There are no two alike women in this world. However, doing categorisation is sometimes useful (or fun) to do.

When you befriend someone, do you unconsciously categorise him or her as belonging to a group? Sometimes, I do.

So I begin to ask myself: what about the girls that guys date? Every girl is different, but is there any typical girlfriend group that they belong to?

Here are my 13 types of girls that guys date, and because Im a fan of movies, for each of the type Ill make reference to a movie character.

Isla Fisher as Rebecca in Confessions of a Shopaholic. She always looks good, but has a low level of self-control, especially when she sees sale items.

Miss Fashionista is quite self-explanatory. This is the girl who loves shopping, dresses in fancy designers clothes, and yes, has a good sense of fashion. She almost always wears high heels and make up, and never gets caught having that horrible just-woken-up look from bed. She is likely to dictate her partners sense of style, and generally, she has high expectations on guys.

This type of girl is sometimes selfish, but she is so good-looking that if youre a girl, you want to look like her, and if youre a guy, you want to be throwing your arms around her shoulder.

Pros: Your parents love her, and your friends envy you for having such a beauty by your side. She always smells good, and somehow it boosts your pride level. She is usually friendly and bubbly, and you almost always skip a beat when you fetch her to a date, as she is always attractive. She is skinny and charming.

Cons: Your dates usually include malls, and you constantly end up listening to her frequent complaints about how their feet hurt due to wearing high heels for too long. She buys clothes for completing her collection, not because she needs another pair of jeans. Your bank account is drained quickly, and sooner or later she is going to make a quick makeover on how you dress. You need to constantly remind her that money doesnt grow on trees.

Scarlett Johansson as Anna in Hes Just Not That Into You. She is flirting with a married man, and when she fails to get him, she uses another man as her escape.

Miss Playgirl has every aspect of a perfect girl. She is beautiful, attractive, charming, and has a good sense of humour. She is perfectly capable of making a guy feels wanted. She is somewhat fashionable, and she has many friends, especially males. She knows that so many people admire her, and shes playing with each of them taking their hearts one time and dumping them on the next. Only, she does it so cleverly that you feel like youre the one whos doing something wrong.

This type of girl is never satisfied with her partner, and always craving for a better one.

Pros: Your friends envy you for being able to have such a perfect girl. Your parents might not like her, but you deny every opinion that they have. You are proud to be standing next to her, for every guy admire her beauty and bubbly personality. She is a dependent type and guys like it. Admit it,youlike to know that youre needed. In sum, she makes you feel like youre her everything.

Cons: Your friends talk behind your back about her being such a player. You feel confused at her change of mood happy in one minute and mad in the other. She goes to you when she needs anything, but forgets you when she doesnt need you. In time, you feel like youve been used, and if you dont keep up to her expectations, shes going to dump you for the next perfect guy that shes been texting for the last three months during your relationship.

Samaire Armstrong as Nell in Its a Boy Girl Thing. She reads Shakespheare, has an interview in Yale University, and she has no life outside studying.

Miss Nerd is the genius type. She is able to give opinions to almost anything, and she spends her free time reading novels. She doesnt necessarily hate fashion, but she doesnt give much attention towards it. Shes usually kind, but her studies come first anything else comes second. She is likely to have high dreams, and when she fails academically, she finds her sense of self being diminished.

This type of girl secretly envies other normal girls, although she claims that she doesnt have any interest in love nor relationship at the moment.

Pros:This type of girl is quite easy to be wowed, if you know the right moves. She doesnt want another nerdy type of guy to be near her, so if you have a good sense of humour and can make her laugh, youll win her heart. Your parents like her for shes decent and well-mannered, and she has a bright future. Shes the loyal type, and her intellectual reasoning will make you look one level up among the professionals, and shes a good supporter towards your career.

Cons: Your friends dont really like her, because shes boring and doesnt like to watch movies. It may be even true that your friends find it hard to communicate with her, for all she talks about is the latest book she read or her future dreams. She is a bit conservative in her thinking, so its hard to be spontaneous around her. Shes usually not interested in sports and doesnt tolerate your high addiction to games. She might even scold you for wasting time.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Kate in No Reservations. She cares for her sisters children, and she knows her responsibility. She even has that motherly look: gentle, kind, but strict.

