Not all wives of billionaires live in the shadow of their husbands success, as some of them have had thriving careers of their own even bringing in a hefty portion of the income themselves. While sitting on a Caribbean beach on a private island, sipping on some coconut juice while being fanned, may sound like the high life, unfortunately, for now, it seems we may just have to spend our time hearing how the other half get to live their extravagant lives.

James Clark was married three times before he met his fourth blushing bride, Kristy Hinze.

James was working as a computer scientist as well as being a successful entrepreneur when the billionaire met the former model. Kristy was previously a model for a famous clothing company, as well as a national sporting magazine. The former model is now a happy mother, as well as enjoying the high life with her new bank account. Life is well and truly set for this family as money troubles wont be a worry here.

Erica Baxter Packer was once aspiring to forge a career in the modeling and singing worlds. James Packer was living off the fortune he made after he invested in Crown Resorts a decade ago.

Australias eighth richest man and Erica began dating, and after their on-off relationship lasted four years, the couple decided to get married. It wasnt just any wedding though as it cost a whopping $15 million! The pair became parents to three children, but the family life wasnt meant to last as they divorced in 2013.

It wasnt long after James Packers divorce was finalized that he found a new love to welcome into his life, only this time he chose someone to rival his income.

Billionaire James began a relationship with singing legend Mariah Carey, and it wasnt long before they were engaged. Sadly, after a few months with a ring on her finger, the couple split up in 2016. They didnt have to worry about splitting assets, though, as Mariah and James bank total came in at a staggering $4 billion between them!

George Soros had a unique 82nd birthday present as he found himself walking down the aisle to his third blushing bride. Waiting for George was Tamiko Bolton.

40 years his junior, Tamiko was working as a pharmacist before they were wed. The couple enjoyed a glorious ceremony in New York that lasted the entire weekend in 2013. They had met five years before, but George couldnt resist and had to walk his love down the aisle. Tamiko is now stepmom to Georges children; however, she is younger than them all!

Kate Greer may not officially belong on the list as the couple arent married, but they may as well be!

Kate and Jack Dorsey (the founder of Square Inc. and Twitter) have been dating for years, even though they have had a rocky relationship at times. They havent had any children (yet) as Jack has spoken publicly of how his companies are his babies to him. Kate is able to live a life of her own as she works with Campinteractive, an organization that helps children learn technological skills.

The surname alone is enough to give away who this businesswoman married. The relationship isnt all about the Benjamins though, as Laurene and Steve Jobs met in the 80s when Laurene was still a student.

The two quickly fell in love, and the rest is history. Laurene hasnt relied on her husbands income over the years either as she has founded her own companies, but she was made the co-founder of Apple before Steve Jobs untimely death in 2011.

Being the co-founder of any major website is a grand achievement, but what about when that site is Google?

Larry Page did just that and then married wife Lucy Southworth to share his $30 billion with for the rest of his life. Even though Larry has enough to keep them both afloat for at least a few years, Lucy still studies towards her doctorate at university. This is all in between enjoying married life alongside raising the two children they have together.

Billionaire Steve Wynn fell in love with his third wife Andrea Hissom, and the pair were married in Las Vegas in 2011.

Steve has made his money through the hotels and casinos in the city, but two hefty divorces took quite a toll on his bank account. We imagine ex Elaine was smiling the day she walked away from court $741 million richer after Steve was forced to pay the settlement in their divorce one of the most expensive ever!

The co-founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and Paypal has had a difficult love life. Elon Musk got divorced in 2008 from his first wife, but met Talulah, his one true love, and walked her down the aisle in 2010.

They were in for a rocky relationship though as, unfortunately, they divorced after just four years. A twist in the tail saw Elon Musk and Talulah Riley remarry again in 2013, but once again it ended in divorce only three years later!

Even with $55 billion in the bank, apparently you still cant buy yourself happiness as Larry Ellison has proved.

Larry is in the top five wealthiest people in the U.S. as he is the head of Oracle Corporation, but unfortunately, he has been divorced four times. Settling on wife number five, Larry fell head over heels for Ukrainian Nikita Kahn who works as a model. As a declaration of his love, Larry has even had a restaurant built named after his wife.

