Just have some confidence and go up to her, and ask her. There really isnt some kind of magic trick or anything in do something like this, Im afraid.

To ask a girl out on a date, just ask her if she would like to hang out sometime. If she says yes, ask her to a movie right on the spot.Read More

Just how you get a date with any other girl-ask her out.Read More

You do not try to persuade a girl to date you. If you ask her for a date and she says no then you respect that and move on.Read More

you ask her?…Or you ask her best friend if she likes you and is she allowed to date.Read More

After dating the girl for the second time and you guys are done and its time to go home, before leaving be like I think you are very fun and beautiful and I would love to take you for a second date, will you please. But keep one thing in mind make sure your first date with the girl was nice and fun and she liked it before asking for the second date!Read More

if u want 2 ask a girl no a date u shud make out with her 1st be4 u ask. dosent mater how u ask her.Read More

Tell her how beautiful you think she is and ask her if she realizes how amazing she really isRead More

I m NT a good looking guy. nor i am an intelligent. I m neither smart too. But i want to ask most beautiful grl for a date. Hey do u wanna go on date with this idot.Read More

First get her to like you a bit after you find out ask her on a dateRead More

You dont? This question makes no sense…Read More

Going on a date first would probably be a good idea.Read More

It Means That You Should Ask Her On A Date An The Make Out With Her And Ask Her To Marry You On The First dateRead More

if you really like a girl and you wont to ask her out on a date then. talk to her and ask her about her self and find out more about her. and let her find out more about you and then ask would you like to go out sometime. or just hang out .Read More

There are many good ways that one can ask a hot girl out on a date. These ways include, but are not limited to, asking her in person, texting her to ask her out, and by sending her a card.Read More

You get her to like you by being nice then ask her out.Read More

Just be nice to her then ask her out.Read More

no never he would never date such an imachure little girl no never he would never date such an imachure little girl no never he would never date such an imachure little girlRead More

Answer The same way you asked her out on the first date.Read More

Just ask her out its not that hard man if shes beautiful kind and whatever else just ask her out.Read More

well are you a boy askimg a girl or a girl asking a boy????Read More

Well ask her out yourself dont ask anyone else to do it for you. Ask her in a sweet way or just sound sweet.Read More

Well, I am a girl so this is a good answer. If you want to have a date with a girl, then go up to her and ask for her number, shell probably admire the fact that you have the guts to ask her out, and if she doesnt, MOVE ON, there are other (female) fish in the sea!Read More

if youre talking about to ask her to go on your first date then well ask her when she least expects it but if youre talking about asking her out while on your date then do it before she leaves…..Read More

Try speaking with her first and try and get to know her – then ask her if she would like to go on a date.Read More

Ask her out on a date to safari worldRead More

Ask her what she wants to do then do whatever that is.Read More