Miss Motherly is likely to be a good mother to your children, and she has wisdom beyond her age as if she has already acquired that sense of maturity years before she actually needs it. She thinks ahead, and she plans her life early on. She is quite conservative, and has a set of values to draw back when she is in the middle of a crisis. She usually likes children. She is a good listener towards her friends, and she always knows the right thing to say to those in problem.

This type of girl doesnt really care what others think, for she is mature enough to decide things on her own.

Pros: If you accidentally make mistakes, she is there to tell you that youre wrong, and gives advices to make sure youre back on track. She is going to be a terrific mother one day, and your parents love her. Her friends tell you that shes a keeper. She has everything prepared: lunchbox, spare keys, spare light bulbs, spare batteries. She is tidy and organised; she knows the places of everything. In sum, shes a very reliable person.

Cons: If you are not yet looking for a wife material, this girl may wreck your brain because she doesnt really want to do anything pointless for the sake of having fun. It might be hard to please her, and her scolds might remind you of your mother not a terrific reminder to begin with. Your friends silently wonder why you date her. You might even develop a low sense of self esteem because she aces you in everything she does, mostly due to her level of maturity.

Rosamund Pike as Jane Bennett at Pride and Prejudice.

Miss Feminine is quite hard to be described because most guys have different sets of explanations of what they think of a feminine girl. Nevertheless, she usually likes to wear skirts, not shorts, and she has old-fashioned dress style. She likes nude colours, and has a very soft heart. She may be a little bit sensitive, but she is kind and gentle. She is a great cook, and her favourite drink is tea instead of coffee.

This type of girl is sweet and pretty, and a little bit quiet.

Pros: Your friends envy you, and your parents love her. You are proud to be her partner, because she always looks good. She is kind and she listens to your every complaint and ranting, and does her job well as a supporter in a relationship. She cooks you fancy meals, and she doesnt like to trouble you to fetch her up from some strange places if you literally cant make it. Well, she understands.

Cons: She doesnt like sports, or if she does, she likes swimming and yoga. She pays quite a good deal of attention on how she looks, and she doesnt really like hiking, camping, skiing, or making a fool of herself. She likes to have good conversations, thus if you are a gamer or an adventurous type yourself, it is quite hard to find common ground. Sometimes you can be fed up of her too girlish style of life.

Keira Knightly as Elizabeth in Pirates of Caribbean. Not every girl will actually likes to being a pirate and takes pride on it. She is thirsty of adventures, her actions show it.

Miss Adventurous loves what most guys love. She is the sporty one, and she will be overjoyed to be having a date which consists of hiking or camping, or fishing or doing something new. She doesnt really care about how she dresses, and she doesnt have any problem in getting her hands dirty. She might have more male than females friends, because face it, most girls do not like what she likes to do. She likes to travel, and she watches science fiction movies and thinks that they are cool.

This type of girl is a lot of fun to be with, and she can jump in to guys conversations rather easily.

Pros: Your friends think that she is the coolest thing on earth. Odds are she is a gamer herself, or at least has some knowledge in games, and that fancies you. She accompanies you to your sports events, and she doesnt mind of having a KFC dinner instead of eating out at those fine-dining restaurants. She doesnt spend much time in front of the mirror, and she will not leave you waiting for another 30 minutes just to change her clothes for the nth time.

Cons: In time, you might want to date someone more feminine. You know, someone who dresses in skirts and high heels instead of shorts and sandals. You would love her to cook dinner for you, but sometimes she just doesnt bother to do so. She has many male friends, and that might make you jealous after all, she has similar interests with other boys more than with other girls. She is quite hard to please with the romantic ways, making you need to bring your deepest creativity in order to wow her.

Sandra Bullock as Margaret in The Proposal. She has a good career, zero social and love life, and in the moment just thinking about her professional life.

Miss Ambitious is the typical leader in your relationship, not you. She is the one who takes the wheel, and she prioritises her work life more than anything. She has grand dreams, and to some people she might be the obnoxious type who is selfish and mean. She works hard, too hard perhaps, that she ends up having few true friends. She will have high expectations to those she is close with, and she might befriend you because you are in some ways advantageous to her.

