It took 13 days and 600sqm of gold chrome vinyl wrap to cover the superyacht formally known as Kinta. This project represents the largest chrome yacht wrap done fully in the water. To achieve this, LuxWrap set about the task using cherry pickers, floating pontoons, scaffolding and a team of men at the Port of Viareggio, Italy which also happens to be the port of registry for the superyacht. Some delays including rain caused the completion of the wrap project to take 13 days instead of the scheduled 10 but considering the complexity of the job that is still remarkable.

Team using elevated work platform to cover M/Y in chrome gold. Photo: @luxwrap Instagram

Team using floating pontoon to cover M/Y Photo: @luxwrap Instagram

LuxWrap not only had the massive job of covering M/Y ms exterior, swim step stairways and jacuzzi area but they were also tasked with covering the yachts many Jetskis, Seabobs and Tender boat as well.

chrome gold wrapped Sea Doos. Photo: @luxwrap Instagram

The chrome gold wrapped Seabobs. Photo: @luxwrap Instagram

M/Y s chrome gold wrapped tender. Photo: @luxwrap Instagram

As well as the largest chrome yacht wrap done fully in the water,LuxWrapbelieves the m Superyacht project may also be the worlds largest chrome vinyl installation on a single object, also, based on square meters possibly the largest yacht wrap ever done.

Motor Yacht m is also currently listed for sale for $20 million USD or the equivalent of 18 million Euros. If the new owner doesnt like gold then there may be a lot of chrome foil to be removed.

Biggest thrill in Pershings history: Pershing 140

Theres no real need to go into the numbers. We all know someone with a drone, theres millions and millions of them worldwide and the numbers are only going to grow as well as their abilities. They are cheap, easy to buy and can fulfill some incredible tasks.

Drone technology also outpaces the laws governing their use and this creates an uncomfortable scenario. As we have seen in the past, great, useful technology can at some point also be used for harm and undesirable purposes and superyacht owners are fully aware of the growing threat that drones pose to privacy, safety & security on board their yachts.

When you have what is essentially an impressive display of wealth sitting alone in the water, and the mass availability and low barrier to entry for drones, the temptation for others to pry or breach security is a real threat. Paparazzi intrusion using drones approaching superyachts is already a recognised and growing problem.

As Droneworks Studios shows in the video below, anti-drone technology is already being used on superyachts, with Droneworks detailing their experience flying a drone near billionaire Roman Abramovichs superyacht, Eclipse. Skip to the 3:50 mark to get to the main part.

So what has been developed to date as a counter measure against possible drone incursions and how do they work?

Firstly Anti drone systems need to detect them

Thirdly Track them (and record if possible for later prosecution of offenders)

Fourth Disable/Disrupt the drone from operating in the undesired area.

So how are drones and UAVs disabled and disrupted once detected?

Consumer drones are usually controlled through the public part of the radio spectrum (either 2.4 or 5.8 GHz). Firing radio waves at those specific frequenciesjamming themmakes a drone deaf to its controller, which would cause the drone to return home or settle to the ground. A similar outcome would occur if you jammed the GPS frequency or whats called the low-frequency L-band.

If a drone approaches within a certain distance of a prohibited zone, most of the below systems would jam its WI-Fi and sever its connection to its controller over the 2.4 or 5.8 GHz range. If the drone keeps coming that would mean it had been programmed to attack or infiltrate, and at that point the system would jam its GPS frequencies.

So what are some of the currently available systems?

Martek Anti-Drone have developed the M.A.D.S™ (marine anti drone system). M.A.D.S™ is a modular system which is capable of detecting all drones within a 5km range while providing you with accurate GPS positioning of both drone and pilot and the option to defeat a drone should it be deemed a threat. M.A.D.S is a flexible marinised system with great benefits for the maritime market and can be used for any application related to water; yachts, ships, ports, sea platforms, coastguard vessels, navy vessels and much more

The system comprises of two radomes, one to detect, and one to defeat drones. In the defeat dome, there are a lot of modules with antennas, and in the detection dome, there are omni- and directional-sensing modules with antennas, says Erik van Wilsum, Marteks head of counter-­unmanned aircraft ­systems. Were aiming for the best base solution with a single type of sensor, and customers can add other ­sensors. We dont interfere with the yachts other communications, We evoke the drone to go home by creating a busy network. Its legal and CE-approved.

