Montenegro has both, a beautiful coastline and a mountainous region. It is a small country with a little over 600,000 residents and over half of those are women. Only 44% of the country contains ethnic Montenegrin as the rest are mainly Serbs and Albanians. Montenegro is probably one of the most laid back places in all of Europe.

Montenegrin women have the same characteristics as their sisters in Serbia do. Tall and slim and very fashionable. These women are very feminine and pay great attention to their appearances (that is those women that live in urban areas and along the Montenegrin coastline). Montenegrin men are very protective over their women and they have never let their women slob around or not dress up for the special occasions. Thats one of the reasons Montenegrin women feel very safe and protected.

Montenegrins are very educated. They are raised to have a high standard of intelligence and strong work ethic. These women are expected to be smart as well as good caregivers. The younger women will likely speak English and have a job outside of the home.

Beautiful Montenegrin women are very social. They form tight family bonds and social groups. They are very welcoming of others and inquisitive of foreigners. Montenegrin women that live in Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) and along the coastline enjoy team sports and are constantly active within their community. Some of their favorite past times are laying out at the beaches and shopping. These women are very good cooks and usually possess an artistic talent.

When in the presence of beautiful Montenegrin women, expect to be treated with extreme generosity. They are the first to treat anyone like a local. These women are very honest and hardworking. If they do not like something, they will express it. They are not shy in the least bit. Montenegrin women are raised to love and respect men. These are some of assets these beauties can appreciate in men.

A man with hypertension will probably clash with beautiful Montenegrin women.

Montenegrin ladies that live in urban areas are very stylish and expect the men to be the same way. They respect men that take care of their appearance and stay well groomed. A sloppy man need not apply to a Montenegrin womans heart.

Flirting is something Montenegrin women enjoy. A man that ignores her strong feminine side will certainly not fit into her dream man.

Montenegrin are very wary of men that live with their mothers. It is known that a Montenegrin man will always put his mother before his wife. A man that is close to his family is fine, but one that still lives with his mother will not do. She will run as fast as she can no matter how charming he is.

Beautiful Montenegrin women love jewelry, nice clothes, and fancy cars. A man that is well off or at least financially stable will be very appealing. As mentioned, they are very feminine and will require all the things to make them feel like they are goddesses.

Montenegrin women love to have fun and enjoy everyday life. They typically are not miserable or overly dramatic. They have a subtle charm and siesta lifestyle about them but are always busy doing something. They are intelligent and very womanly. They do have traditional values which would be perfect for any man that is financially able to take care of a beautiful woman of this nature.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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