Roblox Billionaire Simulator is known as one of the games on one of the biggest platforms to play games called Roblox. Just like most of games on this platform, this one also has some codes. For those who are looking for the information about the Roblox Billionaire Simulator codes, do not stop reading this article.

There are some promo codes featured in that rewards the player with the assortment of prizes. The first code of Roblox Billionaire Simulator is Stardust. This one was released on November 28, 2018. Where can you find this code? After completing the tutorial in the Cosmic Countdown, you will be allowed to click the settings button revealing the code. The second one is snowflake. The release date of this code is unknown. You will be able to find the location of the code in the game description. According to the official page of Codes (Billionaire Simulator) on Wiki, all the codes are case sensitive. It means, Stardust and STARDUST will all work the same.

Before redeeming the Roblox Billionaire Simulator codes, it is better for you to know more about the game first. In the game, there are some businesses. Businesses consist of the companies the player can create in order to increase the amount of money they create. In order to earn money from the business, you can either click the work button or hire the manager. You have to know that pressing the work button requires you to press it again once the money making process is finished, while the manager does it for you. In addition, you are able to upgrade the businesses in intervals of 1, 10 or 100.

There are some businesses that you can buy. Some of them are Hot Dog stand (owned from the start), Dairy Shop (the price of it is $ 60), Bakery (the price of it is $ 720), Pizza Place (the price of it is $ 8.6K), Ice Cream Shop (the price of it is $ 103.7K), Donut Shop (the price of it is $ 1.2M), Burger Shop (the price of it is $ 14.9M), Factory (the price of it is $ 179.2M), Police Station (the price of it is $ 2.1B), Government (the price of it is $ 25.8B), Money Button (the price of it is $ 200B), Rover (the price of it is unknown), Observatory (the price of it is Moon Bucks), Biodome (the price of it is Moon Bucks), Invisibility Testing (the price of it is 500K Moon Bucks), Solar Farm (the price of it is 18.7M Moon Bucks), and Radar Station (the price of it is Moon Bucks).

For your information, a business has 3 stats that are visible to the player and can be upgraded. The first one is the production time. This one determines how fast the revenue comes. The second one is the revenue. This one determines how much money is made. The third one is the level. This one shows how many times a business has been upgraded.

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