Succeed In Dating a Beautiful Woman with These Creative First Date Ideas

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The first thing that needs to be considered before planning the actual date itself, is that conversation is key. Mostlove advice for menwill mention this point, and everyone understands this to some degree the whole point of a date is to have fun and get to know the other person that youre with. That being said, you dont want to be under a constant pressure to strike up conversation. Good dates are ones where fun and conversation flow naturally. Women in particular like this type of thing, because while you may not realize it, theyre often very self-conscious about having to talk about themselves, and have the attention constantly on them. Take a little time to think up some good conversational points that you can use during the date. Conversation is everything, and often times, thebest dating questionsyou can ask on a first date are ones that not only show her that youre interested, but also leave the overall vibe very casual and friendly. It can be a hard balance to strike!

It may seem a little silly, like something that children do on field trips; Aquariums are a great way to appreciate and expose your date to some natural beauty. This type of dating atmosphere is very casual and laid back, it gives you some conversational topics that you can fall back on, like talking about the various fish and organisms found at the aquarium. This doesnt mean you shouldnt be making the effort to communicate on a more personal level, but at least you can approach things in a more convenient manner, conversationally speaking.

If your date is willing to get a little exercise and the weather forecast permits, hiking is an excellent first date idea. Obviously you need to be aware of the type of girl your date is. If they seem like the kind of person thats into outdoors stuff, then this is an excellent way to hit things off.

Not the movie theater that is, but the actual Theater. Its very likely that your date rarely, if ever goes to the theater to see a show. This is a great way to introduce them to something new, and is a very classy alternative to seeing a movie. Most shows will have intermission periods where you and your date can converse; Going to the theater is a great idea if youre worried about your lack of conversational skills. While mostrelationship advice for guysfocuses on the actual conversational aspects of dating and interacting with women, likehow to flirt with a girlfor instance, you have to keep the big picture in mind; Girls want to have fun!

This one is a classic. Its very casual and fun, and you two can enjoy a good drink and some food together while seeing who can score better. A little friendly competition can be the perfect thing to help break the ice for both participants. If shes comfortable, the entire date will be that much easier.

Even if the woman youre taking on a date isnt one of those artsy fartsy type girls, you can still enjoy some nice artwork together at a gallery. At the very least, you two could joke about the goofy paintings and sculptures you find. Youll constantly be on the move, which helps to keep the tension low, as attention isnt fully fixated on one another. Just be sure to research the exhibit before you setup the date to make sure it will be somewhat interesting for both of you.

Who isnt into music, right? Take her to a music show for your first date. Again, this accomplishes a lot of the same things that the previous ideas so youre keeping things fun and casual, and letting the date itself do most of the heavy lifting. Obviously it depends what kind of music shes into. Certain types of music might not be as conducive for dating, like really heavy or excited genres. Bring up the idea to your date and see what they think.

Ice-Skating can prove to be a very exciting new experience.

Even if you two dont know how to ice-skate, thats all the more reason to give it a try. This is an excellent way to immediately establish a friendly bond with your date. Most ice-skating places will usually have other things going on as well like music and places to hang out and eat some food.

You may be starting to pickup on the common theme of these dating ideas by now. Sharing new experiences with someone is great for building a bond. By taking the dive with her into something new, youre showing your confidence and willingness to have fun and be daring at the same time. Try out some ethnic cuisine (avoid anything too crazy of course) that you think youll both like. This is a big step up from just going to a typical restaurant and eating the same kinds of things youve always had.

Last but not least, a friendly tour of the area!

If none of the above ideas strike up any interest, consider just touring the local area. Youd be surprised how romantic and even exciting it can be to go on a little adventure with your date and exploring the area. Obviously this is a weather sensitive one, so dont plan on taking her out if the weather is questionable or downright poor. Perhaps look into finding some local festivals or exhibits that you can go to. Keep in mind therules of casual dating; Provide a fun and relaxing time for the girl youre dating, and dont be overly serious. The great thing about touring around is that your options for food and hangout spots are pretty much endless. Successfullydating a beautiful womanand capturing her interest comes down to execution. The ultimatedating advice for guysis to be true to yourself in the process, and youll naturally exude the confidence that women look for in a man.

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