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As much as we love to see beautiful couples, the reality just doesnt match up. We see good looking guys marrying or getting together with really average girls, but even more frequently, we find average guys scoring girls waaay out of their league. Please bear in mind that it is extremely superficial and judgmental to say one party doesnt deserve the other just because their level of attractiveness might not be the same. Following is just a light note of ponder and should be consumed only for entertainment purposes.

Good-looking men are like unicorns; they attract every girls attention, from seven to 70 years old. This almost means the temptation that they will have to face is greatly increased, and we all know what lies next when one has temptation dangling in their face day in and day out.

Even if the guy has a steel-strong will to fend off the temptation, it still gets tiring for their girlfriends and wives having to learn to accept and ignore the flirty winks and touches that fly their way every time they go out together.

When we were small, we had no understanding of choosing friends based on their attractiveness. Okay, maybe a little. But anyway, the point is if two people have known and liked each other as friends long before they become aware of sexuality, that bond would be irreplaceable. Sometimes it is just, unfortunately, if the guys didnt manage to survive puberty as well as the girls did. Think Hermione and Ron, but it wont change a thing in how the girl views the guy in her eyeslikewise, think Hermione and Ron.

God is fair. Sometimes he hands you a bad hand of cards in terms of looks, but he makes it up to you with a brilliant mind. Men love to call women superficial, but there are so many women out there who are more attracted to a smart, average-looking guy than an empty, pretty face.

I am just gonna be direct on this one. When you see hot girls with men that are really not compatible with them physically, it is hard not to think of money as the only reason why she is with such a guy. I personally dont agree with the choices of these women, but if a beautiful woman would rather cry in a limo than laugh on the back of a bike, then it is her choice to make. I mean, who am I to judge if evenMiranda Kerr falls under this category of woman.

There are many suitors after the good-looking people. They are more used to getting wooed than to be the ones wooing people. And lets not forget the ego involved.

On the other hand, average guys know that they are after women that are out of their league, so they will be more actively pursuing and more willing to put down their ego.

Dont listen to One Directionall beautiful girls know that they are beautiful. There is just no way people wont let them know about it; from family to waiters to strangers to the media. Good-looking girls grew up used to being cared for, loved, and accommodated. So instead of changing themselves to suit their partners, the easier way is really to find men who are willing to change themselves to meet their needs. And as Pointer 6 goes, the less attractive partner tends to be the party more willing to accommodate.