The reason why most people consider ethiopian as one of the most beautiful race in the world is that because the features of an ethiopian woman is undeniably beautifully structured. From that subtle jawline and the height of the nose to the sharpness of the eyes and not to mention, the gorgeous skin colour that is something to be proud of amidst this whole racism issue all across the world.

Aside from being physically beautiful, most ethiopian women have warm hearts. I have a friend who comes from this race and aside from her exceptional beauty, a gold heart comes with it. She is extremely caring, thoughtful and giving. She is very sincere with everything she does and to everyone she meets that sometimes I feel scared for her that people might take advantage of her.

You see, beauty isnt only about what we can see. Its a matter of her true intentions, and the beauty behind what is blind to the naked eye.

Ethiopian women have been renowned for their good looks for centuries.

This is due to their often very appealing facial features withan aquiline or otherwise thinnose and high cheekbones.

Liya Kebede is an Ethiopian-born model, maternal health advocate, clothing designer, and actress. Forbes identified her as the eleventh-highest-paid top model in the world in 2007, and she has appeared three times on the cover of U.S. Vogue. Kebede has served as the WHOs Ambassador for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health since 2005.

Kebedes big break came when Tom Ford asked her for an exclusive contract for his Gucci Fall/Winter 2000 fashion show. Then in May 2002 she was on the cover of Paris Vogue, which dedicated the entire issue to her. Kebede has been seen on the covers of Italian, Japanese, American, French and Spanish Vogue, V, Flair, i-D and Times Style & Design. She has been featured in ad campaigns including those for Shiatzy Chen, Gap, Yves Saint-Laurent,[6] Victorias Secret, Emanuel Ungaro, Tommy Hilfiger,[6] Revlon,[6] Dolce & Gabbana, Escada and Louis Vuitton.

In July 2007, with Kebede earning $2.5 million over the previous 12 months, Forbes named her eleventh in the list of the Worlds 15 Top-Earning Supermodels.

Among the other well-known models of Ethiopian descent is Gelila Bekele, who has featured in print ad campaigns for Levis, Pantene, LOreal, Colgate and many more, appeared in Marie Claire, Allure and fashion magazines, and is signed with Ford Models. She is one of the most beautiful ethiopian women.

Gate Maya Haile, whose family moved to Holland when she was a child, is currently signed with Elite, IMG and Ford Models modeling agencies. In 2011, Maya was invited to host Ethiopias Next Number One Model reality show, where the winning contestant gets a three-year contract with a top international agency and travel opportunities to walk for high-fashion designers in Europe and the U.S. The popular reality show is an initiative to offer Ethiopian women access to international modeling opportunities.

Ethiopia holds the charm and mystery to millions of people all around the world and Ethiopian women are mystifying in their appearance. Dating is basically a social action carried out as a pair with a sort of intention of each evaluating others suitability as their spouse or beloved, in an intimate relationship. Ethiopian women are exclusive to date and they are not only amiable but quite compatible with their approach. May be that is the reason for Moses to marry a sacrosanct Ethiopian woman. They are very much cautious about dating as they dont actually date anyone outside their community. But these days things have become a bit relaxed and men from the outer world are getting a chance to impress these beauties. A man must know sufficiently about them while moving forward in arranging a date. We are about to offer feasible Top 7 Reasons to Date Ethiopian Women than to anyone else.

7 Strong Reasons Why You Should Date Ethiopian Women

Ethiopian women can make excessive claims for being one of those beautiful women existing on this planet. Their curves and contours along with their subtle jaw line and mesmerizing eyes, frizzy lively bouncing hair makes them quite tempting. These girls often appear to be a fusion of African, Indian, and maybe Arab. Their surreal pattern and their hair texture demand attention from onlookers irrespective of age and sex. They do not appear to be angelic but human in gorgeous natural exterior.

Ethiopian women are quite ethical and this feature they dont flaunt but naturally comes out in their attitude and expression. They are not only appealing but they can be deemed as a rare combination of beauty and morality. They can be relied upon and a worthy confidant they often proved to be. They have in mind their heritage and they maintain their behavior. They carry a super woman stance wherever they go and some way or another influence their partners or people surrounding them. This is one of the foremost top 10 Reasons to Date Ethiopian Women.

Unlike other women, Ethiopian women are not only ethical in their behavior but quite submissive and modest. They do not get excited or outraged easily. They have a sense of modesty which is evident in their words and body language. They have a sense of legacy and they go exactly according to that. You will find them unpretentious and quite natural. When they laugh or talk there is no inch of superficiality and shrewdness. Hence they make the best wives with their compatible attitude. They are actually well cultured.

Among top 10 Reasons to Date Ethiopian Women the most prominent is, you dont find them feigning to be pampered like just came out of a dolls house. But they have that hard-working and struggling mentality. They are not harsh rather excessively caring. You will notice some motherly affection in their disposition. They will watch over you and take care of your little hitches. They know the meaning of love and how to show it.

These Ethiopian women know how to show their love with tenderness. They are quite down to earth and it feels great to love them. The way their response and loves back is incomparably outstanding. You will not be sick of their nagging rather they will caress you and make you feel comfortable whenever you happen to be them. They are not only beautiful and smart but loving and caring.

These girls do not force you to spend money extravagantly on them. But they would try to take some share with them if you are on dieting. They are quite aware of their culture and heritage and they will in no way stigmatize it by making you spend dollars over them.

These Ethiopian women are quite fun-loving and they hardly entertain any kind of morbid activity. Whether its a party or simple personal date they love to dance and enjoy every jiffy. But they do not do so with vulgarity or in any kind of cheap shrug.

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