Finding love – because its not only about sex

Ever convinced anyone for sex by offering favors?

@krishnahotmale, superb hot! @Rahul Arora, clean it regularly. That white coating causes bacterial infection. Get your blood glucose level checked once.

I have same problem. My foreskin is tight. I am stretching it back from 1 month. Feeling better. But there is a white layer on my *** head. Which is the main reason for not completing pull back the skin.

My age is 23 and my foreskin is still attached to the tip of the head does I need to take circumcision to do ***

My question to you would be why do you wanna do anything. Do you have any physical problem because of that ? If not just leave it.

I saw some videos on YouTube about this. Pull and burn technique is better as it wont require a complete circumcision

Santhosh, when it is flacid try to pull down foreskin with good lubricant, do this as frequently as possible, may be it takes time a few days, but you will succeed, if u were n chennai i cud hv given that assistance

This is wonderful thread . Most of the guys are so sensitive and their feelings . Wish I get a partner for my life .

Many look for only looks and physique . That can be changed anytime in life but getting a true love is important.

Hi guys.. Yes Im suffering from Phimosis… And need nice suggestions to get rid of it.. As it loses my confidence to have ***..due to pain while inserting.. And because of it.. Still staying as a virgin.. Its good that this topic is spoken off..

Monogamous relationship is one of the beautiful relationships to cherish. Thats why the older relationship is stable, eg: our grandparents and parents. Now we have lots of options since this is very discreet. You can always spark your relationship in terms of sexual desire. I know after a long time, the sexual desires come down and thats when we start seeing options. But there is no harm discussing this with your partner and experiment among yourself only. Like I am in monogamous relationship for 5 years and we cherish moments together. Moments are created by us and we need to live up to that. The most important is you talk!!! express your feelings, desire and something you guys dont like – Speak UP!! you both should work towards it.

Why do we want to cheat at the end, we are in relationship with a guy and we cheat for another guy? Its just a sexual desire what one gets from a man. So why not your partner gives it.

I guess this scenario happens with those guys who dont *** often or starts at very late age. I too had this issue but I used the technique of using oil (already suggested by @Mayank_1). use this technique daily and you will be retract your foreskin easily within a month. You wont need circumcision.

Try using coconut oil or castor oil . On to the tip of *** put some drops. Massage gently.Repeat it in the starting every four to five hours then daily while you bath . Preferably after bath you will get painless results if have patience.

I think what ever kunallc said is right try it for a month or so if not working then consult doctor

Is stead of surgical removal of the foreskin, Frenuloplasty is another method to get rid of the tight foreskin.

I also faced the same issue. What i did was pull the foreskin back till it pains n then leave it. Repeat this every day preferably while having bath to ease out the pain. U will be able to pull it completly back within 1 or 2 months.

Finding love – because its not only about sex

There is a process called stretching but if the phimosis is very tight it may not work. The other thing is to make a small cut in the prepuce to help the glans egress. If you do not wish for a lateral or transverse cut, a longitudinal cut can do. Only around half inch is enough. However, circumcision is also a very good option and you will enjoy and ur partner will also enjoy.

@Andy071a, Everyone? Thats too much of a generalisation buddy. I respect them as fellow human beings. But, I have never been attracted to them sexually. So, not everyone 🙂

If theyre open minded, everyone would want a shemale wife/gf.. hope you know what I mean @ blueboys

Finding love – because its not only about sex

I dont understand why most of the people looking for love need decent, educated and primarily Good looking guys. Is that love or lust? If you want love, it shouldnt be tagged with anything else. And if you have these conditions apply, then believe me, its not love.

I dont think people want in real shemale wife

Finding love – because its not only about sex

@ naveenreddy – *** is the most important factor in gay world. In gay world ur partner is not ur wife that u dont wanna *** or love her without creating images in your mind. Ur partner is a male, gay, he has a *** u. Either *** it or get ducked. Without *** it is a shame of being a gay

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Thanks abby86: but that time was around 2011. We both talk about it and after that went on this decision as we have seen there Indian people how they look us roaming together. Its just feel us guilty and sorrow that we have done something wrong. Now she is married to someone else.

