So you are interested in meeting and dating Filipino women?

Filipino women happens to be one of the most beautiful girls in Asia. Not only are they sexy with an exotic mix of Spanish and Asian blood. But they are also very sweet and family oriented. And divorce is much less common here in the Philippines compared to back in the west.

It sure does. And by now you probably asking yourself how you can also meet these Pinay beauties.

While you can get some decent results roaming the bars and streets of Manila, the Internet is by far the best place. In the Philippines, online dating has not yet been ruined like back in the west, and you can still find quality Pinay girls online. Additionally, not only will online dating save you time and money, but you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

And you dont even have to be in Manila or Cebu!

But if you never dated Filipino women before, or youre new to online dating, it could be difficult to get started.

Therefore I have created this handy guide that covers absolutely everything you need to know about meeting and dating beautiful Filipina girls. Firstly, lets have a look at myFilipino Cupidreview, a site that claims to be one of the best Filipina dating sites. Thereafter, I talk about thebest strategy to meet sexy Pinay girlsusing Filipino Cupid and last but not least, we finish off talking aboutFilipino dating culture.

Filipino Cupid is the largest and most well known Pinay dating site in the Philippines. A claim thats not just marketing gimmicks but backed up by cold hard facts. For example, I just did a quick search using a 18 to 35 years old filter, and it showed me 2,268 profiles active within the last month. Thats a a very impressive number!

And since its the Philippines they all speak English!

In addition, FilipinoCupid is owned and operated byCupid Media, a corporation that operates over 30 popular dating sites all over the world. Hence your personal and financial data is in very safe hands.

On the surface FilipinoCupid looks like any other dating site. The site has a handy search feature that shows the Pinay women in a grid style format, and you can communicate with them in several different ways, for example chat or direct messages. Most girls have photos.

But the similarities end there. You see, when I used FilipinoCupid I estimated that95% of the girls are there to meet a western guy.And with not much effort I received over 20 messages daily from some very hot Pinay girls. And I was able to get the most attractive girls out on dates!

After using the site for a while I also realized something else: on FilipinoCupid the women are actually chasing the men! The very opposite of how dating works in the United States and Western Europe.

It sure does, but of course everything is not roses.

The one negative thing about FilipinoCupid is their subscription model. When you sign up you can create a profile, search for Philippine women and look at their profiles. But to send them messages you need to buy a premium membership.

This is not great but let me explain why I dont mind doing this.

You see, the price of a premium membership is actually not that much more than a few drinks, and in my opinion its money well spent. In fact you will spend much more money going out, while yielding far less results.

In the end FilipinoCupid could actually end up saving you both time AND money.

Therefore, in my opinion, Filipino Cupid is by far the best online dating site in the Philippines. There is just no comparison when it comes to the sheer number of quality girls on this site. And most Philippines girls are not here to scam you. They are genuinely here hoping to find a nice foreign boy friend!

However, as the world is becoming smaller and more global with each passing year, theres no guarantee that Filipino Cupid will stay great forever. Likely, itll soon be as bad or worse as online dating in the west so right now is the time tostart lookingfor your Pinay dream girl!

Despite that Filipino Cupid is easy to use, there are still plenty of men that end up empty handed. Many mistakes are due to cultural differences but a lot of guys also make critical mistakes when they use Filipino Cupid. For instance, using low quality photos or sending bad opening messages.

You see, I remember all the struggles I had when I started dating Philippine girls. It took me many months to figure out their complicated dating culture and believe me I did many mistakes along the way!

To make your life easier I have written this handy guide how to use Filipino Cupid to its fullest potential, while also avoiding all the nasty pitfalls. Here are just a few things I will talk about:

How to create an attractive and interesting profile

Select photos that will make her fall in love

Which messages have the highest response rates

If you are planning a trip to the Philippines, its enough tosignupon Filipino Cupid2 weeks before your departure. If you start messaging Filipino women earlier than that, you will need to spend a lot of time entertaining them. Very likely some of them will lose interest and move on. In my opinion, two weeks is the sweet spot and you will have plenty of dates scheduled by the time of your arrival in the Philippines.

Signing up on Filipino Cupid is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Head over to theirfrontpageand enter your e-mail or Facebook in the form on the left side. Then hit the View Singles Now button.

First and foremost, you should add some more information to your profile. The more details you add, the better job Filipina Cupid will do matching you with the right Filipino women. At the very least make sure you have included a short description, your age and your location (home country or planned destination in the Philippines).

Your profile photo is the most important part of your profile. It will be the first thing (and usually the only thing) a Filipino girl will look at. A great looking photo may very well be the difference between a reply or no reply at all. Upload a photo where you are wearing some good clothing, for example a shirt or a suit.

In addition, add a few more photos with you doing something interesting, for example sports, traveling etc. Make the photos tell a story of you. A story where youre a successful and interesting guy!

Pro Tip:A photo of you holding ababy or a petwill blow up your inbox. Hot Filipino girls love children and cute animals!

