Beautiful Russian women are revered everywhere especially from the Western States.

Unfortunately they are not so much appreciated by men of their nationality, however, this only benefits foreign men and gives them a great advantage.

Another fact, there is an overwhelming amount of women compared to men (88 men for 100 women, according to The Economist: World In Figures; 2004 Edition), therefore Russian women are always looking for men from abroad.

Russian women are typically beautiful and take on the appearance of European women, except they put a whole lot more effort into their looks. It is like a big factory of completely, overwhelmingly 100% gorgeous! Here are some generalized features and characteristics of these beauties.

Russian women can be blonde or brunette, usually tall and thin, and have a serious facial expression. They also have a very unique gait and are not as curvy as Latinas are. They spend countless hours on their make-up, hair, and clothing choices. Russian beauties can be very high maintenance.

Beautiful Russian women are not bashful about their body figures. Younger ladies are not shy to dress in revealing clothing but are extremely composed. They take pride in themselves and have a dress to impress attitude about them. They will dress to the hilt for a trip to the grocery store. It is not uncommon for a Russian woman to wear high heels in 3 feet of snow. Appearance is very important to a Russian woman.

Modern Russian women are highly educated and speak multiple languages. Also, close to 40% of them are smokers. Russian women do drink vodka, but prefer champagnes and wine.

Most of Russias women claim the Russian Orthodox faith, however only about half of them really practice it. They have a very traditional belief system and their definition of success is to be married and have children (this is predominantly the case in the rural parts of Russia, urban Russian ladies care about their professional success as well). Russian women have been in the workforce for a very long time because they had to, and still have to work, therefore being a housewife is regarded as a symbol of high status.

Beautiful Russian women do have certain demands when it comes to their preference in men, however they are not as superficial as most people are led to believe.

They are extremely attracted to foreigners or Western men because Russian men are notorious for being in love with Vodka.

Below are some common qualities in men that Russian women are looking for.

Russian women hold to the tradition male/female values and are attracted to men of the same ilk. They tend to lean towards men looking to settle down.

Russian women are not out for a mans wallet, even though that is a bonus for them, however he must have a job. Men without jobs or some sort of financial stability will most likely not stand a chance.

Beautiful Russian women are extremely sensual by nature but are at the same time quite shy and girl-like.

Russian women are attracted to men from several age groups and social statuses, however he must have the mindset that men and women are created as equal.

In general Russian women are attracted to men that are not Russian. They do not care about race, nor body shape, as long as he is polite. They like confident established men from the Western States.

Landing a date with one of the beautiful Russian women is a dream come true for many Western men.

The chances are very high that she will enjoy the company of any man as long as he goes about a traditional courtship.

Below are some dating tips when out and about.

When in a dining establishment, always pour her wine, it is custom. Informal places are fine for a date, but do not even think about going Dutch. This is very offensive and she will leave you there to pay for the bill anyway. Open doors, pull out chairs, and mind your manners. Remember, they are very traditional.

It is OK to openly flirt with a Russian woman, however it should not turn into public displays of affection. This is not common in Russia and can make her feel very uncomfortable.

A Russian woman will spend many hours in order to prepare herself for a date so it is very important to notice her appearance. Always tell her how well she looks and as many times possible.

It will be a for sure home run if she gets a small gift or a bouquet of flowers. Russian women love to be lavished with gifts. Its the little things that count.

Russian women are very serious ladies and do not take sarcasm lightly. Anything sarcastic is considered rude to them. Try to avoid jokes or anything of that nature.

Beautiful Russian women conclusion:Russian women are gorgeous and will spend a countless amount of time in order to impress a man. They will do this all of their lives. Dating a Russian woman can be challenging to do but it comes with the benefit of a traditional relationship with an extremely intelligent and sensual woman.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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