I m looking for a good shemale as my wife. if anyone is interested then please send me massage in my inbox

Jackriley : you are lucky. You should have married her. Indian society will take time to progress . But you must have certainly thought of making that decision. I want to know the process ,what all things went into consideration

Finding love – because its not only about sex

@charlie367, have you never seen a couple looking for just friends or threesome or group *** in pr and other gay related apps?

They are in the dating app again, because they either started relationship based on mere *** or physical attraction which tends to fade away with time or they want to spice up their relationship, which is just *** around.

Finding love – because its not only about sex

Back dates I use to travel from my company and I went Bangkok there I found this TS. She was awesome we live together for around a week and both liked each other after that I came back to India and again for 3-4 times due to company work I went there and we both were together. Once we thought of getting married and both of us were agreed also but there was one problem our Indian society. That would not accept us at all and there I have to live her. I miss her a lot

I m going to meet a shemale from.navi Mumbai, she is an escort but also looking for long-term relationship with it clicks n bond is developed.

Im from Mumbai and searching for a steady meaning full traditional with a person who stays alone preferably

Finding love – because its not only about sex

Finding Love is difficult but you need to stay committed, there would be ups and downs just like the normal straight couple, at time there would be urge for sexual desire, since gay relations is not so out to soceity, hence people start find options. I am happily commited with my partners for 5 years and we too had our ups and downs and fought for different views but at the end we need to adjust for each others. I am here on this site for friends around. Through my profile says it clear, I still get message, Do you have place, ASL and Blah and Blah. Well that not stops me for not coming on the gay dating site. Since I have found friends on GAY site who have become Friends are Families and thats what me and my partner have the same taught. Everyone has right to love and will get it someday or the other but one should never shop finding love!

Yeah sure add me also in group. I am top with big ***

Finding love – because its not only about sex

@a_wanderer : the argument doesnt make sense. If the straight guy judges the whole community because of one ***, he is at fault too.

Girls are harassed all the time by guys, doesnt mean they start judging all of the straight guys

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Finding love – because its not only about sex

@a_wanderer I am very big on consent and I sense and understand your frustration. But look at it this way. In every section of society there exists parts we dont like. Yes, sometimes you are going to get stereotyped because of it. The fact is that, thats not who you ARE.

I understand what you are saying and yes whilst we can make a case for it, we cannot judge and say these are the rules ACT this way or .. That would be arbitrary. Btw, laws of consent and laws for public *** do exist already…

I am cross dresser….fully male but with female mind n soul .. looking for a very serious CD lover who can give me life of a female n treat me as real female.

Finding love – because its not only about sex

No no….my question isnt abt what kind of relationship one should have….its their own matter… which should not anyones concern. Also it isnt my concern what someone does with his body. I have problems with that particular freaky behaviour of particular section of society which stains the whole community. What kind of impression of us, a straight guy would get when a random guy grabs his tool without his consent that too in jam-packed local? Next time when he will come across a genuine gay, still he will see this guy in a particular prejudiced manner. I am a gay but if someone does that without my consent, i will feel disgusted too. This is my concern. Some ppl just dont know where to stop. We are proud gays. And we are normal… Arent we? Then why such insane behaviour out of uncontrollable urge to have someone just because you are hory?

This is prob i am referring too. A straight guy who has witnessed such things, do you think that he would let his son to be gay(in a case)??

How anyone should behave and how many d*cks one should eat… is his own business. But that same guy should make sure that his self respect is intact as his behaviour does make everlasting impact on ones mind.

And i thing this is a social issue i am saying which should be discussed as it affects not just me and you but the whole community!!

