A common stereotype of beautiful German women is that they are blonde hair, blue eyed and stone-cold beauties. That simply is not true! (In order to be more precise the part with them being stone-cold is not true).

German women are very clean. They take pride in having a clean home and arevery well groomedand meticulous about their appearance.

German women are typically taller and haveshiny hair as well as a milky smooth skin complexion.

They eat very healthy however they are not overly obsessed with their bodies.

German women havehigh morals. One night stands are almost non-existent and is not in their vocabulary.Typically they stick to their beliefs.

All Germans are equipped to speak several languages and have a higher degree of education.

They are veryindependent and love to have space.

Women from Germany are attracted to all sorts of men and age groups. They are not artificial in any sense.

Below are someexamples of what they are looking for in a man:

Very few German females tolerate cockiness. As far as they are concerned, they do not need a man in their life.

On average, most German women are married and settled by the time they are 30, and they are

attracted to men that have strong family bonds.

All beautiful German women are drawn to men that are well kept, own a sense of humor, and are not clingy.

When dating a German woman, it is important not to be aggressive. German girls are typically shy, but they love to be flirted with subtly.

Here are some useful things to know if you are lucky enough to go out on a date with a German girl:

German girls love to laugh and be flirted with.

Whatever happens, touching without her permission is out of the question. It is likely that a German woman can drink any man under the table. Be polite and make sure she gets to her proper destination if she over does it which happens rarely. Respect is key here.

German women are very inquisitive and want to know everything about a man they consider to date. When talking about yourself, it is important not to over embellish or brag. Because of their high degree on intelligence, make sure to have interesting conversation topics or else they will easily become bored.

Manners are very important to them. Also, if you are not smiling often, they will think something is wrong or you are not enjoying the presence of their company.

To conclude,beautiful German women are very well rounded and fun individuals to be around.They are easy on the eyes, intelligent, and have high standards.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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