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Ever wished you could land yourself a rich boyfriend, quit your job and live a life of luxury?

Anna Bey says she can teach you how to do just that.

Instagram star Bey, who has been dating her own banker boyfriend for the past two years, says she teaches women how to transform themselves and live up to their potential, entering a life of high society and wealth.

And hey, if thats what you want to do, more power to you. Why work hard your whole life when you can find a rich dude to fast-track you there all in an open and honest way, of course.

Bey founded her to teach women how to bag their own billionaire. She says her own interest in living the high life came at the age of 19 when the Swede traveled to Italy and got a taste of a life of luxury while hanging with a rich friend.

She told British TV hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that once shed had a taste of that lifestyle, it was hard to turn her back on it.

But Bey says if you want to nab a rich guy, youre going to need to do some work on yourself first. (You didnt think this was going to come easy, did you?)

Bey lost 33 pounds and had a nose job, as well as fillers in her cheekbones and chin, in order to make herself more palatable to the average rich dude.

Bey says her School of Affluence offers a fast track to the high life. Her online classes will teach you how to behave on a yacht, how to eat an oyster and how to dress things she wishes shed known earlier.

When it comes to paying her own way, either at a restaurant or on holiday, Bey said men should bear the brunt of all costs because women have to endure enough burdens in life.

The self-proclaimed feminist said, Women have a lot of disadvantages in society, so let us have some fairness when it comes to money. Dont make us split things.

Im pro-equality, but in the animal kingdom and in humans there are gender roles. Men should provide for us because that is their instinct and its how they express their masculinity and women express their femininity in other ways. If we blend them together, the biggest loser will be the woman.

Heres a sampling of some of the educational videos you will find on herYouTube channel: