Kelsey North had never kissed a billionaire before.

In fact, before she arrived at Darrow Law School, she had never met a billionaire. A small town girl rebuilding her life, Kelsey lived in a world far from the seductions and temptations that money has to offer.

But now she knew two billionaires – the gorgeous, devilishly carefree Ryan Perkins, and the handsome, but arrogant Tyler Olsen.

Will Kelsey be able to resist the lure of the Billionaire Boys Club?

Set in the lush greenery of Seattles most exclusive neighborhoods,The Billionaire Boys Clubis the first book in the Billionaire Romance series.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It has a great storyline. However, at times the law jargon mentioned in it got to be a tad bit boring.

I cant finish this book. Nothing is happening and I REALLY dont care about law school. I wanted romance. And Im not going to torture myself through more of this just to get there when other books do me better, faster.