The search form is where you enter your search criteria. I recommend to limit your searches to Philippines girls that live close to where youll be staying, for example within 50 kilometers of Manila or Cebu City. In addition, I always filter out the Filipino women who are not active on the site. I prefer their last activity to be one month or better. Finally, if you wish to add more criteria, head over to the

Another handy Cupid function isMembers Onlinewhere you can see all the hot Filipino women who are online. I find this very useful, because you can launch a chat session and start interacting instantly with those Philipino girls.

Finally, there is a feature calledMatcheswhere you can see all the hot Filipino women that Filipino Cupid believes will be a good match for you.

After you have submitted your search, you are presented with the result. As you can see, there are 5 different options for interacting with the sexy Filipino women:check out her profile,send her a message,show interest,add her to your favoritesorstart a chat session.

If I find a Filipina girl attractive and interesting, I send her an interest followed by a short message.

Pro Tip:You can save your search queries for future use in the Advanced Search menu.

First and foremost, your first message doesnt need to be overly complicated. Just make sure itdoesnt look like a mass mail message. That means to includeher name. Just a simple tweak like that will increase your chances for a response. The bottom line is, if you appear to be a normal, sane guy with a good profile photo,your chances for a reply will be as high as 80 to 90%!

From my experience I think simpler is better, and I usually just write this to a hot Filipino girl that I am attracted to:

Hi [name]. I am Andy from San Francisco. How are you?

After you exchanged a few messages, ask for her Whatsapp number and move the conversation there.

Never ever discuss money. That includes questions about your salary, hinting that she needs new clothes or have a relative who need expensive medical care. If those topics come up, tread with caution. It could be a sign that she has other intentions with your relationship. The exception is taxi money for the date. If this question comes up I just offer to order her an Uber.

If you followed all the steps in my guide, you will easily have at least 10 dates scheduled before your arrival in the Philippines.

Sign up for free and start talking with hot Filipino women today!

Pro Tip:you can increase the chances for a reply even further by scanning the girls profile and come up with a good question or a compliment.

After you exchanged a few Whatsapp messages, ask if she wants to meet up for a drink or coffee. If the answer is no, next her and move on. There are plenty of hot Filipina girls on Filipinacupid, so no need to get attached to a time waster.

First and foremost, be aware that all Pinay girls have grown up in a nation that idiolizes white skin, and many Philippines womens ultimate dream is to catch a white guy. Unfortunately, that means some girls are more interested in your passport and wallet, than you as a person.

Luckily, this is the exception, and most girls you find on Filipinacupid arehonest and sincere in their search for the love of their lives. And after a while you learn to weed out the Philippines women who are just after your money or a visa to the west.

For dating venues, keep in mind that most Pinay women are fairly modest and not entitled like most western girls, hence the dating venue doesnt need to be overly fancy. Heck, I even took girls to McDonalds with great success! Just make sure to choose a first date venue with reasonable drink and food prices. That will weed out 90% of all the gold diggers.

When the time has come to be intimate with your cute Filipina girlfriend, keep one thing in mind: the dream of many girls here is to have a half white baby. Consequently,many girls will ask for sex without condom claiming they are on the pill. While this may be true, sometimes its a cunning lie to get pregnant with a western man. Do not fall for this trick! Always use condoms until you know your Filipino woman well enough!

Finally, lets wrap this guide up with a few more Philippines dating advice:

. If you spend a good amount of time in the Philippines you cant escape this kind of entertainment. Its literally everywhere. That being said, Karaoke can be great fun to include on a date. You see, singing Karaoke with some cold Red Horse beer is a great way to connect with your girl.

Like in any conservative country, your cute Filipina girlfriend will be naturally

. In addition, she will expect you to be masculine and be the leader in the relationship. Of course this does not mean you should go alpha asshole on her. You see, she will listen to her boyfriend, serve him and accept that hes the head of the family. However, this is not a guarantee you can do anything you please, in particular when it comes to being unfaithful in your marriage or relationship.

Good luck on your journey finding a Pinay girlfriend!

Sign up for free and start talking with hot Filipina women today!

Do I need to verify my Philippines Cupid profile?Not necessarily. But if you do, a trust badge will show up on your profile, hence more sexy Filipina women may reply to your messages.

What if I live abroad and have no plans to visit the Philippines?I would still try Pinoy cupid. Many Filipina women want to meet men that lives in western countries, and a majority are even willing to relocate. You can filter out the hot Filipina women who are willing to relocate in the Advanced Search form.

Did you like this handy guideabout meeting hot Philippine women, dating Filipina singles and my Filipino Cupid reviews, you can also check out my other guides onJapanese womenVietnamese GirlsIndonesian womenandThai girls, as well another piece on the recentThai visa changes.

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Ive lived in Cebu for over 10 years and I can hands down say that this is the best Pinay dating guide I have seen!

Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

Ps if you swing by Cebu lets have a beer.

Hey Andy. Thanks for the nice guide. I jumped the gun and bought me a Cupid subscription. Looks good so far. Going to start pipelining girls soon for my upcoming trip to the Philz!

Where do you recommend to stay in Manila by the way?

Nice man. Youll have great fun for sure!

Ive stayed in The Fort (or BGC) and Makati. Both are good areas, and have plenty of affordable and modern AirBnbs and hotels.

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