Have you ever watched a couple together and thought, How did that guy get that beautiful woman? Perhaps you wonder how you cold be so lucky. For years, Ive been showing average men how to date the most beautiful women and today Im going to share my best secrets with you.

I find that most men can classify their attributes into three different compartments. Theres going to be some things that are working against them, some things that are neutral, and at least one thing that is really works. Chances are you already know what the thing that is really working for you is. It would be the thing that people always notice and complement you on. If you arent sure what your greatest strength is, try asking a close friend. Theyll probably be able to point you in the right direction.

Once you know exactly what your greatest strength is, use it! You want to use your strength from the first moment that you spot the beautiful woman you have your eye on. If your strength is the way you look, the make sure you show up looking great. If its your funny personality, let it shine from the moment you introduce yourself. If your strength is in the area of your financial stability, buy her a drink and ask her when shell join you at (insert expensive restaurant name here) for an incredible meal. What you never want to do is save your greatest strength for the right moment. If you wait, someone else may come along and use their greatest strength on the woman youre eyeing.

While interviewing Michael James, V.P. of development for , a popular online dating site, he suggested that, The more ammunition a man has, the better his success ratio will be. I completely agree. Its true that you dont have to be wearing a nice watch and great clothes, or be funny and the life of the party. But as James says, It cant hurt! In essence, the more things you can do to make yourself stand out, the more likely you are to have a beautiful woman notice you.

If youre most known for your amazing personality, dont fret! A great personality counts more than you can even imagine! A friend of mine recently told me that he scored with a perfect ten while out in a bar the other night. When he asked the beautiful woman how he managed to get so lucky, she responded by saying, You were the only guy with enough courage and personality to come over and talk to me. At theyve found that men who let their personalities shine in their online dating profile, get the most amount of dates. If your personality is below par, try emulating a guy that has a personality as their greatest strength.

Use my above proven strategies and youll find yourself dating the most beautiful women. The next time youre out on the town, spot the beautiful woman youd like to ask out on a date, pull out all the stops and definitely use your greatest strength! And, last but not least, remember that your personality will take you further than you may be giving it credit for!

Maria Anderson is Americas hottest dating coach. For years she has been showing singles how to meet and be successful at the dating game. For more proven dating advice check out: [

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