Priscilla Chan also lives under the alias of Mrs. Facebook is that a clue as to who her husband is?

Yes, Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg were married in 2012 but had met nearly ten years earlier at a frat party when they were both waiting to use the restroom. The couple grew closer and now have two daughters together. Priscilla and Mark can now live out their days spending the $63 billion fortune he has made to date.

Another co-founder of Google is on this list (surprise, surprise). The billionaire co-founder of the site, Sergey Brin, married Anne Wojcicki back in 2007.

During their years together Anne managed to create her own company named 23andMe that gives users of the site information about their own DNA. The couple have definitely had very fulfilling business careers, but sadly their romantic lives werent destined to last as they ended up getting divorced after being together for eight years.

Third time was definitely lucky for Bernie Ecclestone as he decided to give marriage one more try at age 86.

Bernie had become a billionaire after years of work as the chief of the Formula One Group. Even though he had two ex-wives, they have both been given a chance to live luxurious lives after their divorces. Flosi towers over her 5-foot husband, as well as being 47 years his junior, but the couple seems to be making things work.

Peter Brant was born into his money making family but did his part to add to the fortune of Brant-Allen Industries.

Peter was going through a divorce, but that didnt stop him from dating Stephanie Seymour who was a supermodel at the time. The couple had a child together two years before getting married in 1995 after Peter had officially left his ex-wife. Things werent all peachy for the couple as 14 years later Stephanie filed for a divorce. However, a year on they put their differences behind them and are still together. A

Billionaire Sumner Redstone is the man behind the companies MTV, CBS, Viacom, and many others.

At 82 years old Sumner decided to walk down the aisle for (hopefully) the final time after he had met his future wife, Elizabeth Malia Andelin, in 2009. Elizabeth was in her twenties when they began dating after they met when she was working as part of the crew on just one of his private jets. Elizabeth officially works as Sumners philanthropist now, and they live out their lives enjoying his fortune.

William L. Wrigley Jr.s great-grandson has done well for himself over the years.

Not only has he inherited the billion dollar chewing gum company that now sees him with the title of CEO, but he has also found the love of his life. Bill Wrigley met Heather Ann Rosbeck who had become famous for her roles in Shallow Hal, and Theres Something About Mary. The two were wed in 2007 after they traveled to Colorado for their ceremony.

The billionaire known as Salman Rushdie hadnt had the luckiest of times when it comes to his previous relationships.

Luckily, wife number four was actress, author, and model, Padma Lakshmi, who was best known for her time hosting the show Top Chef. The couple married, but the marriage curse wasnt quite lifted for Salman as after three years they divorced. Salman hasnt hung around as he is now in a relationship with Riya Sen who is working as a model. Perhaps fifth time lucky?

Cathy Schmitz is perhaps best known for her time on Celebrity Big Brother and Naked Attraction, but she was also married to Austrian entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Richard Lugner, for two years.

The German-Austrian actress and model also studied to be a nurse and briefly worked in an intensive care unit. Due to her radiant looks, Lugner was voted one the most beautiful nurses according to Germanys Playboy. She received criticism, however, in 2017 for posting a moment of silence at the Vienna Opera Ball online instead of mourning.

While this young lady may not be as well known as models such as Gigi Hadid and Gisele Bndchen, Anna Sergeevna is pretty famous for one thing in particular.

The Russian model dated none other than multimillionaire James Goldstein, basically the guy who made the NBA cool. Sergeevna was seen at many games with Goldstein, not to mention at the beach and many other places, and the two were said to have have been dating in 2014.

Salma Hayek was no stranger to Hollywood but gained even more fame after meeting her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault.

Francois is the CEO of the company Kering which means the fashion mogul is easily worth more than $19 billion to date. The couple became official in 2006 with their pregnancy being announced quickly afterward; now both stars are parents to daughter Valentina. A few years later in 2009, the pair wed in Paris, but things were on the rocks after Francois was accused of fathering another child, a claim he strongly denied.

Rupert Murdoch has been in the headlines recently for marrying his fourth wife Jerry Hall, the ex-wife of Mick Jagger.

The story, however, has overshadowed a previous relationship of the media billionaire who was married to Wendi Deng for over 14 years. There was a bit of an age gap as Wendi was 38 years his junior, which in the end caused the couple to split up. Following the divorce, Wendi was offered an incredible internship at Star TV in Hong Kong a change of scenery after the divorce at least!

