• Will Hillary have to cover up for her husbands indiscretions once again?

In early January news broke around theworld that former President Bill Clintonhad traveled extensively with Wall Streetbillionaire and pedophileJeffrey Edward Epstein,even to Epsteins private Caribbean islandfor a party that involved girls under theage of 17-years-old.

Although Hillary Clinton has not been directlyimplicated in theEpstein underage sex trafficking scandal, if her 2016 presidential aspirations standany chance of getting off the ground, she may beforced to once again fulfill her role as fixer tocover up the criminal actions of her husband, Bill.

On January 15, this reporter spoke with political historianRobert Morrowto get the inside scoop on this sordidstory. Jeffrey Epstein still is a billionaire,Morrow began, who provided girls between theages of 12 and 15 to VIP elites in politics, business,the media and Hollywood.

In 2005, police in Palm Beach, Florida began investigatingEpstein for trafficking in high school-agedgirls. Epstein hired a dream team of lawyers whosuccessfully fought all charges except for onecount of soliciting prostitution. He was sentencedto 18 months in prison, of which he only served 13months.

Offering details from which other news outletsshy away, Morrow continued: We know whomany of Epsteins pals were because his housemanager in Palm Beach stole a contact book thatwas filled with names. This butler then circled thenames of all those whom he considered to be pedophiles.

Heres where Bill Clinton entered the picture.

According to Morrow: Epsteins black bookshould be seen as a Holy Grail of sorts, and in it helisted 21 different ways of contacting Bill Clinton.These were personal phone numbers and emailaddresses that hardly anybody else in the worldpossesses. In addition, after Clinton left the WhiteHouse he made 17 trips with Epstein on his personaljet, 10 of those to what is known as PedophileIsland.

Certain that nobody misconstrues his words,Morrow clarified. None of the girls whove gonepublic about Epstein being a pedophile ringmasterhave specifically named Bill Clinton, but one oftheir attorneys has implied that he pandered to underagegirls. I see it as such: Bill Clinton was closefriends with the biggest VIP pedophile peddler inthe world. Thats kind of like being friends withthe biggest drug dealer in town.

Thats why Hillarys talents as a political fixermay become necessary once again.

Morrow stressed: Hillary Clinton is married toa rapist and serial sexual predator. Epstein contributed$25,000 to the Clinton Foundation afterhed been indicted in 2006. To me, that was Epsteinsway of sending a message to Hillary saying,If you dont help me, Ill name all the women yourhusband had sex with.

Morrow added: Hillary and Bill are part of afake marriage. Its a political arrangement. Shesbeen running off women for 40 years that couldpotentially get her husband in trouble. She evenhad her brothers doing it for her in Arkansas. Historically,Hillary has hired private investigators toinitiate nasty terror campaigns against victims likeKathleen Willey and Sally Perdue. By portrayingthese women as nuts, sluts and liars, Hillary doesanything she can to shut these women up.

Another element to this tale has surfaced, accordingto Morrow.

Epsteins number one recruiter of young womenwas a socialite namedGhislaine Maxwell,daughter of billionaire Robert Maxwell, whosecorruption infuriated so many people that he wasthrown overboard from his yacht and drowned in1991, said Morrow. Ms. Maxwell considers herselfclose friends with Bill Clinton, even receivingan invitation to daughter Chelseas wedding in2010. Groomed as Epsteins pimp mama, GhislaineMaxwell opened doors for lots of VIPs, Prince Andrew[of the British royal family] being one ofthem. This scenario leads to a 17-year-old girlnamedVirginia Roberts, who asserts that she hadsexual relations with Prince Andrew and eightother women. By the way, Roberts also met ontwo separate occasions with Bill Clinton. Robertsmade it perfectly clear what Epsteins associateswere interested in: Fresh looking, innocent girlsnot over 17-years-old.

Victor Thornis a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

I never believed any of this when it first came out. After Wikileaks, I do. Horrific. Shameful.

A small scandal is one that highlights some petty abuse of the system, such as having sex with an intern. A big scandal is one that calls the system itself into question, such as a governor, a president, an ex-president and first lady presidential wanna-be selling out their country for money, power and influence to foreign entities.

A corrupt mainstream media will never tell the truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their story reveals too much. It exposes what can only be called a catastrophic break-down in the system. Unfortunately, it is the American people, not the secretive unseen elites, who will pay the highest price for that breakdown.

The Clintons personal lack of ethics and common decency is accurately characterized in the word perverted.

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