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Looking for ways to get a girl to like you on a first date?  Well, look no further.  Below are five first date tips for men that can help any guy have such a successful first date.

One of the surefire ways to get a girl to like you on the first date is to make the date fun and interesting.  How do you do that?  By pickingan activitythat the two of you would enjoy.

For instance, the two of you can cook dinner together, play mini-golf, or check out a comedy show/local band.  It doesnt have to be anything big.  To have a great first date with a girl, just find an activity that:

Will give you two a chance to talk and get to know each other

Now, simply meeting a girl for a drink at a bar is fine too, but activities (even if its just playing pool/darts at the bar) can make your first date better in a few ways:

For one, itll be different.  Women want a guy who stands out from the others, and an activity date can certainly help you stand out from all those dinner and a movie guys.

Secondly, if the activity is fun, then the date itself is going to be fun.  And shes going to associate those fun feelings withyou.

Third, activity dates make the first date conversation much easier.  Not only is there no pressure to fill every second of silence, but the activity itself will give you something to talk about.

Finally, doing an activity on the first date allows you to filter out the fun girls from the not so fun ones.  After all, dates arent just about figuring out how to get a girl to like you.  Theyre also about finding the women that are right for you (more on this

One of the key ways to get a girl to like you on the first date is to make sure you have a fun, carefree attitude.  After all, the whole purpose of a date is to have a good time while getting to know each other.  And if youre able to have a positive attitude about it, then itll be easier for her to do the same.  The result is going to be a successful first date.

What you want to do then is to set a fun, carefree tone to the date and that starts with body language.  During the date, be sure to smile while keeping your head up, back straight, and shoulders back.  This will help you show a relaxed confidence (and feel more relaxed/confident) which is going to help her feel more comfortable as well.

Then, carry that warm vibe into your conversations with the girl by keeping the conversations light and fun.  Begin with some playful banter, and continue to mix banter in through your first date conversation (about 50% of the first date conversation should just be fun, content-free banter.  For more on the specifics of how to banter with a girl, check outthese podcastsas well as articleshereandhere).

Most dating advice for guys focuses on how to interact with the girl.  But keep in mind, during the date shes going to be asking herself if youre the type of guy she can introduce to her friends and family.  That means that shes going to look beyond simply how you treat her, and notice how you interact with those around you.

What to do on the first date then, is to allow her to see that youre the cool guy capable of getting along with anyone.  Being friendly and throwing out a bit of playful banter with the waiter or anyone else the two of you may encounter will show youre the socially savvy guy she could proudly show off to her friends/family.

One common dating mistake guys make stems from how they view the date itself.  See, many guys will see a date as an opportunity to get a girl to like them.  Guys who think this way spend the whole date worried about how theyre doing, which makes it hard to relax and show the girl a good time.

To avoid this dating mistake, you want to view your dates as an opportunity to find a woman thats right foryou.  That means before you even go on a date you want to figure out what it is youre looking for in a girl her personality traits, values, lifestyle, etc. (For more on how to find a girl thats right for you, check out thePickup Podcast interview with relationship coach Susan Winter).

This way, when youre on the date, you wont be so worried about whether youre doing/saying the right thing.  Youll be more focused on whether or not this girl is living up toyour standards.  With that approval-seeking mindset gone, youll find its much easier to relax and have fun on the date- which is going to make you that much more attractive to the woman youre with.

If you want the girl to like you and enjoy herself on the date, then youve got to take control every step of the way.  Deciding what to do, where to go, how long it will take all that logistical stuff its all up to you.

The ability to lead is something all women find attractive in a guy.  And by taking on this burden of responsibility, it means that the girl youre out with doesnt have to worry about these things.  She can just relax, go with the flow, and enjoy herself and the time youre spending together.  (For more on what women want in a guy, check out thePickup Podcast interview with Marni of Wing Girl Method).

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