Entrepreneur Robert T. Bigelow is the Founder and President of Bigelow Aerospace, LLC. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bigelow Aerospace is a general contracting, research and development company that concentrates on achieving economic breakthroughs in the costs associated with the design, development, and construction of habitable space structures for private enterprise and government use. Since 1999, Mr. Bigelow has personally provided all financial support totaling over $350 million to date. In addition, Mr. Bigelow provides the daily strategic leadership at Bigelow Aerospace in its design, development, and testing of expandable habitat architectures where Bigelow Aerospace employs approximately 150 employees at its Las Vegas facility. Mr. Bigelow has successfully launched two subscale spacecraft called Genesis I & II into orbit as well as the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), which is attached to the Tranquility module of the International Space Station. Moreover, Mr. Bigelow serves as the program manager of the B330 spacecraft Bigelow Aerospaces main habitation system for LEO and beyond LEO destinations.

Robert Bigelow is an experienced general contractor, designer, developer, financier, buyer and manager of many large real estate projects in the US. Mr. Bigelow holds the exclusive licensing rights to commercialize expandable habitat technology originally conceived but abandoned by NASA in the 1990s. Over the last seventeen years, Mr. Bigelow has earned over twenty patents, launched three prototype spacecraft, partnered with NASA on several contracts, built the necessary facilities to design and fabricate expandable habitat technology, and has advocated for a sustainable commercial space economy.

Robert Bigelow founded Bigelow Aerospace to continue work on expandable habitats. The companys mission is to provide safe and low-cost commercial space platforms for low Earth orbit, the moon and beyond.

NASA is the godfather of expandable habitat technology. Spurred by NASAs mission to explore Mars, NASA initiated the TransHab program to pursue the development of expandable habitat technology. Although the technology showed promise, the program was canceled due to lack of funding.

Bigelow Secured License for Expandable Technology from NASA – SEP, 2003

Bigelow Aerospace purchased a patent license from NASA for expandable space habitat technology. For over a decade, the Bigelow team has evolved expandable technology and has enhanced the performance and reliability of the architecture.

The launch of Genesis I at the ISC Kosmotras Space and Missile Complex in Russia, marked the first launch for Bigelow Aerospace. The mission successfully validated the expansion, pressurization and safe operation of an expandable spacecraft.

The launch and operation of a second expandable spacecraft was also a success. Upon the completion of the Genesis program, Bigelow Aerospace began its work on human-rated habitats.

After a historic launch for Bigelow Aerospace and SpaceX, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) became the first expandable module to reach the International Space Station.

NASA Awards BEAM a Mission Extension – Dec. 4, 2017

NASA awards BEAM a longer time on the ISS, and integrates the module into an operational asset of Station. BEAM is currently holding over 1,000 pounds of cargo including the weathered LEE (Latched End Effector). BEAM continues to perform nominally, and above expectations.

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