The title of the richest man in all of France goes to none other than Arnaud Lagardere.

The billionaire had made his money through his own company before he met his true love, swimwear model Jade Foret when he was age 56. Jade was half of her husbands age when the couple married, but that didnt stop them. The pair have since released a video in which Arnaud declares how in love he is. Its release left many people in business questioning his sense.

Hair care products are a big market with John Paul DeJoria jumping at the chance to make his $4 billion off of the Paul Mitchell range.

Eloise Broady was working as a Playboy model in 1988 prior to meeting her Prince Charming. The couple were married in 1993 and have gone on to enjoy four wonderful children together. Together they have both donated a substantial portion of their fortune to charity, mostly towards Food4Africa which works towards feeding orphaned youngsters abroad.

Both halves of this couple have a CBS background. Julie Chen is recognized for her role working as a news reporter for the network, while her doting husband, Leslie Moonves, works more behind the scenes.

Not only does Leslie hold various high ranking positions at the network, but he also is co-president at the company Viacom where he made $70 million alone. The pair have got married as well as now being proud parents to one son.

Mackenzie Bezos can also go by the name of Mrs. Amazon due to her husbands job title.

If that (and her surname) wasnt enough of a hint, Mackenzie is married to Jeff Bezos the founder of the company Amazon. The couple now shares a more than $84 billion bank balance, but life hasnt always been this way for the pair. The two were married back in 1993, before Amazon was even a thing after they met at Princeton. The couple have four children together and have remained happily married ever since.

This coach doesnt need her husbands name to boost her success. Irina Viner works as the head coach of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics team even achieving the title of the coach with the most victories ever!

Irina has been awarded a rare Olympic award due to her contributions to the sport, but she also has her loving husband by her side to enjoy this all with. Alisher Usmanov works as a businessman in their home country. The couple have been married for a quarter of a century so far.

Millionaire Diane von Furstenberg made her money through her world famous range of designer clothing.

However, being in the world of fortune attracted her a very well off husband. To join her Diana chose her life partner as her friend of 35 years, Barry Diller, and they married in 2001. Barry works at one of the senior positions for Expedia Inc. meaning together the pair have enough spare cash for the future Barry alone is worth more than $3 billion! Strangely, the couple doesnt live together but do reside in the same city.

Lisa Najeeb Halaby is the woman behind the title but unfortunately was widowed in 1999 after her husband, King Hussein, passed away after a battle with cancer.

Carlos Slim Helu was once the richest man in the world, but tragically also found himself widowed the same year. Carlos and Lisa met and fell in love leading to them getting married where they have lived out their lives happily since. Is that enough of a coincidence, or does love always find a way in the end?

The name may be a clue as to who Susan married in 1989. Her and Michael Dell, the founder of the computer company, have had four children together that all reside in Austin, Texas.

The couple have wracked up an incredible $20.8 billion fortune, but they donate quite a lot of their fortune to charity and worthy causes. The husband and wife team have even created their own foundation that aims to help struggling families, as well as children dealing with health issues.

This Saudi Arabian princess didnt live a fairytale lifestyle when growing up, as Ameera was raised by her grandparents and mother who had gone through a divorce.

Her life all changed when Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the 61-year-old with a billion dollar bank account, walked into her life after Ameera interviewed him for her paper at school. They shared a $17.7 billion bank balance, but the 28-year difference between the couple was too much to handle as by 2013 they were divorced.

Christina Estrada was known for being a calendar model before she met her husband. Billionaire Sheikh Walid Juffali was a Saudi businessman when he made his $5.2 billion fortune.

The Sheikh took quite a hit after handing over $75 million to his ex-wife after their divorce, but Christina was spoiled by her husband with the money that was left. The marriage sadly ended in 2014 after 13 years together, as the couple ended up divorced. Two years later the Sheikh passed away, but not before marrying a model aged just 25.

Before gaining her royal title, Charlene had been a successful competitive swimmer even getting a chance to swim at the Olympics.

