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It is every girls dream to meet a prince who will sweep her off her feet. And if that prince happens to be a billionaire, thats just an added plus! To date a millionaire, you will need more than just dreams, however. You will need a compelling strategy. Start with an attractive photo of yourself. Get a professional to take one, if you dont feel like a photographic pro. Pose demurely. This will peak their interest and get them to click on your profile.

Write a good about paragraph on yourself, though keep it short and memorable. This is what will help you stick in their minds, long after they leave your profile.

To date a rich man, you will need to remember that not every babe will be a billionaires dream woman, and not every billionaire will be the man of a young womans tender dreams. You will have some misses, but you will also have some hits. It is not impossible to find the man of your dreams online. Keep looking, because with tens of thousands of others just like you on Babes and Billionaires, you are sure to find someone with whom you can click.

The next thing you will need when you want to date a millionaire, is to learn self constraint. Men often dont like to be chased. They love the thrill of the conquest, and the conquest should never be easy. The sweet spoils of war is what they crave. Resisting advances early on in the game is the way to effectively date a rich man. They like a wild cat hidden behind a demure smile and tempting eyes.

Once you have their attention, make sure you keep them hooked with hidden surprises and adventures along the way. Keep them guessing, but give them little prizes at the end of each hunt, to keep them satisfied and coming back for more. You will be in their mind, and they will reciprocate in ways that make you happy.