Everyone is finally above ground, Sans is on his own journey into the world and He suddenly meets the girl of his dreams. Will his love be accepted? or will humans and monsters never be able to be together

It was the next day, Sans got up bright and early to polish up his look for the metting with Y/N. He took a deep breath and began talking to himself in the mirror trying to be swave Hey eh…. Y/N wanna go out….. no that sounds bad…. will you go out on a date with me? no now I sound desperate. fudge…. dating is h-DID I HEART SOMEONE SAY DATING?! The flamboyant robot appeared in the doorway. oh my… I might wanna eat you up if she does He teased. shut up… Sans rolled his eyes. Listen, the best way to ask a beautiful girl out is to tell her depending on the conversation. you cant prepare for it. You just got trust your invisible gut Mettaton sighed softly turning Sans towards him and fixing his jacket. Taking a bit of soap and water Sans began to polish his skull to look a little bit extra spiffy.

mmmm you look hot, Im suddenly jealous Mettaton teased flirtatiously as usual. Sans chuckled maybe you shouldnt of kicked me out the door that morning and maybe I could of been He mocked and left the bathroom to change his shirt. holy i had never gotten this chance to see you big bonessss Mettaton purred. mettaton just shut your face, either be helpful or go see my brother Sans changed to a clean white shirt and put his hoodie on. He got the scarf and cloth, Mettaton im not leaving you in my room come on Sans sighed. to the ends of the earth darling~ Mettaton followed.

Sans went into the park and went to the same spot and sat down, He smiled to himself as he paitently waited when he hears the angel choirs he looks over his shoulder. Hey Sans she giggled with a soft smile. Y/N Sans felt his jaw drop.

She was in a cute blue hoodie and a white shirt in black jeans. You in there Sans? She giggled having to bring him back to reality. y-yeah s-sorry Sans looked at his hands and she sat down next to him. here, as promised Sans handed her the cloth and her scarf. oh my scarf! thank you so much! i thought i lost this. my grandmother had made it for my mother. I was so worried i lost it. Again my super hero This time she hugged Sans.

Sans eyes shot open in shock but he instantly melted, She smelled like sugar cookies… Sans genltely laid his hands on her back and felt his face turn blue. You dont know how much this scarf means to me She said softly and let go of Sans, Sans felt his heart yearn for her hug again but sighed softly. Hey Y/N… i was wondering. Would you go out with me. I know im a monst- She gentley kissed his forehead.

id love to, Iv got some things to do this morning, but can we meet up at that diner? the one with Grill… She tried to rember. his name is Grillby, very close! I… yeah! Id love that! Sans felt his life brighten up…