This type of girl is thirsty for success, and can never tolerate failure.

Pros: She is so clever and professional that you would have tons of things to brag about her. She is independent, thus you dont really need to fetch her from and to everywhere, she can take care of herself. She will make you grow in terms of your professionalism, and keep the bar high for you to succeed even better in life.

Cons: She is hard to maintain, and she is not going to submit under your leadership, after all, shes the alpha tigress. She has high expectation on you, making you feel somewhat intimidated at times. She might not prioritise you, and she has little interest in what others think of what a normal relationship should be like. She is hard to open up, and gaining her trust might be a pain in the ass.

Anne Hathaway as Emma in One Day. She is extremely gorgeous and talented, yet she lacks the courage to do anything, and she believes that she doesnt deserve the best.

Miss Low Self-Esteem usually has tons of talents. She is attractive, but she doesnt believe so. She is a bit shy, and she doesnt believe that she can be great like others. She thinks that she will never get what she wishes for, that she is good for nothing. She is sensitive, and she is very sensitive with issues surrounding failure.

This type of girl constantly needs reassurance of your love that shes precious.

Pros: She is a decent girl, and she has a lot of potential. She truly loves you, and she is honest with you no matter what. She cares for you, and she is a very good listener and supporter.

Cons: She needs constant reassurance that you love her. You need to tell her that everyday. She is not confident with her skills, and its your job to convince her otherwise, for she doesnt know where to begin with. She thinks negatively, and sometimes it can be quite depressing if you also have problems yourself.

Type 9: The Neighbours-Grass-is-Greener

Nicole Kidman as Devlin in Just Go With It. She always wants to be the winner, and she gets jealous with other peoples lives pretty easily.

Miss Neighbours-Grass-is-Greener compares a lot. She is not easily satisfied with life, and she likes to make everything to be perfect according to her way. She is a bit selfish, and even though she intends no harm in her ranting, she annoys other people. She gets jealous easily with other people who have better boyfriends, better jobs, and in sum, better lives than her.

This type of girl is hard to be with, especially when she is not pleased with anything she has.

Pros: She is not harmful, and even though she compares you a lot with her exes or her friends boyfriends, she is usually the loyal type. She usually doesnt mean to leave you, she just wishes you to change for the better. She will motivate you to level up.

Cons: She compares her life with others a lot. She is not satisfied with her life, and she might throw tantrum at you. If you are not the person she wants you to be, she will start telling you what to do. She might forget all the good things you do when you do one mistake, and keep on telling you that other people will never do that mistake.

Uma Thurman as Jenny in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Breaking up with her is not a good idea, for she continues to stalk you for the rest of your life.

Miss Possessive wants to know everything about you from what you eat for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea-time, dinner, to supper. She wants to know your activity 24/7, and she gets jealous pretty easily. Crying is her specialty, and she will try to make herself looks helpless, and thus in consequence making you feel bad and try to fulfill her every need. She is clingy and dependent, and she limits your freedom.

This type of girl makes you feel so wanted, but face it, most guys cant tolerate being chained.

Pros: She tells you everyday that she loves you, and she attends to your every need, making you happy in the progress. She tries (too) hard to be the kind of girl you want, and she wants to know all your friends, even though usually for the wrong reasons.

Cons: She robs your every freedom, and she cries if you decide to spend three hours watching that soccer game with your friends instead of watching Twilight with her. She texts you once in every five minutes during the day, and calls you for two hours before you go to sleep. She doesnt want you to have any other female friend, and she is quite sensitive. If you dont like to be told what to do (like most guys), you pretty much will be trying to break free at the slightest opportunity.

Ginnifer Goodwin as Gigi in Hes Just Not That Into You. She believes in love over and over again, even though she has been hurt countless times.

Miss Innocent believes in almost everything, and she will be likely not realising any hidden agenda of others. She is sweet, and guys can fall in love with her easily due to her cute personality. She is kind to everyone, even though sometimes shes just being used. She is usually quite slow in picking up new concepts, but thats what unique about her.

