Somnang (or Samnang) Alyna (born February 24, 2001, Phnom Penh, Cambodia) is a Cambodian model and Miss Cambodia Universe 2019.

Beta Israel (Hebrew: בֵּיתֶא יִשְׂרָאֵל House of Israel or Community of Israel), also known as Ethiopian Jews (Hebrew: יְהוּדֵי אֶתְיוֹפְּיָה), are Jews whose community developed and lived for centuries in the area of the Kingdom of Aksum and the Ethiopian Empire that is currently divided between the Amhara and Tigray Regions of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Most of these peoples have emigrated to Israel since the late 20th century.

This list includes the most Ethiopian Jewish women for me.

6. Sima Malasa / סימה מלסה is Miss Israel 2018 contestant.

Alina Sanko / (born 31 December, 1998, Azov) is Miss Russia 2019. She is 1.74 m tall, measurements: bust – 86, waist – 58, hips – 86.

Catriona Gray (born January 6, 1994, Cairns, Queensland, Australia) is a Filipina-Australian television host, singer, model, stage actress and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe 2018, being the fourth Filipino national to win the pageant. Previously, Gray competed at Miss World 2016 where she placed in the Top 5.

Her father is Scottish-born Australian and her mother is Filipina.

Sthefany Gutirrez is  Miss Venezuela 2017. She represents her country at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

Sthefany describes herself as an optimistic, intelligent, capable, and hardworking, thanks to her mothers influence. She grew up surrounded by love from a big family constituted by women, except for her dad and her younger brother. She came from a family of working women who do not set themselves the boundaries to succeed. Sthefany has one year left to graduate as a lawyer in her home country, Venezuela. In the future, she would also like to be a television host and reveals that she loves theater as well.

She is 1.76 m tall, measurements: bust – 90, waist – 60, hips – 90.

Kiara Ortega (born August 23, 1993) is a Puerto Rican model who was crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2018. Kiara Ortega would best describe herself as a cheerful, spontaneous, and a helpful young woman. For her, the most important thing in life is living experiences that humanize her. By being a part of the Miss Universe platform, she hopes to spread a message of hope to unite our world.

Baek Ji-hyun / 백지현 (born March 27, 1993) is Miss Korea Universe 2018.

Ji-Hyun Baek is a multi-talented super model and singer with a masters degree in Saprano. Ji-Hyun is currently training to become a pastry chef and barista so she can eventually open her own desert cafe. When shes not working on her craft, she likes to stay active through cross country cycling. Ji-Hyun is an avid philanthropist who is an active supporter of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, for the past 6 years.

Sabina Azimbaeva / (born February 14, 2000, Almaty, Kazakhstan) is an Uyghur beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Almaty 2017. She represents Kazakhstan at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

Sabina Azimbayeva would describe herself as athletic and always involved in sports. Travel is a passion of hers as Sabina often visits remote villages where applied art of her people are preserved. She wants the creativity of her people to be known to the whole world. Sabina hopes to make her country proud at this years Miss Universe competition.

Yulia Polyachikhina / (born February 6, 2000, Cheboksary, Russia) is Miss Russia Universe 2018.

Yulia is currently studying journalism at Chuvash State University. Before winning the title, Yulia took competed in fitness aerobics dancing competitions and worked as an international model. She loves spending time with her family and two dogs. She also enjoys volunteering to make children happier. Yulia hopes to make her country proud at this years Miss Universe competition.

She is 1.73 m tall, measurements: bust – 80, waist – 58, hips – 85.

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