During 2011 she found her prince as she walked down the aisle with Prince Albert II for her own royal wedding. Albert is the son of the Hollywood star Grace Kelly but now resides as one of the richest royals around the globe. The couple have given birth to twins who are set to enjoy the fortune should anything happen to their parents.

As a previous Miss UK winner, Kirsty Bertarelli was used to media attention.

However, that got a boost after she met her husband, Ernesto Bertarelli, on vacation when they were both staying in Italy. Ernesto bought Serono, a company that specializes in biotechnology, which has since made him worth a staggering $8.6 billion. The couple married a few years later in 2000 but now spend their time enjoying life in Sweden with the three children they share together.

This Victorias Secret model has had quite the life. Not only has she been married to Orlando Bloom, with one beautiful child together, but the star also has a long list of famous exes.

However, Miranda has since resettled down with her new husband, Evan Spiegel, the co-founder of Snapchat. Evan made billions of dollars for himself before he put a ring on Mirandas finger in 2016. The couple then went on to get married in May 2017 and have been happy ever since.

Ah, Bill Gates, a name that couldnt be left off the rich list! His wife, Melinda Gates, was working as one of his employees at Microsoft when they met.

They have since been a couple for over two decades, spending their lives enjoying their time together. The pair doesnt want to be greedy though as they have promised to donate half (if not more) of their $88.5 billion fortune to charity throughout their lives to try and give back to the world.

Life took quite a turn for this woman after she met and fell in love with her now husband, Ralph Lauren.

Ricky Anne Loew-Beer had been working at a doctors surgery as a receptionist, as well as a part-time dance instructor before the couple met. Anne and Ralph dated for six months but ultimately tied the knot in 1964. The family bank account has grown to an estimated $6 billion over the years leaving plenty spare for their three children.

Kate Capshaw had a true romance after she met her Hollywood husband, Steven Spielberg, on the set of his film Indiana Jones when she was playing one of the starring roles.

It wasnt long before the connection was so intense that neither could deny their emotions. Kate converted religion to Judaism so they could marry in 1991, but both halves brought extras. Kate and Steve both had children from previous relationships bringing the count up to seven kids in total.

This Victorias Secret model met Russian born billionaire, Anton Zingarevich, back in 2008.

Anton was born into his familys fortune, as well as owning Reading Football Club which has made him plenty of money over the years. His soccer team had made it to the Premier League at the same time Yekaterina was made a Ford Supermodel when the pair began dating. They married the following year and have had one child together so far.

Gabi Holzwarth had a life of her own before she met her husband, Travis Kalanick, as she was a skilled violinist before the two began their relationship.

Travis is the CEO of the transportation company, Uber, which has made him billions since its inception. Gabi has been thrown into the limelight since their relationship but has used her fame for good. She has previously suffered from family issues, as well as an eating disorder, so now uses her time to shed light on both problems.

Penny Knight and her husband have been together before they knew what living the life of billionaires was like.

Phil Knight was using his car to sell gym shoes as well as working at a university when he and his wife married in 1968. Little did either of them know that it would lead to the birth of Nike and the fortunes they now know today! Phil currently sits at number 28 on the list of richest people in the world.

Before marrying her billionaire husband and founder of the company Vista Equity Partners, Hope Dworaczyk was a successful Playboy model, even earning herself the Playmate of the year title during her time.

She became a sought-after mate after her modeling work, but Hope ultimately fell for Robert F. Smith, despite the 22 years between them. The couple tied the knot in 2015 just after they celebrated the birth of their first son, Hendrix certainly a wedding present to remember!

Dating a model is most mens dream. How about marrying an Australian superstar that has been on the cover of Sports Illustrateds swimsuit edition no less than five times?

The real estate billionaire Jeffrey Soffer has been living the dream since 2013 but wasnt the only one competing for Elles heart as she has been engaged to Arpad Busson before, who she has two children with. Elle and Jeffrey are now happily married though, although were sure he still has competition for his wifes heart!

Both coming from a business background it is no surprise that Roman Abramovich and Dasha Alexandrovna Zhukova crossed paths.

However, Dasha is the third woman Roman has said I do to as he has two failed marriages behind him. This billionaire and his wife have decided to keep their relationship away from the medias attention as they both have wealthy and famous families. The couple were married in 2008 in a small ceremony, and have since gone on to have two children.

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