Maximillian Bravucci is the young and wealthy Italian man behind the Bravucci Enterprises, Inc. Famous for having a new arm candy each month and spending millions of money for them, he screams luxury and wealth. He is a walking reminder for girls to…


Can you at least tell me what I should wear for the date? Andrea whined and I just smirked as I finally gave in.

Its now officially her room since we both agreed that she stays me in my apartment until we finish the case and when she wants to move out while still under my company, I can look for a new apartment for her but now, shes stuck with me.

Its been an hour and I shake my head in annoyance. Why does it have to take a long time for girls to pamper up themselves for a gathering? Its rocket science. I checked my watch again and at this rate, if we wont head out, well be late for our 7:30PM reservation.

Andrea, can you please hurry up? I grumbled and she laughed behind me.

Already here, Max. She said and I turned around to see her in a red, peplum dress that defines more of her and her body. The red, fiery color taking her beauty into another definition of beauty. I felt like I looked like trash beside her with my navy suit partnered with brown casual shoes, to say the least.

You look dashing, Max. Andrea genuinely commented and I smiled at her.

You look beautiful yourself, Andrea.

What do you wanna talk about? Andrea asked and I shrugged which earned me a laugh from her.

Its the first time I saw you not having any plans written down. Thats very refreshing. What do you talk about during dates, anyway? Andrea said.

Do I look like I date women? I asked and she just stared at me.

Between the two of us, I think youre the one more experienced in this field.

In sexual rendezvous, yes, dates, no. I smirked and she gasped.

So you just bed them? Wow, theyre cheap.

I chuckled at her remark because of the irony. The women Ibeddress in the finest, designer outfits and yet she called them cheap. Cheap relationship-wise, yes, I can attest to that.

I wouldnt call them cheap. They knew the deal and were mutually okay with it. Trust me, it looks bad because Im a man but I am like what they are. I explained to her. And besides, I want the real thing this time.

Expound on that, please. She said as she tried to calm down after reacting to my side comment.

I dont want that type of deal anymore. I want to feel the real thing, Andrea. Wine and dine a woman, show her the worlds finest things in life, buy whatever her heart desires, anything to please the woman. I want to make her feel like wanted. I sighed as I explained it to her. I didnt really expect that to be sappy as it sounds.

Okay, you made your point and in short, your womans happiness is over the roof. But what about your happiness?

As clich as this might sound but if shes happy, Im happy. I want to make her feelloved, Andrea. I said with conviction and I saw goosebumps in her forearms and smiled.

I feel it. She barely whispered and I smiled again.

Wait, can you say his name again? I asked incredulously. I refuse to believe I heard the right name. She suggested we talk about our personal lives and share something that cannot be researched. I mean, that applies to me and now, were talking about when, where and to whom we lost our virginity to.

His last name, please. I exasperatedly said.

Why? Andrea smirked as she drank from her glass of margarita.