This type of girl usually has many friends who love her and want to protect her from the crocodile guys that want to take advantage of her.

Pros: Shes such a sweetheart, and your parents like her. You love those innocent comments, for shes still pure and different from the dark side of the world. Shes usually a positive person, and she is a good listener towards your problem. She is kind and gentle, and loves to smile.

Cons: In time youll hate her innocent comments, because shes so slow in picking up new concepts. You need to repeat the story three times before she actually gets the point, and that drives you mad. Her innocence may soon become her negative attribute, and you want someone whos more intellectual and mature to talk to.

Alice Eve as Molly in Shes Out of My League. She succeeds professionally; she is beautiful, fashionable, social, and just charming. Shes a hard 10.

Miss Prom Queen is the best at everything. She is beautiful, social, lovely, friendly, and has that charisma that everyone talks about. She has a lot of friends, and she can do everything, from music, sports, to academic studies. She is kind to everyone, and she is likely to be a committee in every social event. Everyone knows her name and her reputation. In sum, she may be the closest being to perfection.

This type of girl is highly attractive, and she has lots of guys queuing for her.

Pros: Your friends envy you, and your parents love her. She is the perfect girl seen from the publics eyes, and everyone tells you how lucky you are to have her. She is supportive and kind, and she is usually creative.

Cons: If you have a low sense of self-esteem, in time you will feel like youre not on the same level as her. You feel like the public is accusing you for having her, because sometimes, sometimes you think that she deserves someone better. You feel like her shadow, and it frustrates you to date her because she has ruined your sense of pride. Shes kind to everybody, including the guys, and that can make you get jealous pretty easily.

Anne Hathaway as Andy in The Devil Wears Prada. She knows what she wants; she is kind and beautiful;  she acknowledges her mistakes and she is not afraid to do the right thing.

Miss Keeper is any combination of all possible types of girls. She is attractive, funny, and kind. Well, at least from your glasses she is. She is loyal and committed. She is beautiful in your eyes, and she supports you.

This is the type of girl you can spend the rest of your life with.

Pros:Your friends envy you, and your parents are happy for you. Occasionally she makes mistakes, but she has way to apologise to you; for she has the courage to say that shes wrong. She is a keeper, for everyone tells you so.

Disclaimer: each of these types of girl is drawn from real people on whom Ive met and mingled. But for privacys sake, lets keep them down to movie characters. And to clear any biases for this article is written by a girl, I have consulted with Adams descendants and they agree with my list.

Which type of girl are you? Or which type of girl are you dating? Do you agree on my list?

Marcella Purnama is a blogger and author of What I Wish I Had Known: And Other Lessons You Learned in Your Twenties. She is currently obsessed with finding the best recipe for bread rolls and keeping her sixteen plants alive.

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could i use this on a youtube vid? im gonna act it out too

I know a similar theory based on some psychological categories, but the label in each categories is different. Probably you should check that you too. So which one are you mate?

Uhhhhno bad girl? Im disappointed.

A mix of 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11. I need lots of love and reassurance cause i think i not cute, jealous of other kids who are loved more than me, doesnt want to share my loved ones since i always believe that other kids are loved enough more than myself, being innocent, also girly who love disney princesses and fairies and hello kitty! FYI im a kid and i guess all kids are like this to their fav persons, maybe not anymore with my boyfriend when i grow up and date

Haha some describe me just a little bit, like the fashionista, the adventurer and the girly girl. But the ambitious girl describes me Perfectly. I could care less about my partner, and I am constantly seen as a little selfish LOL. And obviously work life ranks above everything else. I dont want any kids of my own, only adopted ones. And of course I need to be the Alpha Tigress in the relationship; ideally my mate will be a chubby, sympathetic guy who will stay at home to take care of the chores 😀 The chubby part is for when I cuddle with him, chubby people feel softer.

What about Rock Chicks ??? whats the cons and pros about girls like me??

Rock Chicks are in love and obsessed with rock stars for their high social status and dominance. These girls tend mostly to have daddy issue and low self-esteem. They grave attention from men and can sometimes be found in strip clubs.

