Book 1: The Billionaires Obsession 21 year-old Emily Pierce works as a bartender in one of the most popular nightclubs in New York. One night she gets harassed by a group of drunk men but manages to escape. She didnt expect them to sue the compan…

The following week I only focused on school and work and I had no more encounters with Mr. Woods or Nick as I called him now. It was supposed to be a blessing, but being honest with myself I had to admit that I kind of missed him. His cool gaze which could freeze people and that arrogant smirk which told the world he knew he was good to look at. Just remembering that smirk made me roll my eyes, but at the same time smile as I pictured his face. Im sure that if I flipped open a magazine or went on Social Media Id find pictures if, hed grace me with his cool gaze and arrogant smirk. But that was also the reason why I tried really hard to avoid those things.

Brandon who was being overprotective of me wasnt a pleasant presence to have in my life right now. And adding Nicks rash behavior from the other night to the mix just made him invade my space and stick to me like glue. At first, I didnt mind it that much, but seeing his behavior wasnt changing anytime soon made me anxious and long for some privacy. I also didnt quite understand his dislike toward Nick, he never met the guy in person, but apparently, Nick was his least favorite person on the planet. I didnt question him about it because it would probably only add fuel to the burning hatred he had for the guy.

Please stop glaring at a photo of him. I mumbled, pushing the magazine down Brandon was supposed to be reading, Ive told you a hundred times already, nothing happened!

He slammed the magazine down but still looked pissed, Youre lying. Ive seen that look in womens eyes before. You want him.

I tried hard not to react to that, Youre delusional. I mumbled, grabbing the magazine he was reading.

Scanning through the pages I nearly choked on my coffee when I spotted a photo of him together with the superhot model from the night before. Just looking at her hurt my eyes, she was shining brighter than a diamond, only making me feel worse. The words Giselle threw in my face kept echoing through my mind. At first I was able to brush it off, but lately, it nagged on me. Making me doubt myself a lot more. Im guessing that was why Giselle said those words to me in the first place. Observing the photo I checked the date and felt another wave of anger wash over me as I realized that it was a recent photo of the couple. Nick was definitely messing with me. He wasnt keeping his words so I wouldnt keep mine either.

I pushed the magazine toward Brandon and pointed at the picture, You see, he is together with that woman. There is nothing going on between us. I was only upsetting myself more by saying those words, but I needed to convince both Brandon and myself that I meant nothing to Nick.

I told you, rich guys think they can get away with anything. Brandon spat, slamming the magazine shut, He doesnt care if he has a girlfriend, he has a thing for you and hed do anything to have you.

I clutched my coffee cup tightly, Well he cant have me. I said firmly, So lets stop assuming Im Nicks new plaything, alright? I have more self-respect than that.

My words seemed to have the effect on Brandon I had wanted to have minutes ago. Finally, he let go of his ridiculous fantasies about me and Nick.

Thats right, my girl doesnt let assholes like that get to her.

I couldnt help but laugh. His attitude completely changed, this is why I loved Brandon. When he was in a good mood it radiated off him, affecting the people around him with his charming smile and sparkling eyes. Grabbing the magazine I threw it at his head, he ducked just before it landed on his head, but still glared at me anyway.

I pretended nothing had happened at all and sipped from my coffee, You shouldnt have doubted me in the first place! I mumbled, I admit that I know why women like him, he is an attractive guy. I held up my finger when Brandon wanted to say something again, But his attitude is crappy and I dont like men who order me around but dont keep their word in the process.