Book 4 (Spin-Off) Billionaires Attraction

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3 ▪ Guns & Roses series ❝You dress to impress.❞ He chuckled as a devilish smirk covered his face. ❝No Angel. I undress to impress.❞ * She lives a lavish life. Money, boys and clubs. She is envied by many. For she is Gabrielle Carter, daughter of…


The moment we got home, I made a beeline straight towards the living room as I assumed everyone would be there.

What happened? Chantelle questioned when she noticed my fuming and blotchy red face and Beau trialing silently behind me.

We were ambushed. He said quietly.

What?! Dad yelled angrily. Beau sighed and ran his fingers through his hair whilst I walked over to Quince.

Take this, I said, handing him the delicate piece of jewellery. Check if there are any trackers in or on it.

Quince said nothing and followed my command, shooting out of his seat and heading upstairs to where his equitment was. Chantelle was pacing around the room on her phone, no doubt explaining to Coal what was happening as he was at his office.

The kids were outside and I watched them, remembering the scene thay just happened. The thought of Dex sent chills up my arms and made me want to cower in fear but I didnt flinch at the memories of him, I simply pushed it away far in the back of my mind.

Who was it? Did you get names? Grandfather asked monotonously, sipping on his alcohol.

Stephan was the leader but he did mention names like Dexter and Seth. I caught Beau glancing at me in the reflection of the mirror. Stephan was Seths best friend but Ive never heard about him.

Stephan was the ones that worked undercover for us. We tried to make sure less people knew of him so there was no chance of us blowing any covers. Dad said, lighting up a cigar.

Did you say Dexter? Xena asked. Beau nodded and frowned when Xena and Chantelle shared a look and I knew exactly what they were thinking.

-Leave it. I interrupted Xena and she frowned at him, furrowing her eyes.

-I said leave it, damn it! I snarled, swiveling around to face my family. I could already see how I looked to them: angry, sad, hurt, lost. In a quieter tone, I bowed my head sighting. Just give it a rest.

We cant Gabrielle. Grandfather stated, staring down at me with his dangerously dark eyes. You will hold the heir to our family. You need to be kept safe.

Instinctually, my hand rested on my stomach where one day a child would be. I understand. But theres some parts of me where it should never be spoken about again. I wished you just understood that.

I made my way upstairs and felt Beau hot on my trail, trying to keep up with me but I didnt turn around to stop him. We got to my bedroom and I heard the door close while I made my way to my closet.

What just happened? He said firmly as I looked through my clothes, trying to find a dress for tonight.

Gabrielle, dont give me that bullshit. I ignored him and walked past him towards my vanity when he gripped onto my wrist and forced me to turn aorund and meeting his alluring grey eyes. Gabrielle-