The system can also be complimented with a portable drone disruptor.

The M.A.D.S system comprises of two radomes. Credit: Martek Marine

A portable hand held drone disruptor is also available. Credit: Martek Marine

Recording When a UAS operator is charged criminally, forensics data with instant replay showing flight paths, aircraft characteristics and timestamps will ensure successful prosecution.

Illuminators and lasers are also available to deny imagery capture of sensitive sites.

The BlackSage TD1 handheld tactical disruptor is a lightweight, flexible and rapidly deployable platform for directional radio disruption. An AR15 training rifle base (non-ITAR) provides a familiar user interface requiring no learning curve to use. Pick up the rifle, select from multiple disruption frequencies and address the target with confidence.The TD1 can be deployed within seconds and requires minimal training. Compared to mounted and automated anti-drone systems the BS-500 is lightweight, compact, flexible and very affordable.

ELTAsDrone Guard is an operationally proven multi-sensor multi-layer C-UAS solution developed for the military and homeland security market. Military grade and rugged for all types of environments, the Drone Guard is a modular turn-key solution that covers all aspects of counter threatening UAS. Portable, light weight and with low power consumption, the Drone Guard is user friendly and intuitive making it an ideal option for a wide range of users and agencies. The modules were developed by ELTA specifically for Drone Guard hence creating a compact solution solely focused on drone detection and protection.

Boeing thinks a great way to defeat a drone is not just to disrupt its motion, but hit it with a precision laser, burn a hole in it, and bring it down.

In August of 2015, Boeing showed off its Compact Laser Weapon System for media in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the demo, Boeing used the laser to burn holes in a stationary, composite UAV shell, to show how fast it can compromise an aircraft. Two seconds at full power and the target was on fire. The 2 kilowatt infrared laser has no visible beam and does not create a Hollywood style explosion. Instead the surface of the drone is super-heated by the invisable laser until it melts or catches fire.

Boeing hasnt specified its range, but acording to Wired, Boeing company representatives suggested that if you can see a target, even with binoculars, you can destroy it.

Depending on the targets speed and distance, Boeings weapon can fire its laser within an inch or two of what it wants to hit. Because the laser moves at the speed of light, its easier to be precisetheres no need to lead the target. The speed of the gimbal is the primary limitation on the targeting front.

Although current HEL MD prototypes are meant to be used from static positions, the anti drone system could be used on a moving vehicle or ship with minimal upgrades. This represents a low-cost way to deal with the threat, said David DeYoung, director of Boeing Laser & Electro-Optical Systems. Boeing hasnt revealed a total price of the system, but does say its a one off purchase. Once youve got the system, the only cost is providing the power.

September 25th 2019 ushers in Day 1 of the 29th Monaco Yacht Show. On display is $4.29 billion dollars worth of ocean dwelling real estate in one of the most extravagant displays of superyachts ever assembled in one place. This year sees a new record as motor yacht TIS becomes the largest yacht to ever be displayed at the annual show.

Fincantieri Yachts unveils their latest project VIS. Fincantieri states VIS is born from our long-standing heritage in designing technologically advanced navy vessels and from Paszkowski designs experience in designing luxury leisure yachts.

A 59m full aluminium, full custom yacht, set for delivery in 2023. Project Skyfalls power will come in at 22,000 hp. This extraordinary power will feed four water jets that will driver her at 37 knots in light load conditions an impressive feat, particularly when considering her significant 900GT volume. Project Skyfall is the most powerful project Heesen Yachts have created to date.

Project Akira was revealed as the first model of Heesens new 5700 Aluminium class. Project Akira is a 56.7 metre four deck yacht featuring exterior design by Frank Laupmans Omega Architects and interior design by Harrison Eidsgaard.

