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Many times Ive heard that Sichuan girls are the most beautiful in all of China. In fact,Chinese wivesoften worry if their husbands ever go to Sichuan Province on business, lest they fall in love with another woman while theyre there. So is there any truth in this, and how do you go about meeting Sichuan girls?

Ive talked to a lot of Chinese girls and they often say that ladies are beautiful in Sichuan Province due to the rivers and mountains. Actually, they often say the same thing about Hubei or Hunan girls!

There is however some logic behind Sichuan girls and their famous beauty. Sichuan Province tends to be humid and cloudy in Summer, so the sun isnt strong enough to spoil ladies skin. Added to this the fact thatChinese ladiesrarely leave home without their sun parasol, and you can see why the ladies will look fabulous regardless of their age.

Maybe its also the food Sichuan hotpot is full of spices that should have all kinds of health benefits. Green tea is also known to be extremely healthy, and many Western people now drink it as part of a weight loss diet.

Sichuan Province is largely rural and many parts of it are mountainous and very remote. This is Panda country, with vast areas of countryside, especially the areas bordering the Himalaya mountain range and Tibet.

Many parts of Sichuan Province are poor, and a world away from the properous modern coastal cities like Shanghai or Guangzhou. As a consequence, huge numbers of Sichuan people have migrated from the countryside into the major cities.

People from Sichuan Province can be found in pretty much every Chinese town and city these days. But the manufacturing cities like Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou offer the greatest number of jobs for these economic migrants.

So where do you find Sichuan girls? Well obviously if you use one of the better Asian dating sites then you can narrow down your searching to Chinese ladies who live in Sichuan Province itself. Both Chinese Cupid andChina Love Matchprovide this opportunity. I had a look and there were over 1000 ladies profiles onChinese Love Linkswho live in Chongqing and who were in my age range. Not many of them are English speakers however, so it can be hard to chat to them.

I know Ive mentioned this before, but remember that Sichuan is a vast and remote Province. If you fall in love with a girl then find it takes 2 days on a bus to visit her from the nearest city with an airport then youll regret you ever set eyes on her!

Really its best to stick to the major cities, which essentially means Chengdu or Chongqing. Ive heard good things about Chongqing. Ive never visited it myself, but Ive heard its a great city. Another thing to bear in mind is that the weather can be uncomfortable at certain times of the year. It can be stiflingly hot in Summer, and very cold in Winter. Bear in mind that Chinese people dont always have central heating, and travel can be difficult in Winter.

Chengdu is another good place to look for abeautiful girl. Chengdus airport is one of the largest in China, and there are a wide range of options for getting there from other countries. If you want tostudy the Chinese language in China, then Chengdus Sichuan University is one of the best places for learning Chinese languages.

Really the best time to visit Sichuan Province is in the Spring or Autumn. April and September October are particularly good months to visit China, but be aware that Mid-Autumn sees travel chaos on Chinas roads and railways (airports are generally OK). The Mid-Autumn vacation is in September or October, but the actual dates vary according to the lunar calendar.

As always, remember that theres been significant internal migration in China, so theres no guarantee that a girl you chat to whos living in Chengdu or Chongqing is actually from Sichuan Province itself.

Sichuan girls are particularly numerous in Guangdong Province. The cities in Guangdong Province are properous and offer huge employment opportunities compared to whats available in the countryside. However, in all my experience ofdating Chinese girlsin Guangzhou, Ive never actually dated any Sichuan girls. Hunan, Hubei and Cantonese girls yes, but not Sichuan girls.

One reason for this is that Sichuan girls tend not to have such a high level of education, and they dont often speak English. So if youre looking for an English speaking Sichuan girl from Guangzhou, Shenzhen or another city then youll have a hard job finding one unless you have friends in China who can help you suggest girls youd like to meet.

One other way of meetingChongqing girlsis to take part in theAsian Beautiesromance tour. This is expensive, but if youve never visited China before then you might appreciate having access to a translator and tour guide to help you every step of the way. And if you dont find love on your romance tour then you can return to Chongqing safe in the knowledge that you know whats involved with meeting Chinese ladies in China.

Are Sichuan girls the most beautiful women in China? Are they the most beautiful women in the entire World? Leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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