A one piece. I dont want it slipping down.

I know what I wouldnt wear, a one peice.

You are running in the waves of the ocean, when you see this really cute lifegaurd. What do you do?

I start to really flirt and hope that maybe he will ask me for a swim

The cute guy, whose name is Hunter, asks you out on a date. Do you say yes?

Id ask him for his number and tell him youll get back to him. You always want to play hard to get.

I dont know! I might make him wait a little while.

You are getting ready for your date. What do you wear?

My bikini, with a matching scarf around my waist.

Your date tells you hes going to take you on a moonlit picnic. How do you react?

You are leaving! 🙁 What do you say to Hunter?

I give him my number and tell him to call anytime!

You give him your address and your number, telling him come for a visit sometime!

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