Come to our stand QE28, wed be happy to show you the scale model of Project Akira 5700 Aluminium which we unveiled yesterday! FDHF HeesenUnfolds

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Perini Navi showcases its new 92m Falcon Rig Gallery and announces an LOI signed for one 92m already as well as a 74m motor yacht and a 47m sailing yacht. The yard has a total of 7 yachts under construction and an order book worth 160 million euro. The Falcon Rig range spans the following models 92m, 80m, 72m, 64 and 56m.

Sunseeker anounced it had built 137 superyachts over 100ft

Day 1 started with a flurry of news, announcements and unveilings and after some late night partying, day 2 of the show has a more relaxed feel with a lot of brands using the day to take viewers on tour through some of the shows quality offerings.

Gulf Craft Chairman, Mohammed Alshaali, confirms the sale of the first Majesty 140 and promises a Majesty 170 will launch in 2020.

Former Bugatti consultant, Etienne Salom launches Salom Yachts with Atlantic multihull performance tender, billing it the first hyperboat.

Fraser Yachts Charter Captain Of The Year Award went to Captain James Griffith & Captain Michael Droszcz from M/Y Here Comes The Sun.

Awarded to Captain Rob Shelnut and the crew of M/Y Lucky Lady.

Awarded to Captain Ian Hawkins and his crew from M/Y Quasar.

Many superyacht brands take the time to record and upload their interiors from some of the Monaco Yacht Shows $4.29 billion dollars worth of ocean dwelling real estate.





Visitors on day three of the Monaco were greeted with rolling grey clouds over the harbour, but it didnt dampen the mood in the slightest.


Over at the Amels and Damen stand on T-Central (Appontement Jules Soccal), Managing Director Rose Damen and team hosted Coffee with the Women In Yachting providing an opportunity for plenty of lively discussion to be had and enjoyed alongside hot coffee and freshly baked Dutch stroopwafels

Bilgin Yachts debuted the second of their Bilgin 156 line, the M/Y Lilium. Exterior design was completed by Unique Yacht Design, while H2 Yacht Design and Bilgin Yachts Design Team were responsible for the interior. CEO of Bilgin Yachts, İsmail Sengn stated The Bilgin 156-II is named after the beautiful white flower Lilium as a sign of our promise to the yacht owners: A sunny and happy day on a deck.

Incoming! ⚓️ Its almost time for the @monacoyachtshow_official and the @bilginyacht built M/Y LILIUM is getting ready to impress! 🔥 @eray78

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Benetti announced the creation of their new line of compact expedition yachts. The first hybrid yacht will be the 37m B.YOND, built to travel the wold and designed with distinctive spaces to enjoy the day, night, leisure and service areas.

Benetti also presented M/Y Metis, their custom 63m steel hull/aluminum superstructure superyacht that was delivered to its German owner earlier this year. Exterior design was completed by Giorgio M. Cassetta and Benetti, with the interior being a collaboration between Bannenberg & Rowell and Birgit Otte Interior Atelier.

M/Y Metis has arrived at the 19th edition of the @monacoyachtshow_official where she will on display from the 25th to the 28th of September. She is a wonderful custom 63-meter yacht with steel hull and aluminium superstructure. The interiors, designed by UK studio @bannenberg_and_rowell_designs, who worked in partnership with the @birgitotteinterior , are designed in a modern style. The exteriors are the work of @giorgio_cassetta and have recently been awarded as Best Exterior Design by the World Yachts Trophy. . . . MYS2019 smartness benettiyachts itsabenetti gigaseason gigayacht megayachts luxuryyacht superyachts superyacht superyachtlife motoryacht luxury luxurylife luxurylifestyle billionairelife billionairelifestyle millionairelife millionairelifestyle yacht yachts instayacht yachting yachtlife yachtdesign yachting yachtworld yacthinglifestyle madeinitaly

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Feadships newly built 77.25m/253.44ft M/Y Syzygy 818made its grand debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. Its numerals 818 represent prosperous in Chinese numerology and also match the August 18 birthday of the owner. Exterior design was completed by Nordic designer Jarkko Jämsn, with Sinot Yacht Design completing the interior design.

