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What a great blog! Okay I may be a girl but I still appreciate beauty, and I enjoyed looking at the lovely photography.

impossible they are all wonderful 😮 +followed

Amazing army… followed turn off word veri though.

Very nicely done, followed you, Follow me back!

All very very pretty. Its so weird to see so many women in the military over there. Atleast they look good doing it.

Very Nice. My wife is Jewish, so I can say with 2 thumbs up, I approve this blog! 🙂 Followed

I think this is now my new favorite blog. I have a thing for Jewish girls lol. Following for sure

Wow, all of them are very beautiful. Truly amazing.

Hot dayum, nothing wrong with beautiful women in uniform. Nice choices

i love jewish girls. this blog is awesome and so are you! haha thanks for the pics

Dont see this too often, thanks for share :D!

I have yet to meet an ugly Israeli girl. The reason they are so gorgeous is because they dont get fat like so many do in the US. Long live Israel.

proud of u all defend ur counrty to the last person

israels biggest weapon is girls …..where is dajjal fuckies we r waiting for him

very nice girls she is very honest nd cute i love it

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napiszę krtko jesteście zajebiste laski zawsze mnie kręciły kobiety z izraela. A pozatym pozdrowienia z polski (poland). Trzymajcie się dziewczyny może kiedyś do was wpadnę pozdrawiam

Israeli women sure are beautiful! Im proud to say that Im currently dating a beautiful Israeli girl who was discharged from the Israeli army about a year ago and now lives in the U.S. I met her at a bar and man is she hot! I cannot forget the night i met her, she looked amazing in her skin tight jeans and low cut tank top with her long black hair and dark skin. Im a recently divorced 45 year old former U.S. Marine who served in the first Gulf War and I did not waste any time at the club, i went straight to this girl and introduced myself. Despite the fact she is 23 years my junior and different backgrounds (im American of Scots-Irish descent) we hit it off. While there are obvious differences between us we also share many things in common like our military experiences. Her father, who also served in the Israel Defense Forces was a little upset when he first learned about our relationship but he and i also hit it off after we met. My future father in law is one of the nicest guys i have ever met, and we have become real good buddies(after all he is about my age! hahaha). My fiance Sagit and I are planning to get married sometime next year. BTW, great blog!

I love Israeli woman and want to have her as a life partner. For sure! qadir.


llah yessahal alikom bechi mossiba li drabkom techatate likom chemal golo amine

I wouldnt pi*s on any of them if they were on fire.

Quanta originalidade, nativismo – amabilidade. No Brasil tambem assim. Mas um pouco diferente. Indio da Ilha do Bananal – TO

Jewish girls are well trained, their beauty is expectional and also religious .Dating back into time ,isreali women are known to be submissive parthners .id luv to know an isreali girl

It would be better to get a beatifull girl as a friend

And they know how to use those weapons. They are not Private Benjamins. That is American PC. Pray for victory for Israel over their many enemies…

i would like to know the names of the beautiful soldiers

I just love israeli army girls. you take care all of you there yoh!

Thats weird, some of those jews dont have guns. What are they going to use to ruin the lives of everyone surrounding them?

Fucking Zionist Army brain washing East European girls who came to Israel for better job prospects.

I think you have one misplaced photo. The 12th from the bottom (11.jpg) is actually Chilean actress Cote de Pablo from NCIS, where she plays a former Mossad agent.

I am Anthony Nnalue from Nigeria 29 yrs Old. I was one of Nigerian Millitary students in the year 2005 which I was evential susppended due to spiritual attaks as a result of monthly sickness. I have been dreaming about continuing my millitary career but all to no avail till today.

However, I saw the blog of Isrealian Millitary Girls/Ladies and I will like to marry any one of them if any of them will accept to marry a black Nigerian, but if that could be, I am real ready to carry on. Though I am currently in Benin Republic fighting for my milliary study because I vow to SERVICE NIGERIAN AND NATIONS WIDE.

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