Rihanna and Her Rumored Billionaire Boyfriend Were Just Spotted on a Cozy Pre-Holiday Date

Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend are still together: The pair was spotted on a date in Malibu, California before the holidays.

It might seem hard at first to find something relatable about singer, actress, and all-around iconRihannabut when it comes to her dating life, we can all relate. Case in point: The memorable instance in which Rihannareportedlybroke up with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel because she gets tired of men sometimes.

Well, it looks like Rihanna has gotten over her dating fatigue. On Saturday (December 22), the singer was spotted on a cozy date in Malibu, California, with none other than Jameel himself. The two met up for a cozy pre-holiday dinner at a restaurant on the California coast, and it looks like it was magical.

RiRi turned up for the date looking stylish as ever, in a trench coat draped off of her shoulders and black strapless dress. Jameel, the man that she sometimes gets tired of, wore a hoodie and a baseball cap. We cant say what went on inside their dinner date, but wecansee that Rihanna opted not to take awine glasshome as a souvenir.

There were no pics of them cuddling up together, unfortunately, but there is photographic evidence:

This cozy dinner is the first time that Rihanna and Jameel have been photographed in the same vicinity since November, when they both reportedlyattendedan event for a company that Jameel invests in. The pair has been linked since summer 2017, when they were photographed kissing in Spain, and Rihannas fan base collectivelylost their mindsover the potential couple. Rumors that they wereengagedin December 2017 proved to be falsesame as, apparently, are the rumors that they are no longer dating.

Billionaire boyfriend aside, Rihanna has a lot to keep her occupied heading into 2019. Recently, the singerconfirmedto a fan on Instagram that she would finally drop new music in 2019. Let the countdown begin.

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