ISA Yachts announced a new collaboration with Enrico Gobbi Team for Design to produce a new line of yachts, known as the Continental range. The first two models to be produced will be an 80 metre and 65 metre yacht.

Earlier this year Luca Dini Design & Architecture announced their rebranding as they combined their superyacht studio with their architectural studio and it looks like theyve been busy, announcing four projects at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Designing Columbus Yachts 43m, 50m and 67m 50 Sports Line series (50m project already underway with expected delivery 2020)

Designing Mondomarines 40m, 50m, 57m and 75m Discover Series

Designing Mondomarines 43m, 50m and 63m Classic Series

Designing Rossinavis 50m FR038 superyacht project (project underway with expected delivery 2020)

Sanlorenzos largest yacht to date, their Flagship 64Steel M/Y Attila made its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show and even had a visit from HSH Prince Albert on Monaco II who came aboard. Attilas exterior was designed by Officina Italiana Design and the Sanlorenzo style division, while her interior design was completed by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini.

Tankoa debuted their newest 50m hybrid superyacht, the S501 Hybrid M/Y Bintador and announced their new project the S702 NEXT 70, a 70 metre superyacht designed by Paszkowski Design.

Ulysse Nardin unveiled their 2019 limited edition MARINE TORPILLEUR MONACO YACHT SHOW, celebrating the 11th year they have partnered with the Monaco Yacht Show. Only 100 pieces are available, priced at 9,500 swiss francs each.

Wally Yachts announced their new innovative concept, the 165 Wallypower which will be a 50 metre motor yacht designed in collaboration with founder Luca Bassini and superyacht designer Espen Øino and supported by the Ferretti Group.

Wider Yachts revealed their new 55 meter Wider 180 supyeryacht, which features exterior design from Andrea Vallicelli & C Yacht Design. Work has already begun with a scheduled delivery date of 2022.

Australian yachting heavy weights join forces for a new explorer yacht building joint venture: Evolution Motor Yachts

Evolution Yachts GCX40 42m Explorer Superyacht. Credit: MMYD

The demand for explorer yachts has certainly come of age and Australian based Misha Merzliakov Yacht Design are here for it with their 42 meter explorer superyacht design, the GCX40 Explorer. Inspired by ideals of diving, discovering warm waters and tropical reefs, its no wonder the GCX40 has already obtained many enquirers.

Revealed earlier this year at theAustralian Superyacht Rendezvous, it was announced the GCX40 Explorer yacht will be produced under the brand Evolution Motor Yachts with a new joint venture between Australian leading industry figures, shipbuildersEvolution Motor Yachts, Misha Merzliakov Yacht Design(MMYD), Marine Engineering Consultants(MEC), Periscope Naval Architects(PNA)and the Gold Coast City Marina(GCCM).

Overseeing project builds will be by Kevin Altera, founder of Evolution Yachts, an Australian yacht builder which has already launched multiple aluminium and FRP superyachts, including the Sam Sorgiovanni designed M/Y Benita Blue, and builder Murray Owen of Marine Engineering Consultants who have won multiple awards for excellence in aluminium yacht construction.

In a recent statement, Kevin Altera stated, The partners in this joint venture have been selected as they represent key and market-leading marine services. It puts into motion the intent and capability to build world-class superyachts on the east coast of Australia

Misha Merzliakov also explained Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM) is the ideal shipyard with the Pacific Ocean cruising grounds on its door step. GCCM can offer the depth and breadth of quality Australian marine trades to work on the yachts construction. We can pull from 80 individual businesses and 700 individual tradespeople to deliver this project.

As a concept design, the GCX40 Explorer Yacht has taken inspiration from the Australian and South Pacific coast line and has been designed with an avid explorer or diver in mind. It can accommodate up to 12 guests (plus a crew of 10) and be customized by individual owners to include a beach club or more room for tenders and toys if desired.

Base price for the GCX40 starts at €15.7 EUR million including design.