In Chinese culture, daughters generally receive two Chinese girl names (such as Ai Lun or Ying Hui) that represent the virtues and gifts her parents hope she will have, such as intelligence, kindness, and beauty. Here are our favorite Chinese names for girls; mix and match any two with auspicious meanings for your baby girl.

One of the most commonand most beautifulChinese names for girls, Ai (pronounced eye) means love.

Choose this in lieu of the Western Anne/AnnAn means peaceful.

Bao means jewel or treasure. (In fact, a common nickname for babies is hao bao bao, which means good baby.)

A baby name thats used for boys or girls, Chen means dawn.

While most Chinese girl names have very peaceful and beautiful meaningsFans one of the rare choices that are a little bolder. It means dangerous or lethal.

Often paired with a floral name, Fen means fragrant.

This two-letter name can be an offbeat choice of floral name. It means lotus.

Pronounced Hwah, Hua has a lovely meaning: flower.

Pronouncd Hway, Hui is associated with cleverness.

This short and sweet name has a cheerful meaningdaisy.

An alternative to Juniper or June, Jun has a lovely meaning: truthful.

Part of Disney princess Mulans name, Lan means orchid.

This Chinese name may make you think of the beautiful floral necklaces from Hawaii, it means something different in Chinesethunder.

The most common surname in China is also often used as a given name. Pronounced Lee, the Li character most often used for girls means beautiful.

Two different characters can be used Lingone means soul, and the other, chime.

Considered one of the most popular Chinese girl names as a more exotic take on May/Mae. Mei means beautiful flower.

Actress Ming Na is the most famous modern wearer of this name, which means enlightened.

This sweet name means kind or warm-hearted, a wonderful sentiment.

Pronounced like Zuzu (think ZuZus petals fromIts a Wonderful Life),this Chinese girls name means charming.

Ya is one of the sweest Chinese girl names out there; it means graceful.

Ying means smart, and is one of the most popular Chinese names for girlsor boys.

An exotic riff on Jen could be this elegant Chinese name that means innocent.

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