. Iran which was famous as Persia is one of the oldest civilization on the earth. The country is also renowned for its exotic beauty. Persian girls have fair skin and black hair, which is a killer combination.inherited the genes of Caucasus, Middle East, Central Asians, South Asian and Africa

Persian women are very romantic, intelligent, caring and straightforward. They care more about their beauty and very particular about their dressing style. Well if you are lookingsingle Iranian womanand wanted to date her then your chances are pretty low, as they want the best life partner.

If you can find Iranian Girlfriend, then you dont have to worry about your food, as they are very good at cooking traditional Iranian dishes. Well, we have listedTop 10 beautiful Iranian women, which are most desirable by Men.

Claudia is treat for the eyes, her black hair and fair skin is just tempting. She is successful Iranian- Persian model and actress.

Elnaz has all the characteristics of Persian women; she is fair, beautiful and intelligent. She is very simple, but herbeautyis so much appealing.

When it comes to hotness, then Aylar beats all. She is one of the hottest Iranian beauty of current time. Aylar is Actress, model, singer, and former pornographic actress. She shoots to fame after appearing on Big brother. Dont you think, she is more beautiful thanUkrainian woman

No one can beat the hotness of NFL cheerleader. She is currently working in American television industry and highly desirable among the teens of US.

Her Short curly hair and tanned skin are too much exotic. Nazanin is the goddess of a perfect body.

Sahar was Iranian beauty pageant winner and well-known actress. She got perfect killer curves.

Maryam beauty is way too hot to handle. She is a very famous actress in India and has done many movies. Many people think she more beautiful thenIndian Woman.

Shermine Shahrivar is an in Iranian model and Winner of Miss Europe 2005. She is also fitness freak and maintains her figure.

Nazanin is beautiful Persian women, which is a dream of anyone. Defiantly she is the first choice for many adults.

Mahlagha Jaberi is on the top of the list; she isgorgeous Iranian womanand social media star. She is desirable by hundreds of men around the world.

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10 Most Beautiful Iranian Women ( Persian) (2 is beautiful)

I happy to read this site. Its an great blog.

im a iranian girl . yes its true but even there are more beautiful women and girl here some girls like mahlagha .. but they are not famous.

interested in persian women.the most beautiful women in the world

It is crazy, these women are truly gorgeous. they are famous and beloved in Iran. your website has the best list of beauties of Iran. Apparently, all of them except Elnaz are even not living in Iran mostly just have Iranian parents. But if you search better you would find better examples inside of Iran.

Hello, I hope you are fine. Im an Iranian girl. Your blog is awesome, but the photos you show are not very beautiful. Iranian girls are very beautiful and there are beautiful things about them. Photos were not very beautiful, and there are good examples on Google. Thanks for this awesome blog.

I am Iranian. These women have a lot of reputation and if you search more people

I am Bijan and I am Persian as well l would like to point out that looks are great and there is no shortage them in Persia but to have real appeal you must have a sense of self as well! It is this combination of factors that make the

Iranian woman the Gem that we all adore. Thank you

These were the ugliest Iranian women I have ever seen. Most women are more beautiful in the streets of Tehran. But the Iranians are more than beautiful to peace and patience.

Hey thanks for your article, but I guess there are Iranian ladies much more beautiful than the ones you mentioned however, these 10 ARE among the beauties

I live in Iran woman are just sooo ugly and these images are iranians that are out of Iran with europian and american fathers and are mix.most of these girls did nose surgery and have eye lenses..most of them are with small lips and get ingected..90% of Iranians do many plastic surgeries in their whole life and if you ask them they will say we are the best and they have full makeup when they go to college, work,and if you date Iranian woman and ask her to not wear makeup she have 10000 excuses to doing makeup.and most of their husbands say that we see our wives real face after mariage and most of them are not happy.because you must vow that after marriage I will give you 1000 coins of gold..and guess what? if you dont give her golds you will be in jail

I think Iranian women are not as sooo ugly as you say.

Although they are not the most beautiful women in the world.

By the way,do you know that the first miss of the world is an Iranian girl?

there are many beautiful girls in our country and you can see them in the street and not all of them do surgery things, period.

Hi I read ur blog. It was good. I have to say something except elnaz shakeirdost. Other women who u show their pic, they dont live in Iran and they dont have hijab, as everyone knows Iranian girl have hijab. And hijab makes them more beautiful and unreachable All Iranian r smart loyal and kind and covered.. And this matter, separate Iranian women from other worlds women, if u want to see Iranian women, u can search about Iranian actress. for example Niki Karimi. Parinaz izadyar. Tarlan parvaneh, afarin obeysi. Or any other Iranian actress If worlds people see Iranian women absolutely their idea will change about other women and surely they will say how other women r ugly

Im Iranian girle. I believe Iranian girls are a beauty but same all country here has usual girle I think that makes difference between Iranian girle and other is wheaten skin, black eye, dark hair and emotional

And please dont forget beauty boy of IRAN 🙂

Im Canadian and I just started dating a Persian woman.I am quite taken by her beauty and intellect. Strong morals ,self integrity ,the list goes on . I cant keep my hands off her . lol . love Persian women

Why did not you take photos of Iranian girls who showed the Iranian culture properly? Did not you use it? Because you are at a loss

I am really sorry for the author of this article

Iranian girls are beautiful because of their beliefs, thoughts and beautiful religion(Shia Islam).

They have learned to protect this hijab (divine bounty) as a strong fortress with a full veil.

Believing men are just looking for faithful women and wicked women are searched by malicious men.

Im Iranian and we have very much beautiful girls in Iran

Hi, I am an Iranian boy, and I confirm my words and friends, who say Iranian girls are very beautiful with hijab, and those who say that this is the beauty of plastic surgery, I would like to watch the photos of 15-year-old Iranian girls. Iran is beautiful in every direction despite the propaganda against it we love you &Do research about Iran and Irans religion 😎😚➕

iranian girls are beautiful. Yah it is true but that girls in your site are not so beautiful. My women is iranian and she is most beautiful.I am from America

Hi im an iranian girl.hear we have beautiful womans and handsome mans.but we have ugly persons too!please come to iran and visit here!

HeyI can see most people in this blog are Iranian I should say Im Iranian too and of course I proud of thisIran has a more pretty girl tooI think our country has the most beautiful girl in the world

I am an Iranian girl and much more beautiful than these. There are so many Iranian girls who are so much more beautiful than these ten people

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