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Colombia is situated to the north of South America bordering Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, and Venezuela. According to the Worlds Resource Institute, there are only 17 megadiverse nations on the planet, and Colombia is pretty close to the top. Its second only to Brazil which is almost ten times its size. Its also one of the most popular hubs for cosmetic surgery ranking 5th in the world according toThe Economist.

To start us off, it is Colombian, not Columbian and no relation whatsoever with the American discoverer, Columbus. JustColombia.

When we think Colombia, we probably immediately think of the gorgeous Sofia Vergara remember her? Gloria from the popular comedy sitcom, Modern Family. Aside from her gorgeous looks and exotic accent, Sofia pretty much gave us a sneak preview of how cool and utterly privileged you would be to date a sexy Colombian girl.

Our mothers and grandmothers are pretty much everything to us. Generations upon generations of beautiful Colombian women attest their strength and resilience to their mothers, and rightfully so.

The mom in Colombia pretty much decides whether you are in or out. And if you slither in, trust her to shake her head in an I told you so manner when you eventually leave.

Your best tactic would be to show up with her favorite wine or pie. The point is, win her over!

Our roots are inseparable from us. Its our core. Colombian ladies love to dance to just about any ceremony, any gathering and anytime there is music. To truly accept your Latina girlfriend, you must accept that she can, and she will, dance. If you decide to go to Colombian I advise you to read about thetraditional Colombian dancesfirst.

Dancing is not only for partners, and therefore you are likely to find people dancing with just about anyone. Sexual as the dance may appear, when the music starts, all inhibitions go. Thus, let go and feel the music as well as the beat with your partner. Less talking while you are at it as well!

It is very easy to walk into a relationship pretty much-expecting stamina and, at the same time, confident vocalist like Sofia. What will probably shock you is that even in the greater Colombian circle, there are women who are quiet and others who are the loud ones. The same way there are hot Colombian ladies with long black hair as there are with short blonde hair.

Walk into a relationship with a mind open to adventure, and chances are you will like what you find.

You probably get quite irate any time your air conditioner isnt working? Well, Colombians do have hot weather. Positioned right around the equator, Colombia is a country that rarely gets to experience the extremes of temperature. What this means is that Colombia can get as hot as your house without an AC, but the people remain polite. So, you dont have any excuse to be rude and mean just because it is hot.

Pro tip: Whendating a sexy Colombian girland you experience too much heat which triggers the temptation to be mean, walk around with a fan. You are better off looking like Mrs. Doubtfire than a mean trinket.

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