Pros: They are very sexual and submissive as they have no boundaries. Dominant men love these women that please them in many ways.

Cons: They are not loyal but only loyal if you maintain your high social status, dominance and represent their absent father.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha ha wait they exist?!?!

Id want The Nerd, The Low Self-Esteem, or MAYBE The Innocent. theres no such thing as The Keeper.

Can u write the article on how to approach this girls!

yes! i like a girl like miss keeper & I know she also like me. but some how she is angry on me and doesnt give me reply plz help me me out frndzI realy love her I need eed your help my frdzzz

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Im actually a combination of 5 or 6 types

Are these your favorite movies of all time? Have you seen Roman Holiday or My Fair Lady or The Nuns Story? Theyre soooo good!

Thats a really tough 1 to please I can do that

Hmm As someone who effectively would be qualified as a nerd girl, I would like to mention that many of us with no lives are wholly satisfied with our situations, with the vast majority of envy in our hearts reserved for those who attain superior academic results, especially with regards to contests. All too frequently, we are assumed to have low self esteem (while this may be true for individuals who are approximately 12, it tends to become less so once one is placed in an academic environment), for various reasons, however, this does not mean that we are exceedingly grateful for any external validation and are secretly desperate for appreciation, and as such, willing to date anyone who is nice to us. In truth, there are a lot of nerds who are quite arrogant, some of whom overcompensate for this externally by acting excessively mild when first encountered. Additionally, we actually do tend to prefer nerdy guys, as we recurrently prioritize our studies due to an attraction towards the subjects themselves, from which our high dreams are later created, as opposed to the inverse, as is commonly assumed. This means that we truly enjoy conversing with individuals with similar qualities, as we can discuss topics of mutual interest, an important factor in having an enjoyable dialogue. Of course, having a good sense of humor is often sufficient to make an individual appear temporarily attractive, however, after a few conversations, if we find no common passions, the initial attraction will likely fade, and they will be regarded as a friend, perhaps one that is amusing to talk to, but oftentimes nothing more. The above is implied by the clause Anything else comes second. As having a significant other will not be a priority, it is important for said significant other to understand and sympathize with this, so that neither side is disappointed by the amount of time that the other wants to invest in a relationship. This mostly follows from assuming the first paragraph describing the nerd holds, and is backed up by personal experience, which in my case, is relatively significant. As I am in a situation where I frequently engage with other females who would also qualify as nerds according to said description, I have had the opportunity to gain an understanding of common characteristics, especially given that many of said nerds are my friends (and I do indeed have more than ten of these, contrary to popular belief, although we are generally too busy studying to meet socially). Finally, I would like to conclude that I am writing this during my free time, for the sole purpose that I enjoy doing so. I state this to illustrate the implausibility of a lasting partnership arising between a nerd and an individual who does not enjoy this sort of discourse (if they do, then they are likely to have some repressed nerdy qualities, at the very least, however they may consider themselves), as they would be exposed to it frequently. This may not be the case for females who are not completely nerdy, as they will, on numerous occasions, decide to regard other issues as their prime concerns, and will refrain from attempting to engage in such colloquy.

Oh my god, ive been attracted to this girl, and she totally fits the play girl, she flirts with me a lot but when it comes down to it she wont date me. Plus we have been texting behind her boyfriends back for a month or so :/

No matter which type of the women a man get he has the power to change and influence the lady and mould her in the way he wants. Only thing is that he needs to have this knowledge.and should know how to guide her.

He he I started reading and with every girl type I saw my self in, which was bad cause I couldnt find one that really fit my personality and I thought to myself wheres my category, I couldnt find it cause I am a bit of everything

Hi, Im Marcella, and welcome to my bloga space where I share stories on life, relationship, books, food (on Lunes Kitchen), plants… you name it.

A little bit more about me: in my 20s, although now slightly in the late category rather than early. I love sipping morning coffee, baking bread, and cooking homely (mostly Asian) food. I read a lot, and I try very hard to develop a green thumb, despite residing in an urban apartment.

Available at Gramedia bookstores throughout Indonesia. To buy the eBook version, click the image.

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