Undercover Billionaire finale exclusive: Tense moment as Glenn has to fire Christine

Christines body language gives away she is over the job too on Undercover Billionaire. Pic credit: Discovery

Firing someone is never easy. Nor is being fired is considered a fun time. Tonight on the finale, the crystallized vision that isUnderdog Barbecuecreated by Undercover Billionaire star Glenn Stearns with a team of handpicked Erie, Pennsylvania folks is about to become a real thing, minus one original employee who proved to be too problematic.

Our exclusive clip of Discoverys surprise docuseries that actually created a viable business, the teased boss and employee meeting where the firing is going down with Christine is served up.

Specifically, it was Christines inability to keep track of inventory and work with the others comes to a head as Stearns tries to manage her and winds up letting her fire herself, essentially.

Our series star Glenn Stearns opens the clip with good business advice.

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He says: Dont confuse effort with results. Spinning your wheels only works when youre going forward I mean its a given that we all have to work hard but its about working smart. Its about what did you get done at the end of the day.

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As the clip progresses, he has a sit down with Christine, who has been contrarian and argumentative the whole season.

At the table, Christine says: Whats going on? I just need an opening date so I can get all the stuff that I need Glenn.

Glenn lays it on her: Yeah, Im trying to figure all that out.

He continues: So a couple things, one is you know, I mean Ribfest the fact that we won is crazy. I couldnt be prouder. I know you and I had a couple

Thats in the past Glenn, she says curtly.

He clarifies the issues. When it comes to the restaurant, what I think that I need is more organization. Because I was hoping you and I would get there with that.

In a separate interview he offers more advice for prospective business owners: If youre going to go out and create your own company, you have a responsibility to all the other people that work in that business. And so you have to make sure you do whats right for everybody.

Glenn levels the boom with an increasingly defensive Christine: You said something that was kind of interesting to me you said that you keep repeating yourself

Clearly not enjoying the conversation, Christine replies: Yeah like I cant get a straight answer from you

Unflappable and calm, Glenn says: What I was repeating was have you checked on the inventory? Have you checked on the inventory?

Christine is agitated now. She says: I checked inventorywhen youre going through that much cooked inventory that fast, its impossible to keep track of it.

Nonplussed, Glenn says: Thats why I think we have these differences. Like, I see it differently.

Christine says: If youre gonna fire me, just do it.

Trying to defuse the situation, Glenn says: Well listen, what I want to do okay is one, I do want to pay you for everything you did and then I want to try to help you if you still have that dream of that restaurant

Christine says: Its up to you, Glenn, but if youre gonna fire me, just do it.

Sensing the batle is over, Glenn says: For the amount of effort and heart and everything you have to say am I firing you and thats it, no, Im not. You stopped your last job because the rent went up.

At a loss, Glenn offers her an out. He says: Well I still I still but I just want to give you that because of the effort

Cutting him off, Christine closes with a dismissive: Send me my equipment.

Undercover Billionaire is an eight-episode docuseries that followed Glenn Stearns, founder of Stearns Lending, operating under an alias as he starts with next to nothing and launches a business in a place unknown to him with just $100, an old truck and over the course of just three months, only being able to network locally and not use his extensive resources.

Glenn Stearns has just 90 days to build a million-dollar business from scratch, said Discovery in their initial press release. With only $100 in his pocket, the self-made billionaire is determined to recreate his rags-to-riches success and prove the American Dream is still alive.

Stearns built a coalition of willing entrepreneurs who buy into his pitch to build a business in Erie, Pennsylvania this season. Initially, Stearns was hell-bent on a brewery but instead chose to open a barbecue restaurant called Underdog Barbecue. The show revealed that creating a brewery in 90 days was not likely considering the extensive licensing and permitting required.

Tune in tonight to see how Underdog Barbecue opens minus Christine.

Undercover Billionaire airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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