@a_wanderer Thanks mate for clarifying and bringing this discussion to some actual real issues. No relationship can happen without TRUST. My polyamourous relationship and the ones I have seen work have worked because of it and the ones that dont are cause of lack of it.

Yes and I agree every individual is different so things work differently for them. Thats what I love about our community the sheer diversity. This is the point I wanted to bring out albeit poorly I suppose, if monogamous relationship is a choice thats great but if it is societal expectation then its wrong. Cause as you put it everyone is different.

This is exactly the same reason not to make it a Morality issue. Morality is subjective. Read up on inquisitions or witch hunts in History . Or put it more in context for us. You were a societal criminal not so very long ago this was a law put into place because of a subjective morality. What works for Peter doesnt work for Paul. And no one has any right to decide what kind of a relationship someone else should or shouldnt have . Its a choice. That my friend we both can agree on 🙂

Finding love – because its not only about sex

This is the earth with almost 7.7 billion ppl and i am damn sure there will be 7.7 billion different personalities. Everyone is different in his own way. So naturally….for everyone, things may work in different ways. In this case, here, some may prefer monogamous relationship, some polygamous…and its none of my concern. But i have seen many polygamous relationship which couldnt even lasted for even a month…with all members intact. Because here also….like every other relation, one thing which is more imp than anything else is trust!! If you guys dont have trust…. believe me…there cant be any s*x also, doesnt matter how h*rny are you(i am not talking abt s*x freaks here).

The reason i hate open relationships because i feel its just made up word for those who want to be one as a couple, but their urge for s*x is too high…so cant be satisfied with just a guy. How many such open relationships have you seen in straight world sir?(provided no one has any disabilities in when it comes to s*x) I bet the number will be in single digit. All i am saying is breaking someones trust again and again just for sake of lust is happening more oftenly here in gay world than the straight one. And only reason i could think of is that infamous urge.

I remember my bf telling me when i asked him why you behave like this. He replied with, i dont know what happens to me when i get h*orny, things just happen.

This is the urge i am talking abt. There maybe so many reasons for such kind of urge. Starting from rough childhood, society pressure, easy availability of s*x in gays… there are so many actually… but such behaviour isnt good for us, all the gays, as a brand. This is my point.

Btw… calling monogamous relationship as garbage is most insensible thing anyone can do on this platform. Having many fuxkbuddies doesnt make me progressionist nor having one guy for whole life makes me backward.

In my previous comment also, i meant no disrespect regarding to those who are into polygamous relationships. If it works for them…then why should i make a fuss abt that. But such polygamous relationships are mostly s*xual…and usually end because of lack of trust, nd misunderstandings. Same is in the every case. When you consider open relationship this factor of lacking trust nd having misunderstandings gets increased even more. So all i am saying if there is no trust, there isnt a relationship. And its more s*exual than love oriented.(this is my opinion btw)

Many will argue that s*x and love are two different things. But isnt having s*x with ur loved one only, can satisfy you the most? Accepting someone with all their positives and flaws and creating something beautiful out of it which lasts forever is what i think relationships are meant for.

Nowadays having *** is a fancy thing. Like smoking cigarettes considered as cool thing in 90s. But what is *** without love? When two souls touch each other, not bodies, when you get goosebumps, after you feel his warm breath on Ur neck, not after holding his tool, when you fall asleep instantly as you cuddle him in bed, not because of s*ucking too deep, I think this is love. Obiviously….the s*x is imp too. But this feeling one can have only when he or she is with their soulmate. Nd soulmate is Uno.

Forgive me for being too old-school… But this is what i had in mind when i started thinking of being with someone.

Sometimes i wish i should have born in 50s. It was beautiful back then. There may not be grindr or pr, but there was one thing which i cherish the most…… TRUST!!!

Ps- why shouldnt i make this as morality debate…if its affecting whole gay community? If we are not even ready to recognise there is a problem here, how are we gonna find solution to it huh?

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