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Many people want to write and show themselves on the best side in order to create the illusion of an innocent princess) I will not do this, since I am committed to serious and real relationships and the most important thing for me in relationships is the truth!!!

I hate lies and deception. I always say openly and to a person in person what I think about him or what I want to convey to him. For me, there are no barriers to relations and any moral principles. Maybe its not right, Im like this) Are you shocked???

At the age of 14, I was left alone in my arms with my younger sister, but I passed this test and was able to overcome all the winds of fate.

Im not afraid of hard work. at the age of 15 I was already washing the floors in the hospital in order to survive and feed myself and my sister. But you know, this is not my main hobby)

From early childhood I liked to make beautiful hairdresses for my younger sister and maybe thats why I became a hairdresser)

Now I have my beauty salon and Im very proud of it! Why am I here?! Good question) And why not) To date, I have not been able to meet love in my country and so I decided to experience the fate on this site)!

By the way, do you think that for each person fate is already foreshadowed from above, or do we each build our own destiny with our own hands?!

Do I look life a perfect LOVER and a loving WIFE for you?

I am ambitious and hard-working, the advantage of my work is that I can do it online from anywhere I want.

That gives me the possibility to move and work from any place on the planet.

I need some English skills in my work, so I attend the lessons every week to improve my language.

How do you like my pronunciation in my first video?

My second video will let you know that I am a sports addict, I try to find the time to workout almost every day, as I want to stay fit for my husband.

I am a little bit shy as well, so it is hard for me to describe myself now, it feels like I brag myself.

Honestly and loyalty are the keys to love, so if you want to ask me anything, I will be HONEST with you, and if you choose me – I will be LOYAL to you.


Im a REAL Ukrainian woman: well mannered, open-minded, passionate, affectionate, romantic, honest, faithful, kind, family oriented and intelligent, with a very good sense of humor.

My house is always warm, cozy and smell vanilla cookie and coffee)))

I am a REAL woman in everything. I like beautiful hair, I like wearing dresses and hight heels.

I can be tender and sexy, playful and spontaneous!

Travelling is my passion!! I want to explore this world with my beloved man)