are more or less same attractingLatvian woman. But there are some key points which you need to understand before trying your luck.

Estonian girls are naturally blonde and slim body shape. They have great lips and blue or brown eyes. Moreover, they are intelligent, smart, and educated but they are poor in communication skill. Strangers will find Estonian girls very cold and that makes dating difficult. Check out this tips of datingmost beautiful Estonian women.

For Estonian women family and tradition comes first. They are an excellent homemaker. They live in an extended family, so they treat their Niece, nephew same as their old children. Girls also take care of their parents at the old age.

Dont talk too much about your date just to avoid awkward silence. This concept has no power over here. In fact, you will lose your date if you talk continuously.

Estonians have a great affection for nature. They will love if you can take her to date on the magnificent natural landscape.

Womento men ration are more than one, so there are more significant chances that you will get plenty of opportunity to date Estonian girl.

You dont need to learn local language or need a communicator. Girls can speak fluent English, and this can be the plus point for a stranger.

Girl prefers confident boy as their life partner. They dont like fake personality, so dont be something you are not.

Estonian woman has a tremendous traditional value. If you are looking for one-night stand girl in Estonia, then you may be at the wrong place. You have to be tolerant and wait for the right time to get laid. the same situation happens when you look forSwedish womanorHungarian Women

Yes! Dont worry about your age as we have seen many younger women dating older men.

We have selected 10 most beautiful girls after hours of brainstorming.

Karmen Pedaru is a super fashion model. She was a goalkeeper and played for Under 19 football team for her country. After that, she has left football for modeling.

Jelena Glebova is a former figure skater. She has won many of medals in national level competition. Jelena also won the championship at an international competition.

Katrin Siska is musician and member of pop-rock band Vanilla Ninja. She is not just beautiful but equally talented too. Katrin is the student of finance and accounting.

Anett Griffel is an Estonian fashion model and actress. She has worked for the much big fashion house and appeared on many magazine covers.

Iiris Vesik is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She has started her musical journey from 2012. she looks likeJapaneseto me.

Birgit Sarrap is a most beautiful singer. She is a winner of Estonian idol and most celebrated singer.

Madli Vilsar is beauty pageant winner and model. Her luscious lips and sexy eyes are the great seducers.

Tiiu Kuik is the supermodel and one of the sexiest girls from Estonia. If you want to date her, then you must be taller than 6 foot 2 inch. And top of that you cannot ignore her long sexy legs.

Mena is American actress, model and fashion designer from Estonia. She has worked in many hit Hollywood movies such asAmerican Pie, the rage. Her long successful career is proof of intelligence ofEstonian woman.

Carmen Kass is a supermodel from Estonia. She was also the political candidate of her country.  She has represented some of the best brands in the world including Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Valentino, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Narciso Rodriguez, and Givenchy. Not only that, she was the second highest paid model in the world.

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