The Billionaires Lust Release Date and Updates!

Ive had a couple of people ask about the timeline/release dates for Jacob and Leilas story, so Ill repeat them here:

1. The Billionaires Contract (His Submissive, 1): 7/24/2012

2. The Billionaires Touch (His Submissive, 2): 9/4/2012

3. The Billionaires Passion (His Submissive, 3): 10/4/2012

4. The Billionaires Heart (His Submissive, 4): 11/9/2012

5. The Billionaires Girlfriend (His Submissive, 5): 01/24/2013

6. The Billionaires Secret (His Submissive, 6): 03/01/2013

7. The Billionaires Lust (His Submissive, 7): 03/22/2013

The Billionaires Lust (Part Seven)will be out in a little over two weeks! 😀

If you ever need to reference dates, theyll be at the About the His Submissive Series tab up top.

Thanks to everyone thats picked up a copy of The Billionaires Secret and reviewed/added it to their GR shelf/and any other awesome sauce activity! Your support means the WORLD.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me/comment/tweet me and Ill do my best to address them. 33

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You ar awesome Ava!!!! Keep writing!! Love your style…Im hooked,lol! I just bought all your other books off amazon, for my kindle..You go Girl!

Love these stories…Cant wait to share with my friends a wonderful newer Author!!!

Aww youre so sweet! Def flattered because I LOVE 50 shades! 🙂

Cant w8t. Leila keeps dropping herself in it with cade. Love Jacob.:-D

Just between me and you, Im *so* Team Jacob. 😉 Thanks for commenting, Fiona!

Today is the release date for Billionaires Lust (7)…..I cannot find it anywhere. Has the release date changed?

Its up now at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble…still processing at Amazon and should be up in a few hours.

Excellent series read it all today. cant wait for 7.