2006, is Nelson Philippe itching to get back behind the wheel of an IndyCar?

We ran into Nelson on the grid at Long Beach this weekend looking quite happy despite losing his brother Richard in ahelicopter crash in the Dominican Republic last year.

He now runs the family business in France, his parents having retired, and now has 3 young children.

When will new IndyCar Chassis be implemented?

F1 will spruce up their look in 2021. What will IndyCar do?

Not soon enough say some because then IndyCar can run the Halo to protect the drivers, which would attract more major talent from F1.

Some say it will be 2021, but it is almost too late for that now. Others think it will be 2022. And still others hope not for a very long time.

(GMM) F1s owner Liberty Media has admitted it could add a second race in China to the calendar.

In Shanghai last weekend for the third race of 2019, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said: Why not go to Hong Kong or Beijing?

Wolff said China is a big market for the sport and for manufacturers like Mercedes, and it seems that F1s commercial boss Sean Bratches agrees.

Nico Rosberg believes Ferrari have got it wrong with their interpretation of the new aero rules for 2019.

Ferrari took a different approach to Mercedes with their front-wing design after new regulations were brought in for 2019 to improve following and overtaking.

The Scuderia adopted a low-drag approach, and while this has made them mighty on the straights, they are losing out to the Silver Arrows through corners.