Beautiful photos of beautiful women (10photos)

4 Asking as a girl who has them, how do you guys feel about freckles?:)

Im not against them, as long as theyre not a full body freckle fest.

Dont have a problem with them. I dont think all women should look alike. Freckles diversify.

gotta love a girl who never is boring. Always ready to play connect the dots 😀

I believe its a case to case basis but i like them the majority of the time!

As long as she doesnt look like she was shit on through a screen door, I love them.

Absolutely love freckles. Even the head to toe girls

LOVE freckles! (please Chive, moar number four!)

I agree, Love them! They are different and not the norm, which is great!

Freckles across the nose and on cheeks = the best

They are sexy if the girl is as hot as the picture

Freckles are great, anywhere they land. Of course I am a sucker for redheads.

this implies that youve always met girls who not onyl have freckles, but ALSO numbers on them 🙂 from which planet are you, again? 🙂

Why dont you send your pic to Chivettes and well be the judges?

Too close to being a ginger.Ill pass

WOW..WOWWOW.Best 2 photos.. 415

I love freckles on a woman.they add to her natural beauty.way better than tats.

absolutely beautiful!!,I get goosebumps if i see a girl with freckles,it make them so sexy

Hey Darlin, I look into those beautiful blue eyes and never saw a single freckle.

Freckles are star maps for Angels. You see if Angel gets turned around and looses threir way, they find one with freckles and then find there way home. So one with freckles is blessed much more than most because they attract what is beautiful and powerful and capture the countenance of what is divine. Freckle folks glow because of the invisible company they keep and best of all, they are rarely alone. All of this makes them beautiful in an undefined sort of way.

Gee. Just about everyone answered about 61 weeks ago. Oh well. Ill throw my two cents in anyway. I love freckles! Hope you got alot of positive feedback 0BianKa0

1 I have a somewhat shall we sayunhealthy obsession with you.

agreed.only justification for watching notebook

rachel mcadams is ridiculously mcgorgeous as hell.

1 is the best thing Canada has exported in years!

except maybe for emmanuelle chriqui (born in Quebec)

January Jones sooo hot want to touch the hiney 7

and, like yourself, i am reconsidering my general opinion of january. definitely a stone fox

My trouser trout has aquired some serious chub!!!!

14 would make a fine addition to the family..right, wifey??

Terrible actress from Argentina. Great boobs but she wont show them because shes an evangelist fanatic bitch.

she was the only boring thing on Wedding Crashers

Isla Fisher was WAY more intriguing and entertaining. She was meh.

agreed!! Looks like im not the only one getting too much chive on finals week;) Go Ducks

Exactly Exactly Exactly. I v set this picture as wallpaper on my phone and getting melted every time I unlock the screen. It is so beautiful 🙂

I love the catering to super sexy, celebrity Chiver Rachel McAdams. Think her and Keira Knightley would make excellent models for any new additions in theChivery.

I dig Keira bigtime, she just needs a little more for boobs.. Then she would be perfect.

candidate for future lower back problems..

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